IT Recruitment Agency is the Best Way to Find a Talented Developer

IT Recruitment Agency is the Best Way to Find a Talented Developer

The search and selection of IT specialists is not an easy task, because the information technology market is noticeably different from the market for the production of goods and services. There are completely different rules of the game here, so it is impossible to select a programmer in the same way as a confectioner, hairdresser, or gas welder. A recruiter needs to understand how a specialist from the IT world makes decisions, why he chooses this or that company, what motives he pursues, what is important to him, etc. We are talking about people with a special mindset and character – creative individuals who have complex skills and often make high demands on the employer. In this article, why IT recruitment services in Poland are popular and how to find a good IT specialist.

What is IT recruitment?

The position of an IT specialist is considered one of the most difficult vacancies, so the process of finding and hiring such an employee is increasingly trusted by technical recruiters. Let’s consider who they are, what functions they perform, and what is the complexity of IT recruiting.

IT recruiter is a highly specialized recruitment agency that focuses on the search, evaluation, and selection of applicants specifically in the field of IT.  It has quickly gone from an auxiliary function in HR departments and agencies to an independent profession that requires special knowledge, and special tools for searching and evaluating job applicants.

Talented technicians in today’s “digital world” are worth their weight in gold, and competition among companies to attract them to work is extremely fierce. Most often it happens that not a potential candidate should interest the employer, but vice versa – the company should arouse maximum interest in the applicant, showing the value of the proposal.

In the wake of the high demand for IT specialists, financial institutions, system integrators, and other enterprises working in the field of information technology, at first began to acquire full-time recruiters, but over time, more and more often resort to the services of specialized recruiting companies, for which IT recruiting is the principal means of action.

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A professional recruiter of technical personnel should be, as they say, in the subject. It is difficult to expect high results from a person who is trying to search for high-class IT specialists without a clear idea of how to evaluate their competence, work experience, and skills. Of course, deep knowledge in the field of programming and systems engineering is not required from the recruiter, but he must still understand his target audience very clearly.

What tools do IT recruiters use?

The process of recruiting in the IT field has become very sophisticated, it uses complex and multi-stage approaches to the candidate. “Advanced” recruiters have a whole set of tools for this.

  • Dedicated communities.

In pursuit of a perfect candidate, you need to be not just the fastest, it is important to stand out from everyone else – in the job description, in the benefits of working with a particular company, and so on. You need to know where and how to look for candidates – the benefit of modern search technologies allows you to do this quite effectively. In IT recruiting, for example, social networks are actively used in the search. The peculiarity of the industry is such that professionals rarely post their CVs on job search portals, but in online communities, in professional groups, or industry forums, they willingly disclose all information about themselves. And this gives the recruiter a great opportunity to search, the main thing here is not to miss the candidate.

  • ATS-systems.

The use of specialized services (such as ATS systems for managing candidates) is gaining momentum, allowing to solve part of the tasks electronically. A significant advantage of such solutions is the search for passive candidates, which is especially important in IT recruiting.

  • Recommender systems.

Another trend in recruiting is the use of recommender systems. It’s a good tool to get reliable information about the employees and recruiters actively use these solutions to find IT talents.

  • Executive search.

Experienced IT recruiters actively use such a tool as executive search, which is essentially poaching of a highly qualified employee from another company. The peculiarity of the method is that the specialist himself is not looking for a job at all and does not plan to change the employer in the future, and the recruiter, using all his skills and abilities, entices a potential candidate. The method is used when the customer only wants to fill an existing vacancy, and not to get a specific specialist.

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This is the difference between executive search and headhunting, which is also poaching of an employee, but a target is a specific person. Headhunting in IT is perhaps the main method of finding the right candidate.

The peculiarity of the IT industry is such that recruiters have to use aggressive headhunting – a whole strategy that includes the collection and in-depth analysis of information about both the specialist and his employer, the formation and detailed study of the CV. Sometimes, in order to achieve the goal, a recruiter establishes friendly relations with colleagues of a potential candidate or simply offers them a financial reward for the information necessary to complete the case successfully. This method is used to lure extra-class professionals with the highest qualifications.

Why do you need an IT recruitment agency?

You should consider an IT recruitment agency because it has an extensive database of candidates and uses of the latest recruitment technologies in the IT field, which allow you to quickly and efficiently evaluate potential employees at the stage of responding to a proposition. In large IT recruitment agencies usually, two or more recruiters participate in the process of hiring. They maintain contact to find the best ways for hiring talented developers. This has a positive effect on the final result.


The success of any business depends on the skills of its employees, so the issue of recruitment never loses its importance. It’s better to consider a dedicated company to find good specialists. For example, Alcor is an international recruitment service provider. It searches for IT specialists in various areas – software developers, DevOps engineers, project managers, Big Data and machine learning specialists

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