Top Note Selling Websites For Students You Need To Try

Note Selling Websites

Have you ever thought, as a student, if you might make money online in a convenient way? If you haven’t wondered about such things, you’re losing out on a lot. There are always methods to make money as a student, one of which is through selling notes. Assume you’re a good note taker, most of your notes are current, and you believe you could sell them for a few dollars. Many online services pay people to sell them lectures or study notes. We’ve compiled a list of the best note selling websites for students in today’s topic. You may sell lecture notes and make a good profit on these note selling websites. It is a safe and convenient side hustle that you may do as a student.

Top Note Selling Websites For Students

The following are some of the best note selling websites to visit if you want to sell your notes online.

1. NoteXchange

Note Selling Websites

NoteXchange is an excellent website to explore if you want to sell notes as a student; it’s essentially a website to purchase and sell notes and offers some extras. In addition to selling notes, you may also sell test notes, study aids, and flashcards. You might also provide tutoring services. Any note sold on NoteXchange will earn you a 50% commission. It’s a decent website to make money by selling study notes.

2. GradeBuddy

Note Selling Websites

GradeBuddy is a website that sells notes; most courses are more profitable on GradeBuddy. For a single course, you may earn up to $500. Becoming a GradeBuddy note seller simply means you’re becoming an advocate; you’ll have to provide the best notes for students who rely on them. When you join with GradeBuddy, you’ll begin by selecting your school; the registration process is simple. GradeBuddy is a good website to sell your notes.

3. Oxbridge Notes

Note Selling Websites

Oxbridge Notes is also a good site, although the fee is just 50% of your revenue. This website’s standards are stringent; it’s not easy to start selling right away because there’s a pre-approval process. You must also upload well-typed documents when posting notes, which is something you’ll like about Oxford Notes. They accept all types of notes, and you can even sell test questions; it’s a good website for selling notes.

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4. StudySoup

Note Selling Websites

StudySoup offers one of the quickest and easiest methods to sell notes online: create an account, then upload your notes, pick your price, and wait for your first sale. It has a 48-hour payment option, which means you’ll collect your money in a day or two. Regarding how much you earn on StudySoup, depending on your sales, you earn nothing to as low as $400.

5. Stuvia

Note Selling Websites

Stuvia is a popular website for selling notebooks; one of the causes you should use Stuvia is that you can sell various types of documents in addition to notes. On Stuvia, you may sell many types of notes. This website has a relatively simple user interface, and after you’ve created an account, you can begin selling notes. Earning money on Stuvia is simple; you can start for as low as $8. If you’re a student looking to make money writing notes, courses, or documents, Stuvia is one of the best websites to visit.

6. OneClass

OneClass is a great website to begin if you’re looking for a good website to sell notes as a student. This website will compensate you for your services as a note seller who supplies notes for certain classes. Making money with OneClass is simple; you only have to apply as a note-taker. After your application has been approved, you will begin giving notes for each ongoing lecture. OneClas is an outstanding website that offers a chance to earn money online as a student. You earn as low as $470 for every class.

7. Nexus Notes

Nexus Notes is one of the best note selling websites to easily sell notes as a student. Getting started on Nexus Notes is simple; create an account, and you can begin selling. You may upload or create notes on the website, which includes a text editor and customizable note themes. You may cooperate with other students on Nexus Notes and sell notes. Nexus Notes is an outstanding website to upload and sell notes, allowing you to earn money while studying.

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8. Studypool

With Studypool, you may earn up to $5000 each month by selling only study documents; even if a student examines your document without purchasing, you’ll receive a $10 bonus. On Studypol, you may sell low types of study documents for subjects such as Algebra, Accounting, and Computer Science. You may apply to be a Studypool tutor and sell study documents. Studypool is one of the best notes selling websites.

9. Docmerit

One of the reasons you’ll enjoy Docmerit is that it pays individuals quickly; if you make your first or second sale, your payments will be finalized within 24 hours. Docmerit makes it easy; you’ll upload, decide your price, and then hang on for profit. If you produce high-quality study notes, you earn much more and become one of the top sellers. The method of using Docmerit is quite easy, so you might start using it immediately. With Docmerit, you may earn a fortune.

10. Notesale

Nothing surpasses receiving recognition for one’s efforts. Notesale students earn money by selling their study materials. As a student, all you have to do is sign up and upload your notes. The website Notesale claims to be one of the best websites to sell study notes, and it has a simple layout. The website is also quite easy to use. You may locate study notes to read on Notesale to avoid selling notes. This website is amazing at what it does.

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The Bottom Line:

These are the best note selling websites for selling study notes, courses, and other similar items. Each of the websites listed offers a different commission. While some of the above websites pay in hours, others do not; they are still the best website for students to sell study notes.

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