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If you visit New Jersey and are punished for a traffic violation, you may now swiftly pay your ticket online. You can do so by visiting the NJMCDIRECT website at www.njmcdirect.com. There is no need to go to the municipal courts in New Jersey. A traffic ticket can be charged for various reasons, including speeding, surcharges, parking offenses, or violating other traffic laws.

What Is NJMCdirect Website?

NJMCdirect.com is a website where you may pay your NJ traffic ticket charges. The website permits most users to pay the charges; however, you cannot pay your charges using the online portal if the deadline has passed. The deadline for paying traffic charges is printed on the ticket. It was hard for people to go to the NJ Municipal court to pay the charge due to employment and other obligations, but this is no longer the case with NJMCdirect.com. NJMCdirect.com is the New Jersey Municipal Court website, where you may instantly pay your fines and view your traffic ticket.

How Do I Pay NJ Traffic Ticket Online?

Follow these steps to pay your traffic fine using the NJ Online gateway, NJMCdirect.com.


  • A smartphone, tablet, or PC is an example of an electronic device.
  • Wi-Fi or an active Internet connection


How To Pay Ticket Charges at NJMCdirect.com?

  • Open a web browser on your device and navigate to NJMCdirect.com, the official website of the NJ Municipal Court.
  • This link will take you to NJMCDirect’s new online site.
  • On the website’s front page, you will find two options: Municipal Complaints and Traffic Ticket.
  • To pay your NJMC charges, go to ‘Traffic Ticket.’
  • Enter the information such as the Court ID, Ticket Number, License Plate Number, and Name, and then press the ‘search’ button.
  • View your traffic ticket and then pay for it.
  • You can pay for your tickets using a credit or debit card. They accepted Visa, American Express, and MasterCard.

NJMCDirect Pay Surcharge 

You will obtain a surcharged ticket when you violate traffic laws more frequently. For example, a law enforcement officer issues a surcharge ticket when you violate traffic regulations and have more than 6 points on your license from the previous three years.

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You will be charged $100, plus an additional $25 for such violations. In addition, if your driver’s license is expired or you don’t have one, you must pay $250 yearly. A surcharged ticket can also be issued if you drive while intoxicated, drive without a license, or drive an uninsured vehicle. Here are the methods to pay your surcharge fees online at NJMCdirect.com.

  • Navigate to the NJ Municipal Court’s official website, NJMCdirect.com.
  • Select the appropriate option and enter your birth date.
  • After completing the preceding steps, click the ‘submit’ button.

If you experience any difficulties or problems, call NJMC customer care at 844-424-6829. Customer support is available from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. You’ll be charged a processing fee of between 2% to 3%. You can pay your charges with a credit or debit card.

Another Way To Pay Surcharge Fees

If you do not feel uncomfortable paying your surcharge fees online, an alternative way is available.

  • Western Union Money Transfer is one option.
  • This can be done with a check or a money order.

NJMCDirect Plead Not Guilty

If you believe the traffic charges against you are incorrect, you can contest them by pleading not guilty. There are a few ramifications to this. To do so, you must notify the court three days before the date specified on your ticket. Then, you must notify the Municipal Court that you want to plead not guilty to the traffic charges. It would be helpful if you also had legal evidence.

Once you’ve met all the conditions, proceed with the case by following these steps.

  • Negotiate your plea agreement and meet with the state prosecutor.
  • If you cannot reach an agreement, you must face it before the judge.
  • You can also engage a ticket lawyer or ask the court for a public defender.

If you lose the case, you will have to pay fines and have traffic infraction points added to your license. There’s also a chance your license may be suspended.

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However, if you win the case, you will not have to pay your vehicle insurance, and your fines and penalties will be waived. In addition, no points will be added to your driver’s license for traffic violations.

Note: It is always good to consult with a traffic ticket attorney.

Lookup A New Jersey Traffic Ticket

There’s no need to be concerned if you misplaced or lost your traffic ticket. Using the NJMCdirect online interface, you may seek your traffic ticket. To search for your traffic ticket online, follow these steps.

  • Search up the NJ Municipal Court Case Search for your traffic ticket complaint number.
  • Look for and click the search box on the site.
  • To proceed, click ‘I Accept.’
  • Next, go to ‘Search by’ and select the ‘Ticket Number.’
  • Fill out the Court ID, Number, and Prefix fields.
  • Enter the Captcha and select the search button.

There is no need to be concerned if you cannot locate your traffic ticket despite completing the steps outlined above. Instead, contact the New Jersey Municipal Court and provide them with your driver’s license number to find the traffic ticket number.

Working Hours Of NJMCDIRECT

NJMCdirect does not offer its services around the clock. The court has set periods for you to pay your fines, and you can only do so at certain hours.

  • Monday through Thursday: 4:30 a.m. to 11:15 p.m
  • Friday: 04:30 a.m. to 10:15 p.m
  • Saturday: 04:30 a.m. to 03:15 p.m
  • Sunday: 01:00 p.m to 11:15 p.m

Contact NJ Municipal Court

If you have any problems paying your charges, you can contact NJMCdirect’s customer care. We have listed the NJ Municipal Court’s phone number here.

New Jersey Municipal Court Office: 609-292-8580 & 973-284-4945

Office Location: NJMC Public Safety Building, 228 Chestnut St, Second Floor, Newark, NJ.

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