How to Hide IP Address Using VPN? Best IP Blocker Apps

IP Blocker

Every internet-connected gadget has an IP blocker address. Devices linked to the internet, like physical addresses, can find and interact with one another. Because each IP blocker is unique, your IP blocker may be used to identify you and track your online activities. Furthermore, IP protectors reveal your approximate position, allowing applications, websites, and services to track your movements. You’ll need an IP protector if you want to keep your information secret.

We’ll go over how to disable your IP address blocker later, but first, let’s go over the different types of IP address blockers. IPv4 and IPv6 are the two types of IP blocker addresses. For the most part, we utilize IPv4 for our online activities, but IPv6 is gaining momentum as a substitute. Both serve the same function. However, the IP address blocker has a lot more IP blocker addresses, while IPv4 addresses are quickly running out.

What is an IP Address Blocker App?

Every computer is given a unique numerical label known as an IP address, which stands for Internet Protocol and identifies the device on the network. For security reasons, you may use IP protector software to block a particular IP or a set of IPs. Furthermore, the IP masking function enables you to conceal your IP address blocker address, ensuring that your connection remains secret. 

What the General Features of IP blocker Apps?

Rerouting traffic via a virtual private network and traffic encryption are among the capabilities. Blocking advertising, trackers, and access to banned websites are among the other capabilities. These basic features serve the purpose of keeping your online traffic secret and preventing hackers from accessing it. 

What is the use of IP Blocker Software?

IP VPNs often employ multiprotocol label switching technology to prevent IP address blockers, also known as blockers. This implies they prioritize internet traffic in order to prevent breaches or compromises. As a consequence, security is improved. It guards against DDoS assaults, which may cause the site to go down due to a lack of bandwidth. 

What is a VPN?

VPN is short for “virtual private network,” is a piece of software that allows you to use the internet via secure, encrypted tunnels. For many, getting a VPN service will be all about privacy. You may want to use them to help keep your online life completely anonymous from the prying eyes of your ISP (handy for keen torrenters) or even your government.

But because the best VPNs also let you change your IP blocker address to one in a completely different city or country, these services have taken on much wider use. VPNs are fantastic for streamers, for example, who want to have access to a whole world of shows and films, or want to watch a sporting event somewhere you ordinarily can’t.

Top Best IP Blocker Apps

Following are the different VPNs to secure your data:

1. Windscribe

Windscribe is generally considered a good VPN. Windscribe supports Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux, Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. Thus, you won’t have any problem finding support for it even if you don’t run major platforms. Windscribe will function on web browsers, so you’re safe.

2. TunnelBear

TunnelBear is a platform-agnostic IP address hider for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. It begins by displaying your present location on a map. To hide your IP address, you will change your location to any other country, such as the United States, Canada, Germany, Japan, Australia, France, Singapore, Norway, Denmark, Brazil, Mexico, and so on. It protects your privacy using the AES 256-bit encryption technique. Add VigilantBear (stop all traffic while TunnelBear connects/reconnects), Trusted Networks, GhostBear (make encrypted data less detectable), and so on are some of the options available.

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3. NordVPN

Best for providing security features and allowing six simultaneous connections. NordVPN Pricing: Recently, there has been a sale and offers a 2-year plan at 68% off. Well, it is available now for $3.71 per month. A 6-month plan and a 1-month plan are also available and will cost you $9.00 per month and $11.95 per month, respectively. It offers a 30-day money-back guarantee NordVPN is the VPN service that will hide your blocker IP and physical location. NordVPN encrypts internet traffic. It will give you secure and private access to the internet. So, NordVPN’s account can secure up to 6 devices at the same time.

4. Hide My IP Address

This is another of the most often used blockers. It not only allows you to browse anonymously, but it also allows you to send emails anonymously. It stops hackers from gaining access to your blocker IP and the government from eavesdropping on you. This software application allows you to access blocker IPs from over 90 countries.

5. Private Internet Access

The easiest method to keep your blocker IP hidden from prying eyes is to use a VPN service, so if you’re going to use one, you may as well get the best money you can buy. Topping our list is a service that proved to be very secure throughout testing due to an encrypted connection that would be difficult to breach for almost anybody. Kape Technologies created Private Internet Access, which is not only secure but also flexible in terms of where you may use it.

6. HotSpot Shield

It is one of the best and fastest VPNs available. It offers a lot of features, including protecting your internet connection and encrypting your personal data, so you can browse the web safely and securely whether you’re at home or in public. Using Hotspot Shield VPN, it is also possible to access websites that are banned or filtered.

