Top 10 Best Resume Writing Services in 2022

Resume Writing Services

Best resume writing services will be discussed in this article. When putting up a job application, paying for a professional resume writing service might be a terrific way to save time and effort. These services are not all created equal, though. We examined 10 of the finest online resume writing services to determine which was the best.

It goes without saying that creating a stellar resume takes time and effort. You should know how to correctly style your resume to get past applicant tracking systems, pitch your qualifications to companies, and more.

One solution is to engage a specialist to prepare your resume for you if you’re short on time or just want to make the job search function simpler.

However, it might be questioning to decide which resume writing services to rely on given the abundance of options. Therefore, we evaluated 10 of the best online resume writers and services, paying attention to factors like cost, value, satisfaction of customers, and template design.

Top 10 Best Resume Writing Services in 2022

Top 10 Best Resume Writing Services are explained here.

1. Resume Writer Direct

Resume Writer Direct

From federal resumes to executive level applications, Resume Writer Direct provides resume and cover letter writing services for job seekers in a broad range of different sectors and degrees of expertise. The final product was amazing for the price and their service was very professional.

They have extremely low pricing, charging just $199 for an executive resume and cover letter or $138 for those looking for entry-level employment. Additionally, they provide a complete refund if you are unhappy with the outcome, making their product risk-free. Also check element fleet services alternatives

Our only complaint is that they have a small selection of resume layouts that look a little old. You might be nicely off going elsewhere if you want a resume that looks more unique. However, Resume Writers Direct provides an excellent product for job searchers in official sectors like government and law.


We found Resume Writers Direct to be one of the top resume writing service providers for both entry-level candidates & those with over 10 years of professional experience due to their affordable price and money-back guarantee.


  • Full refunds if you’re dissatisfied with the final item
  • Reasonably priced alternatives for job searchers creating an entry-level resume
  • Provide tailored services for highly specialised sectors.


  • Fewer alternatives exist for designs.

2. ResumeGo


Since its founding in 1998, ResumeGo has delivered a trustworthy, perfect resume writing service. With so much expertise in the industry, they have been able to put together a solid group of qualified resume writers from all over the country. This is another Resume Writing Services.

We were delighted by their team’s proficiency working with the application tracking system (ATS) software used by big businesses to screen applicants, making them a great option for anybody worried about making their resume ATS compatible.

We are unable to endorse ResumeGo for everyone, though. You’re better off picking a different resume writing service if you’re an entry-level job seeker or are seeking for employment in a niche area because they exclusively offer services for private-sector professionals and executives.

While ResumeGo is somewhat more expensive than some of its rivals—ranging from $199 for their basic resume writing bundle to $399 for an executive-level application—we believe the cost is justified by the calibre of their work.


ResumeGo has a skilled team of resume writers and good customer support. Any seasoned professional or executive trying to maximise their resume should consider using them.


  • Prompt client service
  • Proven group of authors


  • A small selection of products
  • A little more pricey than rivals

3. let’s Eat, Grandma

let's Eat, Grandma

Let’s Eat, Grandma, a relatively new player on the professional resume writing industry, was established in 2014 and offers both paid resume writing services and free career guidance.

Let’s Eat, Grandma’s customer service is of an extraordinarily high calibre. Their pre-consultation survey is comprehensive and gives their authors a deep understanding of your professional background and skill set. Their writers are skilled and pay special attention to detail.

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However, Let’s Eat, Grandma is a touch pricey for some job seekers because their entry-level packages start at $439 and go as high as $689 for premium services.

A cover letter is included included in every Let’s Eat, Grandma resume writing bundle. You can find a better cost elsewhere if you merely need a resume produced and don’t want to pay for a cover letter.


Let’s Eat, Grandma provides a detailed, high-quality offering. Even though it’s more expensive than many of its rivals, we think the product’s superior quality deserves the added cost.


  • Complete consultation
  • High-quality final product


  • Expensive
  • There are no clear entry-level alternatives.

4. Monster’s


well-known job board On its website, Monster provides consumers with a selection of reasonably priced professional resume writing services. This is another Resume Writing Services.

We discovered that their writers were quick to respond, proficient at crafting a strong resume, and responsive. The resume we paid for, in particular, featured a section on job experience that was carefully written and was well tailored for ATS software. Also check Trust In Your Ad Campaigns

The only issue we have with Monster’s service is that the writer selected a resume design that was far too generic. It’s possible that Monster is not the greatest option for you if you’re searching for a more distinctive resume that stands out from the competition.

The price range for Monster’s resume services is $129 for a basic resume and $349 for a premium bundle. They are therefore a cost-effective choice for anyone seeking merely a basic resume edit.


Overall, Monster offers a trustworthy, reasonably priced, and high-quality resume writing service.


  • Affordable
  • Superior resume writers


  • Standard resume layouts

5. The Muse

The Muse

The Muse is most well-known for its fantastic career guidance site, but it also offers a variety of resume review and editing services.

Their entry-level package costs $119 and includes an updated resume as well as a half-hour call with one of their resume writers. Out of all the services we discovered, The Muse is now among the most affordable choices.

Given the short notice, we also considered their counsel to be beneficial, and the intelligent and priceless resume tweaks their writer provided. Their recommendations for our resume introduction, in particular, were excellent and shown an attention to detail that several other resume services lacked.


