33 Sites Like NarutoSpot to Watch Anime Online in HD Quality

Sites Like NarutoSpot

Narutospot is considered the best sites for those who are fond of surfing Anime stuff online. This provides a collection of millions of different anime shows. It ranged from movies, short clips, web series to multiple cartoon videos under one roof in the best quality. The Users can stream these content online without facing any lagging problems in its user interface.

It is the user interface. Narutospot net is considered to be one of the most friendly user interfaces. So, For a better experience, it also provides suggestions to its users about upcoming videos and trending content. Even, one may resort to the videos available in its database if they feel the content inappropriate. Besides, it helps the website to provide a quality service to its users.

What is Narutospot?

Narutospot tv is widely gaining popularity in serving as a platform that provides anime related content in the best quality across the world. This has one of the biggest databases among its competitors, thereby keeping itself in the number one position.

Its services and varied functions make the user have access over it straightforwardly, help it stand out of the crowd of its substitutes.


33 Sites Like NarutoSpot to Watch Anime Online in HD Quality

Although, with the rise in neck throat competition, several new websites are continuously giving a cut edge competition to Narutospot tv to make their platform more popular and create a stronger image among this field’s users.

Well, there exist millions of different websites which provide services alike of naruto slot, but the list of some of the best alternatives for Narutospot to watch anime online available have been enlisted below:-

1. KissAnime


KissAnime is one of the bestest alternatives available for Narutospot. Its user interface is also amicable, thereby enabling its users to access all the functions of its overlay in a very efficient manner without facing any difficulty in it.

It is smooth access to its video player also leads the videos to stream without any buffering. So, Around 40 million users visit kiss anime websites regularly in the passage of months. It has a suitable tariff on its website servers, thereby encouraging its developers to make it better than yesterday continuously.

2. CrunChyroll


Crunchyroll is a platform that provides a wide variety of anime videos to its users across the globe. It allows its users to access its multiple functions like listening to music, watching anime videos, drama shows, etc.

The Crunchyroll is available in two versions. Well, One is free, i.e., trial version and yet another is a premium version for the users having to pay a nominal fee to get a subscription. Its premium version is loaded with many exciting features. which will never let its users get bored out of it.

3. AnimeFreak


This AnimeFreak series has been compiled in the list of some of the best alternatives for naruto slot available in the market, which provides services related to streaming anime videos online due to it’s dedicated and unique features.

It is the homepage has been optimized in a very efficient manner, which is safe and secure to operate. This does not suffer from frequently arising ads and bugs related issues. It is an automatic update, and refreshing features help them stream the latest anime movies and shows.

4. 9Anime


First of all, its user interface is beautiful. 9Anime is not only user-friendly but at the same time very attractive as well. It is purple overlay makes it more interesting to operate. Moreover, it allows its users to stream anime videos online in high definition quality with no lags or buffering.
Plus, it provides a wide variety of different anime dubbed series in English as well, thereby creating a broad fanbase and wide reach among its users.

5. Anime Planet


Anime-Planet can be proven as a good alternative for Narutospot. It is the user interface is quite a bit similar to that of Narutospot. It is colossal database enables its users to access an extensive range of different anime videos covering over more than 45K shows and video-related content.
Well, One may also keep the content of their wish in their favourite corner in the overlay display feature of anime-planet to stream those videos later on as per their suitability.

6. Chia-Anime


Chia-Anime is Yet another alternative available in the market for Narutoslot. This is also widely gaining popularity across the globe whenever it comes to providing online anime videos and related content at free of cost.

Essentially, people residing in Asian countries prefer this. It is offline feature is one of the major attractions of its overlay, which enables its users to download the videos and related stuff and have access over it in offline mode.

7. AnimeLab


AnimeLab is an Alternative to Narutospot having a relatively similar user interface. It offers an extensive variety of anime related videos across the globe. Plus, it does not charge any subscription fees for its services.

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Users can either create an account for having access over its operations or log in to the website servers through their Facebook or Twitter accounts. Furthermore, the videos streamed in 1080p quality without any popping up of annoying ads between it!

8. AnimeUltima


AnimeUltima has a clean and smooth user interface. This does not annoy its users from frequently arising ads in its overlay. So, One may also disable the feature from which arising ads will be got vanished completely.

You can now stream Anime videos online in HD quality with subtitles as well. The AnimeUltima gets updated at a very regular interval, thereby keeping bugs issues away from its users.

