Top iOS 17 Home Screen Ideas For iPhone

iOS 17 Home Screen Ideas

The iPhone and iPad are great devices that provide the bulk of Apple’s income. The Cupertino-based corporation is being cautious and not taking any experimental risks. The iPhone is fantastic but dull in terms of design components and the iOS software user interface, which is still developing slowly. So, here are some iOS 17 Home Screen ideas handpicked for the best settings. You may customize the notion in your mind.

Top iOS 17 Home Screen Ideas For iPhone

1. Willfulness

iOS 17 Home Screen Ideas

Human minds have surpassed the world’s imagination, and you may accomplish the same in a constrained context. You may organize iOS 15 apps in folders and rename them all. Instead of using words, you may define the folder category using icons or emoji. You may define the category using the video camera emoji, including YouTube, Vimeo, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and other apps.

  • A folder should only include one category of apps.
  • Choose “Rename” after tapping and holding the folder for a few seconds.
  • Remove the current name.
  • Start by searching for an appropriate icon for the folder in the emoji bar on the keyboard.
  • I choose the office building emoji.
  • Exit the keyboard.
  • Minimize the folder so the emoji/icon can be viewed better in the folder name.

Well, remove system apps from the dock and replace them with commonly used apps. Having vital shortcuts on the dock will make navigating easier and enhance productivity. You may set any wallpaper on the Home Screen, but I recommend a beach-themed backdrop for the complete ambiance. You may have two Home Screens to separate your business and personal life and avoid distractions.

2. Alacrity Home Screen

iOS 17 Home Screen Ideas

Alacrity Home Screen is all about personalization that reflects your individuality. This is one of the best iPhone iOS 17 home screen ideas. Start with the dock and pin, often used in social networking and productivity apps. Add a Photos widget to the top panel to promote positivity and remind yourself of your loved ones all the time. Also, Add the To-Do list widget right next to it to stay focused on the world and motivated to develop even more for the people in your life. Add the most crucial apps to the front row, such as Contacts, Maps, Music, and Cab booking apps. There are no restrictions on what you may add to the initial Home Screen while maintaining others. Choose any light, bright hue to send pleasant thoughts throughout the day; colors influence your life, so choose wisely.

3. Brown Bread

iOS 17 Home Screen Ideas

Brown bread is a color palette appropriate for recent iPhone models. Many iPhone users have abandoned Apple services in favor of third-party apps. Add regularly used apps to the dock; Music is my go-to app while working. I use Spotify, which is my first choice for the dock. Add a calendar widget to the top of the screen so you can see what day it is. Add three apps of your choice, and organize all social media apps into a folder. The Spotify or Apple Music widget should be in the middle of the screen since Music is life. Of course, you may choose the widget that endlessly applies the middle slap. Keep apps that you only use occasionally but may need at any time. Make several folders and put all of your occasionally used apps, including system apps, in them.

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4. Feel Motivated

iOS 17 Home Screen Ideas

Are you launching a company or taking a new course? All successful people were told they wouldn’t make it, and such individuals may surround you. Don’t allow anybody to tell you how to live your life or what terms you want to achieve on your chosen path. You spend much time on your smartphone reading, replying, learning, etc. Choose a cheerful and bright-colored wallpaper to ease your eyes and inspire you. Bright colors have been shown to improve mood and make your day more enjoyable. Add three motivational messages to each of the three screen areas. Text widgets or notes may remind oneself to go forward and focus on the job at hand to achieve your objective. Customize the dock by pinning just the most commonly used apps.

5. Fire Focus

We have a hectic life and need more time to squander on unnecessary activities. You’re on fire and traveling at the speed of light, and there’s no stopping you. It would help keep your iPhone ready to relieve your load and ease your daily chores. Remove any extraneous apps from the dock and prioritize productivity apps like email, browser, and to-do list apps. Get a blurry wallpaper that fits with your house and surroundings. Add a battery widget to the first row to avoid waking up with just 10% of the tank the following day. Unfortunately, the current iPhone models all have a notch, and there are no notch Android phones on the market. Add the calendar app to the top row for easy access to reminders and other information.

6. Mr.Organizer

iOS software does not enable users to customize their devices, which is a drawback. You can only get within the limits but add folders, widgets, and apps to make it seem like home. I leave the dock customization to you, and I recommend sticking with the system apps since they are tuned to run well on it. Now, get third-party widgets from the App Store and add a huge calendar widget to the top row. The Home Screen shows the day, date, and monthly calendar. Add social media, school/work, images, games, and notes to the folders you create in the second row.

You may add a note widget to the Home Screen to remind you of your objectives. In the final row, add a clock widget and create folders to store the apps in one spot. You may create categories such as tools, gaming, productivity, etc. Our goal is reached by arranging the Home Screen for increased productivity and accessibility. You may choose any brown wallpaper, but make sure there aren’t too many distracting components. None of the wallpapers should have distracting phrases, patterns, or sketches that remind you of specific events in your life.

7. Rainbow Spirit

Your iPhone has rainbow wallpapers, which you should use for a change. Don’t fear them since they were built with the iOS device in mind. These wallpapers feature a wide dynamic range and crisp colors to match the monitor. Yes, it is made with the display aspect ratio and technology in mind, so rainbow wallpapers from the collection are a must-have for the iPhone. The dock is reconfigured to match the previous version choices.

  • Phone app
  • Safari browser
  • Messages
  • Music
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Apple altered the color of the Music app to match its previous version. You may have numerous Home Screens, so organize them appropriately, with each screen separated by a category. Now. I’ll leave the creative portion to you. Please share your ideas in the comments area.

8. Aesthetic Pink

I’d want to start with aesthetic pink, a blend of arranged and pink-themed Home screens. There is no use in having numerous displays on the device and displaying every installed app on one. Well, Music is a daily driver for millions of users worldwide. Therefore, we’ll add an Apple Music or Spotify widget at the top of the screen. Because social media is essential to many people’s lives, we shall group all apps into a single folder. You are free to customize the top panel in any way you choose. Therefore, I will not provide any suggestions. Daily duties are vital; therefore, we can’t risk forgetting them just by adding a slap to a To-Do list widget in the middle screen. You may quickly review the amount of jobs to do for the day. You must accommodate all installed apps on one screen so that you may arrange them at the bottom of the screen.

9. Inside Macrocosm

Everyone is created differently from the inside out, and we have some distinct iPhone iOS 17 home screen layout ideas for you. It is not feasible with ordinary iOS software and requires a jailbroken iPhone for extensive customization. You must download a few packages from Cydia, which are accessible in the store. Add a custom icon pack, including icons for the most popular applications on the App Store. You may have four vital apps that match your career or hobby in one widget on the top screen. Add two widgets to the second row of your choice for the best results. To make the Home Screen appear attractive, don’t choose random apps. Do not sacrifice functionality for distinctive output and beautiful design.

Consider The Following:

The Bottom Line:

Here are our picks for the best creative iOS 17 Home Screen ideas to help you define your creative approach with limited software. You do not have to follow the restrictions; instead, draw inspiration from the iOS 17 Home Screen Ideas to create your design. Don’t take jailbreaking technology lightly; it might put your device at risk, so don’t go down a path you don’t understand. Let us know your thoughts on the iOS 17 Home Screen Ideas in the comments below.

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