The Muse provides a high-quality resume for just $119, making it a fantastic bargain. Because of this, it’s the perfect option for fresh grads or any job seeker on a tight budget.


  • Fair price
  • Superior resume writers


  • Offer only minor adjustments
  • No assurance of satisfaction

6. TopResume


TopResume, one of the most well-known online resume writing services today, has a sizable group of skilled writers from all over the United States. They provide a range of excellent resume editing solutions, the most of which are geared toward mid-level to senior workers.

We were most impressed by TopResume’s service since it offered a free resume evaluation. They give an unbiased assessment of your resume and suggestions for improvement within 48 hours.

The authors at TopResume also do a fantastic job of tailoring your application for resume keywords. When we used their service, we discovered that even our own staff of resume writers had trouble identifying useful keywords to add.

Their resume writing packages range in price from $149 to $349, and a monthly payment plan is a possibility.

Verdict: For job searchers with prior work experience, TopResume is a solid mid-range solution. We valued their emphasis on keyword optimization and their skilled authors.


  • Prioritizing industry-specific keywords
  • Free comprehensive resume review
  • If you don’t receive an discussion within 60 days, we’ll rework your resume.


  • A small selection of products
  • Product’s quality is inferior to certain rivals’

7. Zipjob


This is another Resume Writing Services. Although Zipjob was only established in 2016, it nevertheless provides a reliable professional resume service.

Zipjob, like TopResume, thrives because to its strict customer service guidelines. On their website, they offer a free rewrite if they prepare your resume and you don’t get an interview within 60 days. Only TopResume and Zipjob extend money-back guarantees for up to 60 days, while other resume writing services only provide 30-day money-back guarantees.

Additionally, Zipjob scans your resume using ATS software before returning it to you, guaranteeing that there are no processing issues when you submit your resume to companies.

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In comparison to other professional resume services, Zipjob’s starting price of $139 makes it a great choice for anybody on a tight budget.


Zipjob is a wonderful choice for job hunters on a budget because of its reasonable pricing and amazing 60 day interview guarantee. In contrast to the six resume writing services previously mentioned, their resume edit is mediocre.


  • Affordable
  • Guaranteed interview for 60 days
  • No-cost ATS check


  • The final product is inferior to that of rivals.


The appropriately called, which has a sleek, user-friendly website, is smaller than some of its more established rivals but nevertheless has a qualified staff of professional resume writers queued up and prepared to assist job seekers.

The calibre of the writers at most pleased us with their service.

The conversation was in-depth, and we discovered their authors to be knowledgeable and enthusiastic about assisting job seekers in today’s competitive employment market. Additionally, provides limitless calls with their resume writers, which is a pleasant extra and helps to differentiate them from the competition.

However, there are just a few products available on They only provide one resume writing package, which starts at $270 and includes a few add-ons that are optional.


For mid-level job searchers who are ready to spend more for a full consultation and a high-quality output, is a fantastic alternative. Their authors are quite competent and knowledgeable about the current work market. This is another Resume Writing Services.


  • Professional resume writers
  • Unlimited edits and calls


  • More expensive than rivals
  • A small selection of products

9. ResumeWriters


Since it has been in operation for more than 20 years, has a lot of expertise assisting customers in making adjustments to the job market and creating strong job applications.

Our first impression of their service was how extensive their offers were. Contrary to the majority of their rivals, who offer a few generic resume writing packages, offers a broad range of situation- and industry-specific resume writing services, whether it’s for job seekers transitioning from the military to the civilian workforce or students writing an academic CV. Also check usability testing

The only thing we have against is that they only provide email consultations. Therefore, you might want to pick a different provider if you’re interested in having a more customised, one-on-one encounter via a phone or video chat.

The packages offered by vary from $169.95 for college students to $299.95 for an executive-level resume, which is realistic but more expensive than some rivals.

Conclusion: is a fantastic option for even more specialised job searchers since it offers a wide selection of situation-specific resume writing services. However, the cost of their services is a little more.


  • A detailed list of resume services for various scenarios
  • Proficient writers


  • Only provide consults through email
  • Not as inexpensive as rivals

10. Resumes Planet

Resumes Planet

Even while ResumesPlanet is smaller than some of its rivals, it nevertheless employs over 200 credentialed writers with expertise in more than 40 different sectors. The range of services provided, especially the tailored packages for job searchers in the IT sector, pleased us. This is another Resume Writing Services.

Additionally, we were more than happy with the updated resume they sent. For instance, we felt that the resume summary their writer created for us successfully emphasised the experience and skill set of our candidate, and the abilities section was a wonderful combination of hard and soft talents.

We found it unpleasant and impersonal that ResumesPlanet’s counselling was conducted solely through their online chat system. So you’re better off seeking elsewhere if you like to have a personal call with your resume writer.

The prices for services at ResumesPlanet range from $109 for a simple resume to $325 for an expedited comprehensive package. They are thus among the cheapest solutions that can be found online.


ResumesPlanet provides professional resume writing services at a reasonable cost. The consultation procedure, however, might have been much better.


  • Very reasonable
  • A range of sector-specific services are offered.
  • Free alterations


  • They only provide consultations through their website’s message system.

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