9. AnimeShow


Animeshow is Users looking for a platform with a user interface similar to that of Narutospot at free of cost may consider anime heroes. It offers an extensive range of anime videos in high definition quality.

Users can stream those videos without facing any lagging, buffering, or playback error problem. Furthermore, it is free from continuously occurring ads, which may hamper the user experience while surfing videos online. It is also compatible with smartphones.

10. DarkAnime


Its layout is very user-friendly, thereby enabling it to be counted in the list of some of the best alternatives available in the market for Narutospot. Its navigation system helps the users search for the content they are looking for with their least efforts in terms of time.

The homepage consists of a search bar system as well to make the user experience richer. You can stream the anime videos on dark anime servers in HD quality as well.

11. Tubi TV

Anime8 Alternatives

Tubi TV has sincerely devoted itself to Japanese origin entertainment shows. It streams shows, TV series, and movies, and everything upon a simple touch. It has a simple and user-friendly interface, and it is well integrated with Apple as well as android. Moreover, the website would never let you miss out on essential details and recent updates, and that, too, for free.

12. Funimation

Anime8 Alternatives

Funimation is one of the sites where you can have a lot of fun with animated series, shows, and content. Being established in the 1990s, it is one of the oldest and, therefore, the most reliable and widely known websites for animated series. The interface may be simple, but the website is definitely modern. It offers convenience to its users by keeping the navigation system easy and dubbing the content in English. In addition, the website offers a paid subscription for people to be able to unlock additional features. 

13. GoGoAnime

Anime8 Alternatives

GoGoAnime is yet another name-giving tough competition NarutoSpot. The website requires no registration and is totally free of cost. Also, the navigation process is easier, and everything happens at a faster pace. The website claims to have a friendly interface. It is also pretty organized, as it has divided content into genres. The website also keeps users posted about the recent releases to not miss out on important details.

14. AnimeFrenzy

Anime8 Alternatives

Well, the fifth option that we have is AnimeFrenzy. The website has devoted itself to animated content, and it is considered as one of the notable websites ever. The website is known for having the latest shows, as it keeps itself updated. Moreover, the site is easily accessible from phones besides the website. The website is quite organized and has made a category of each genre. So, you can easily select content from the given genre. 

15. AnimeHeaven

Anime8 Alternatives

AnimeHeaven is literally the heaven for animated stuff. The website streams the best and the latest Japanese animated shows in a high-quality video. The website is well classified like r/KissAnime. The release schedule of upcoming series and shows are displayed on the screen for the convenience of users. Moreover, the website has also got English speakers covered by offering content dubbed in English. In short, it is one of the best and the most convenient websites to watch animated stuff. All you need to do is a stable internet connection to play the videos. 

16. AnimeLab

Anime8 Alternatives

Animelab is one such website that certainly meets everyone’s requirements regarding the quality of the video and the interface. This Russian website vows to offer all content for free. All these videos are certainly of high quality and play seamlessly. The only drawback of this website is the annoying ads. However, if someone’s getting this much for free, ads are not a big deal then.

17. Soul Anime

Anime8 Alternatives

Soul Anime is a perfect choice for modern people and old school though the audience, as it streams the latest content and the classic animated shows. The quality is just exceptional, and the variety of videos is unending. Moreover, the website has neatly divided its videos into categories, making the website more convenient. 

18. TinyZone

Anime8 Alternatives

Here, we have TineZone. It is hand down one of the best and the most reasonable alternative that we ever came across. The website has a fantastic quality, simple layout, and easy navigation process. Moreover, it is also available in the software that you can easily download on your phone. However, the website may not have as extensive a collection as others. 

19. AnimeDao

Anime8 Alternatives

AnimeDao is yet another reasonable replacement of NarutoSpot. The website streams high-quality entertainment stuff. However, it is necessary to have a stable internet connection to be able to enjoy the high-end quality of the videos. You can also personalize the video quality limit. The website has a simple design, intuitive layout, and effortless navigation style. 

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20. MyAnimeList

Anime8 Alternatives

MyAnimeList is yet another highly recommended alternative to NarutoSpot. The website is one of the most organized, as it releases a complete schedule prior to the release of a show. They are widely known for its extensive library and the vast collection of animated stuff. Additionally, the quality of the image and pictures is just splendid. MyAnimelist also contains an option of limited recording of a particular show. 

21. JustDubs

Anime8 Alternatives

JusTDubs manages to have the second spot on our list of best NarutoSpot AlternativesThe website has great fan followers, as the game has so much to offer. It is not only perfect watching animated shows but for doing other creative works also.

