KissAsian – How To Download And Watch Free Chinese & Korean Movies

KissAsian Movies

Asian movies are all the rage these days. Everyone is going gaga about Korean dramas and other Asian movies. Do you want to watch them free of cost? If so, then tag along. We will introduce you to one of the fantastic websites Kissasian where you can access your favorite movies without paying anything. The best part about Kissasian is it is not exclusive to Korean movies only; the website shows movies from other regions too. 

Kissasian is somewhat similar to ondemandkorea. It is much better than it. While ondemandkora has paid and free mode, Kissasian likes to premier all its videos without setting a pricing plan. In addition, though it sponsors ads, the ads are to keep the site free for everyone. 

KissAsian – Download And Watch Free Chinese & Korean Movies

Today, we will give insight into how the website works and how you can download and stream genres of movies. Let’s have a look at its features first. 

Features Of kiss Asian Movies

KissAsian Movies


As mentioned above, OndemandKorea is also a famous site for downloading movies. However, it is only limited to North Korea and South Korea. Moreover, it does not offer movies from other countries. Therefore, it is not desirable for people who want to watch movies from different regions too. Furthermore, users in a few countries encounter obstructions while attempting to download or stream outside the premises. They can fix it through VPN, but why take the pain when you have a better alternative available in the form of Kissasian, which has movies and series from Korea and other regions. 

Limited Ads

We all hate ads popping up on our scream in the middle of a movie. They may be annoying, but they save users from spending money to watch a movie. Therefore, Kissasian also streams ads, but the ads are controlled and are not as annoying as others. The aim of Kissasian is not to generate revenue at the cost of users’ satisfaction. So, downloading movies from Kissasian is not a problem anymore, and one does not have to turn off the adblocker, as users can still have a decent experience without using the adblocker. 

However, if you still want to block the ads, you can upgrade to a premium account, as it has a better and decent interface, and you will be able to download your movies without any hindrance. 

Request For Any Asian Movie

Kisassian is pretty stocked up on movies, as they regularly update themselves. But, there are many chances that you may not be able to find your desired movie on the website. Even in this situation, they take care of users by offering the option of “Request Drama.” All you have to do is click on it, and your query will be submitted. Do not forget to log in to make your request. 

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Download and Stream From Various Genres

Kissasian has almost every genre. You name it; it has it. The prominent genres are Action, Adventure, Animals, Business, Comedy, Crime, Detective, Drama, Fantasy, Thriller, Science fiction, Tragedy, and Zombies. 

Search Your Favourite Asian Drama By Countries

The best part about Kissasian is it lets users search by the country name. So, for example, the only Korean movie you know of is Jumong, but you wish to see other relevant searches from the same country, so you will only type the country name, and the relevant results will show up. 

The available countries on Kissasian are China, North Korea, South Korea, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and Taiwan. Kissasian has the plan to include more countries, but these countries are now available. 

Auto Suggest Available

Kissasian has a fantastic feature in the form of auto-suggest. The website will give suggestions when you are typing a movie, thereby saving your time. With this feature on, you have to order one word and have a list of dramas or movies ahead. In this way, you might be able to come across another interesting movie or drama besides the relevant search. 

Search For Movies By Drama List Or Variety List

Besides offering auto suggestions, you can also search for any Asian movie by alphabet, the level of popularity, and my latest updates. For example, if you wish to search for a movie by Variety list, you will be taken to another site, Where Kisasian is for Korean dramas, KissTVshows is for TV shows. 


  • Start with visiting on the browser.
  • Either search for the movie you wish to download or click the movie if you have already located it. 
  • If the content has different episodes, scroll down to check the attacks. 
  • You will be taken to another page after clicking on the episode. 
  • Now, click the “Play Icon” to watch the movie online. 
  • You can watch movies on your phone and computer.

Ways to download Asian dramas on KISSASIAN

  • If you wish to download movies, start off by visiting first.
  • Now, tap the movie you wish to download on your device.
  • Make sure to scroll down to see if the drama has more episodes. If it has, opt for the episode you wish to download.
  • So, You will be redirected to a new page. Scroll down to see the download button. 
  • The link is available on platforms like RapidVideo, FE, Openload, MP, FB, and Alpha mirror only if you face a problem. You have to click on any of the links to be able to download your drama. 

Legal Issues

Most people feel reluctant to use such websites, so let us tell you that the website is safe to use. As long as you are downloading dramas for your sake, you are not messing up with the copyright restrictions. This is because of the following reasons.

  • Kissasian follows Title II of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, and all the copyright owners’ rights are complied with. 
  • The website does not store any copyrighted content through direct hosting. All the content is saved on Openland And Google servers. 
  • The website has strictly prohibited the redistribution or commercial use of Asian dramas and movies. 
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Therefore, the website is risk-free. Furthermore, it does not ask for any personal information. The users do not have to log in or register themselves first. Moreover, the website does not share users’ data with 3rd parties. Even the ads provide free content and are not for any suspicious activity.

Common Problems at Kissasian and their solution

  • Videos cannot be displayed in fullscreen mode: Try refreshing the website or updating your web browser. If you have an adblocker on, disable it and later refresh the page to see if the issue has been resolved. 
  • KissAsian is not working: If this problem occurs. Do these things:
  1. Check your internet connection.
  2. Clear the cookies and caches in the web browser.
  3. Disable the adblocker
  4. Switch the browser. Use Chrome, Safari, or Firefox. 
  5. Update and restart the browser you are using. 
  • Episode Unavailable: Check the steps mentioned above to resolve the problem. If the problem persists, contact technical support. 


  • The website has movies of excellent quality. All the videos are in HD version and have subtitles too. You can easily watch the latest drama from any platform using a suitable internet connection. 
  • It saves users from the hassle of downloading videos by offering a way to stream videos online. 
  • Despite using HD format, the videos do not consume much data. However, if space is still a problem for you, we also deal in lower-quality video, ranging from 480p to 720p. The range is suitable for those having a slow internet connection. 
  • It saves your money by offering content for free. Unlike Hulu and Netflix, you do not have to pay for separate videos. 
  • There is no restriction laid on watching dramas. You can watch them anywhere and anytime. Just type your desired drama name, and you will be flooded with thousands of results.
  • Now, It is compatible with all the devices, including your phone, tablet, PC, and Laptop. It does not have any app, but it is easily accessible on the browser. 

Final Words:

So, this brings us to the end of our topic today with the brief yet comprehensive introduction of Kissasian, one of the best websites for watching Asian movies and dramas. is the only authentic website Kissasian owns. Other than that, any website you come across is fake. It is easy. However, it uses and has a decent interface. All you need is a stable connection to be able to play the videos well. Moreover, you can also add the website to the browser’s bookmark to have easy access in the future. 

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