7. Express VPN

ExpressVPN is a user-recommended solution for masking your online identity. This program provides completely secure and lightning-fast VPN services for rally-style connections. You may select from hundreds of different servers to secure your identity in the digital settings where you work with this well-known solution. Your blocker IP is safe, and you may go about your business without fear. In terms of connection protection, this tool is known for its speed and security, as well as its ability to hide online activities. 

8. IP Hider pro

This one is among the best software to hide your IP address. So, You can not only hide your real location but you are also assured of the government-level safety factor so that nobody can track your internet traffic. It gives you the privilege of choosing the time for which you can keep the same IP address or change it every 1,5, 30, or 60 minutes.

9. Platinum Hide IP

Platinum Hide IP is a professional software tool providing Platinum online privacy protection. Platinum Hide IP features reflect that it has been built on technology to protect users’ privacy. Its essential features are: it anonymizes you by hiding your IP, thus protecting you from being tracked; sending anonymous emails; visiting blocked and censored websites.

10. A2 Web Hosting

A2 Web Hosting is theBest for small and medium-sized businesses that want a web hosting solution with an IP blocker feature. Shared Hosting: $3.92–$9.31/month | Reseller Hosting: $9.21–$30.38/month | VPS Hosting: $5–$25/month | Dedicated Server Hosting: $99.59–$141.09/monthA2 Hosting has been around since 2001, and so it has a lot of experience in the field of internet hosting. A2 Web Hosting not only promises some of the best speeds on the internet but some of the best IP blockers in the business.

11. Hide all IP addresses

It is one of the most trusted IP-hiding software programs on the market. It’s a single-click software where you simply click “connect,” and your IP address is hidden instantly. Hide all IP addresses are servers are located all over the world which can be connected easily if you want to change your IP address. Just click the “connect” button again.

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12. OpenVPN

OpenVPN is an open-source software application that creates secure connections and remote access facilities. This provides encryption of both data and control channels, thus protecting it from being accessed by any outside user. OpenVPN can block IP addresses so that your online surfing and internet traffic remains safe and secure.

13. Ninja IP Hider

The Ninja IP Hider helps to replace public IP addresses with new ones from a huge list of worldwide IPs. Ninja IP Hider has The simple user interface and operation of Ninja IP hider are great for beginners. It offers support only for Windows, though.

14. Proton VPN

businesses and individuals who require low-cost plans. Basic is free; Premium is $4–$24 per month with a 7-day free trial. So, Proton VPN offers low-cost plans and a large focus on physical security. Proton VPN is best for small is a multi-platform VPN with a built-in IP blocker. This app supports Tor connections and is P2P friendly.

15. SurfOpenly

SurfOpenly is another IP address obfuscator for Windows. To connect to the VPN server and conceal your original IP address, choose a server from the list and then click the “Connect” button. You may also check server information by using the I key. It also allows you to customize your VPN connection by selecting the protocol (PPTP, SSTP, L2TP, IKEv2), server, username, and password. 

16. Proxy

The speed, transparency, and security of hiding. Me Proxy is well-known. The service keeps no logs and adheres to a strict privacy policy. It offers approximately 1500 servers in 60 locations and supports most major platforms. Most small companies and individuals can keep their relationships secret with just that. 

17. PenguinProxy

PenguinProxy is another free tool for masking IP addresses and surfing the internet anonymously. To conceal your IP address, activate proxy status. It may either pick a nation at random or set the location to the United States. You may block advertising, set the proxy HTTPS only, add proxy exceptions, and use the same IP address every time by using the Settings button.

18. Avira Phantom VPN

Avira Phantom VPN is a free VPN for Windows, as the name implies. It encrypts your internet data and allows you to use public WiFi networks securely. It also works as an IP address hider, masking your actual IP address so you may surf the web anonymously. You may use it to prevent your ISP from following you across the internet. It also conceals services you use to circumvent ISP throttling and access restricted websites, among other things.

19. Psiphon

Another free IP address hider for Windows is Psiphon. To change your IP address, you may connect to a different country. Split tunnel, deactivate timeout for sluggish networks, Psiphon server area, local proxy port, and more options are available.

20. Pileus VPN

Pileus VPN is yet another Windows-based IP address obfuscator. It allows you to choose and connect to one of the available server locations while concealing your IP address. Poland, Canada, the Czech Republic, Italy, and Germany are among the few countries to which you may connect. The UDP protocol is supported. To protect your privacy, it employs 256-bit AES encryption. 

Final Words:

Any of these IP address filters are excellent options. However, as stated in the protip, you must determine which option is best for you based on your needs. BeeThink IP Blocker Software, Windscribe, and ProtonVPN are three of the best programs for blocking IPs. If you require online hosting services in addition to the IP blocking feature, the A2 Hosting plan is the way to go. Windscribe, Ninja IP Hider, and Hotspot Shield are among the best programs for masking your IP address for private connections.

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