22.  Anime Heros

Anime8 Alternatives

 Not various online streaming sites live up to the Greatest Alternatives of NarutoSpot, but AnimeHeros is the bestest example of how to do it. The site allows you to watch sub and dub versions of Anime in Full HD or HD video quality, and it operates on all devices, including smartphones and tablets.

23.  AnimePahe

Anime8 Alternatives

Next on the List of best NarutoSpot Alternatives is AnimePahe. The website is almost similar to NarutoSpot in terms of content and the theme of the website. The website contains full-fledge episodes of the entire animated series and takes great care of the content organization.

24. Anime Nova 

Anime8 Alternatives

Anime Nova.org is the best place to get anime films, anime series, and anime dramas. Well, it Offers daily episodes of Anime, film, and cartoon shows. So, All items on this site are also available in a version dubbed high-quality and fast streaming. All, Anime Series, Naruto Manga, Anime Dub and Cartoon, and List of films is a site category consisting of several options.

25. Because.moe

Anime8 Alternatives

Because.moe is yet another better NarutoSpot Alternatives. The website provides high-quality content, including shows like Naruto and One Piece. The site has the honor to cater to millions of people due to faster updates, faster streaming, and faster uploads. 

26. AnimeStreams

Anime8 Alternatives

AnimeStream is one of the most highly suggested NarutoSpot Alternatives. Those who visit this website may watch Anime online for free. The website’s database has a huge collection of cartoons, both old and modern. The sophisticated search bar makes it simple to find your favorite items. When you access the website, you may see the sites’ trending and most often seen content. The user interface is likewise quite fluid.

27. Animexd.me

Anime8 Alternatives

Animexd application is one of the most dependable NarutoSpot alternatives available. Generally, it has a high-definition display screen. Additionally, you’ll find that it contains online chat capabilities, permitting you to discuss critical ideas and viewpoints with different other fans and followers. Moreover, it is content-rich, which simplifies the process of selecting video clips and also movies that match your preferences. Additionally, its layout is rather uncluttered.

28. AnimeKisa

Anime8 Alternatives

This page is for AnimeKisa fans. Similar to NarutoSpot. Like NarutoSpot, it provides HD anime videos with subtitles and dubbed versions. AnimeKisa is a nice alternative to NarutoSpot since it does not contain advertising.


Anime8 Alternatives

SimplyAWeeb.to is an Anime and manga website for Anime Lovers and Manga Readers. Whether you’re not sure if SimplyAWeeb is worth it, then you can read commonly asked questions to discover what you’re missing or haven’t listened about it or if we can dispel any myths. Today, This article will explain everything about the website Simplyaweeb.to.

30. Anime Dubbed

Anime8 Alternatives

Watch Anime Online for free at DubbedAnime. You may also watch the latest anime episodes that aren’t available elsewhere. Dubbed Anime, like Subbed Anime, comes in many varieties. The Anime that is streamed is all high quality and compressed.

31. AnimeLab

Anime8 Alternatives

Animelab is exclusively accessible in Australia and New Zealand; however, a VPN service allows access from everywhere. Thousands of episodes are available to view at home or on the go.

32. Anime Babies

Anime8 Alternatives

If you’re an anime fan and want to watch all of your favorite anime series episodes, BabyAnime is the perfect site to go because it offers whole anime series dubbed in English. You can live stream anime directly from the website; however, you must first create an account. Post your anime-related questions on the forum, and a vast community will respond. Find anime series by genre and category, or type the title of your favorite series into the search field to quickly find it across the whole collection. Add episodes and series to a favorite list to watch later and save yourself the time and effort of searching the library for them again.

33. KissManga

Anime8 Alternatives

KissManga – Best Sites for Manga Lovers is the ideal solution for manga fans seeking more than a simple learning experience. Numerous exclusive categories are dedicated to Manga, including Adult Manga, Manga for Girls Online, favourite Japanese Manga, popular Manga, Yaoi Manga, and dozens of newly updated free Manga. Kissmanga may be a contemporary-style website devoted to manga readers. Without a doubt, the website includes some unique categories that you can access and read at any time.

Final Thought:

There are the best Alternatives to Narutospot net that provide the features and services alike of it. Users should consider these websites, as well before getting stick to a single website.

They should have a versatile and dynamic approach towards their needs to fulfil them in the best possible manner. These websites have similar features as that of the Narutospot, but some are also far better than those of the Narutospot in varied terms.

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