Top 10 Best Project Management Tools in 2022

project management software tools

Best and most authentic project management tools will be described in this article. Businesses typically utilise project management software to share information, interact in real-time, and monitor their project expenses and risks. Numerous other advantages are also provided by these software products. Its primary goal is to assist businesses in being organised so they can finish their projects on time and within their allocated budgets. When the pandemic drove many teams to operate remotely, the need for a strong project management solution became even more obvious. This is another justification for why an increasing number of companies keep using this kind of technology.

But how can you pick the best PM tool for your needs when there are so many tools? This report will assist you in achieving that goal by outlining the main characteristics, advantages, and cost breakdowns of the top 10 project management tools currently available, as determined by our team of industry experts. You’ll probably discover one or two PM tools in the following sections that will meet your needs for project management.

What kind of value does a project management system have for your company? In comparison, 94 percent of organisations think that project management promotes business expansion, whereas almost 8 out of 10 executives think that project portfolio management affects business success.

Additionally, in order to create a productive and effective workplace culture, 55% of firms invest in technology while 46% place a high importance on project management. Furthermore, firms that use tried-and-true project management tools waste 28 times less money than those who don’t have a PM strategy and support resources in place. Implementing a project management system and adhering to project management best practises and techniques have benefited enterprises.

On the other hand, if you don’t have a centralised platform for project management, you could fall victim to the usual reasons why projects fail, like inadequate communication, shifting priorities, and incorrect requirement collection.

How do you pick the best project management software for you? Check to see if it has tools for team collaboration, file and document sharing, cost management, and dependable reporting and documentation. The software must also be simple to use and comprehend. For a deeper knowledge of what project management software is all about, you might want to look at our guide to project management software. We’ll concentrate on assisting you in making the greatest software selection in this article. The top 10 project management platforms available are listed below for your consideration.

Top 10 Best Project Management Tools in 2022

Top 10 Best Project Management Tools in 2022 are explained here.


The top team collaboration and communication software,, syncs all information into a single, accessible hub, enabling agents and team members to collaborate on crucial choices. Its most notable ability is simplifying contribution, which aids in teamwork and departmental collaboration. Team members can keep track of projects and routine chores by using to compile and show progress data in a logical and clear way.

The numerous distinctive features of, such as quick platform access and ongoing team and individual performance monitoring, enhance any company’s performance. Easy collaboration that enables active participation and contribution from all parties, reporting and analytics that may provide actionable metrics right once, and customization that enables you to set up the platform according to your own rules and standards

This is another Project Management Tools. The software offers tools for simple communication and collaboration, including notifications and updates, tagging teams and individuals, document sharing, and interaction with external apps, among other things. This saves everyone informed and on the same page. is offered through four cost-effective subscriptions, with the Basic plan starting at $49/month. Also check proofreading software 

2. Wrike


Why does Wrike rank second among the top ten project management tools on our list? Task management, task prioritising, real-time newsfeed, interactive timeline (Gantt chart), and workload management are just a few of the many helpful tools it provides. Both remote and centralised project teams can operate quickly and effectively with the aid of these tools. Your team may schedule, discuss, and prioritise their assignments using this solution, and they can also monitor development in real-time. It is not a problem to test out the software’s primary features before purchasing it because the manufacturer provides an excellent free trial plan.

Wrike provides a lone hub for all of your work. Its easy-to-use navigation makes it straightforward to operate the system, which is a big benefit. Additionally, the software has excellent security safeguards that guarantee only authorised individuals may access crucial data. Additionally, your team members can operate from any location at any time by using its native mobile apps. Simple project management requirements can be met by registering for the free plan. Paid packages for the Professional plan begin at $9.80 per user per month (billed annually).

3. ConnectWise Manage

ConnectWise Manage

A cloud-based solution called ConnectWise Manage offers a single platform for project management as well as other crucial business operations including marketing, purchasing, sales, and customer support. ConnectWise Manage is a powerful project management tool that provides customizable work plans, project templates, time tracking and billing, and other capabilities. All critical information is kept in one place, where it may be structured according to your business needs and requirements, making it simpler to get the information you need. Dashboards are also available for tracking KPI measures and your company’s general health. This is another Project Management Tools.

The help desk solution provided by ConnectWise Manage is a distinctive feature that makes it easier for your staff to respond quickly to client questions and complaints. You may make strategic, data-driven business decisions with the aid of ConnectWise Manage’s broad reporting capabilities, especially when it comes to maximising corporate resources and cutting operating costs.

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4. Smartsheet


The goal of Smartsheet is to completely reimagine team collaboration for projects and activities. The platform’s user-friendly and cutting-edge spreadsheets and charts make it simple to manage operations, monitor marketing campaigns, and schedule events. In addition to spreadsheets, it offers team discussion, visual timelines, automatic workflow elements, and collaborative file sharing. This web-based tool is ideal for keeping an eye on and managing your business’s calendar, inventories, and money, among other things.

Your productivity rises since you can use any device to access the software. Planning, tracking, automating, and reporting are among the fundamental features of Smartsheets. To enhance the energy of your team and make the most of your resources, these features were created. It makes it ideal for crucial projects and high-value work processes in your company. The management of your facilities may be streamlined, the budget can be made simpler, and the customer experience can be enhanced using this adaptable solution.

5. Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects

Many professionals across many different industries rely on Zoho Projects as their go-to project management tool. This is due to the platform’s high degree of customization, which you can alter to suit your requirements and preferences. The software vendor is also praised for providing excellent customer service. You may be confident that after you join up, agents will assist you in setting everything up. However, the software is rather simple to use, so you might not really need assistance configuring it to your preferences.

This is another Project Management Tools. Collaboration tools including file sharing, commenting, group chat, and kanban boards are important aspects of project management. Additionally, there are numerous reporting tools accessible. Among other things, visualisations include Gantt charts. Time logging, budgeting, spending monitoring, and user authorization controls are additional crucial elements.

Thanks to native apps for both Android and iOS, the offering is also accessible on mobile devices. By doing so, you may manage your tasks even when you are not in the workplace. It works best with other Zoho apps because it is a member of the Zoho family of programmes. So, if you already use Zoho, Zoho Projects is the first option you should think about.

However, Zoho Projects also integrates flawlessly with other software programmes if you already have a SaaS digital infrastructure of your own. Among others, it integrates with JIRA, Slack, and Basecamp.

6. Celoxis


Celoxis is a cutting-edge platform for project management that offers a complete set of project management features that are completed by powerful resource management tools. In fact, a lot of people view it as a full business solution because of its unique combination of features. Additionally, Celoxis may be used by any type of organisation, regardless of size or industry, and is very adaptable. Its collection of automation tools, which customers can customise to meet their organisational needs, are to thank for this. The platform also allows customers to build their own workflow applications using custom data, routing guidelines, and escalation mechanisms. Also check insurance agency software

Task planning, financial tracking, performance analytics, portfolio management, and a helpful client portal are some of the key features. Compared to other project management systems, it offers users more extensive capacity planning options thanks to its resource management components. These consist of shareable customisable dashboards, timesheets, built-in timers, expense trackers, and expense reports. Additionally, the technology alerts users automatically to capacity danger areas like overload. Even features for allocating human resources can be based on factors like availability, demand, and skill level. This is another Project Management Tools.

The platform is also geared for mobile. As a result, Celoxis is accessible from any location at any time using any device. In addition to being a web application, Celoxis also includes a version that can be installed locally on a computer running Linux, Mac, or Windows. Both versions integrate perfectly with other enterprise software, such as Zendesk, Google Drive, Salesforce, and Slack, to name a few.

The Cloud version’s monthly price per user starts at $25. The monthly fee for the On-Premise version, which is billed just once, is $450 per person. For both options, a subscription needs a minimum of five users.

7. elapseit


A complete resource planning and project management software is elapseit. Businesses can utilise it to optimise resource use, guarantee project delivery on time, and receive in-depth insights into their performance for enhancing workflow in the future. Additionally, it offers a variety of reporting tools and data visualisation possibilities, keeping the team informed and enhancing cooperation and communication.

Resource allocation, task management, and time monitoring are among the platform’s key features, but elapseit is capable of much more. To make managing finances easier, it also includes tools for invoicing and cost management. Through capacity tracking and backlog distribution, it also enables managers to effortlessly manage employee workloads.

Using elapseit makes it simple to maintain organisation. Users can build parent tasks and assign child tasks thanks to features like task hierarchies and dependencies. Additionally, they have the ability to automate each task’s subsequent steps. Additionally, it provides tools for project visualisation, such as Gantt charts and Kanban boards, so you may keep track of project progress in the view that suits you best.

8. Project Manager

Project Manager

This is another Project Management Tools. Award-winning online project management solution ProjectManager was created to increase productivity in project planning, budgeting, scheduling, execution, and reporting. This tool, one of the most well-known project management programmes available today, may assist you in implementing and finishing any project, no matter how big or small, no matter how short- or long-term it may be.

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This platform mainly concentrates on and offers useful tools for the three key project components of planning, monitoring, and reporting in addition to a large range of cutting-edge add-on capabilities. With ProjectManager, you can manage tasks remotely, create new ones, and have team members update existing ones while they’re out and about. Real-time dashboards, automatic emails, and quick report generation are further features.

9. Easy Project

Easy Project

Providing tools for project management, team collaboration, business information, and financial management, Easy Projects is a complete solution. Easy Projects efficiently assists managers and teams in streamlining and managing workflows as an all-in-one project management software.

Easy Projects offers capabilities for project management that make smooth planning and execution possible. It supports project schedules, Gantt charts, and Kanban boards. Managers can also specify task dependencies using this tool. Additionally, it forecasts project completion dates using an algorithm driven by AI.

Additionally, Easy Projects has business intelligence features that assist managers in data analysis and visualisation. The service also provides accounting tools that make it easier to do duties like billing and spending tracking. It also supports more than 2,000 integrations. It can therefore be easily utilised in conjunction with other business and management tools.

10. Jira


Jira is a project and problem tracking tool designed for software teams to use when preparing, monitoring, and launching superior software systems. You can create issues and stories with this app and assign responsibilities to different members of your software team. Jira gives every team member complete insight into the discussions, changes, and status of their project throughout the development process. When it comes to shipping, you can do it with calm and assurance since you know that all of the information has been updated to the most recent version. This is another Project Management Tools. Also check Software Development Companies in Colombia

Jira is based on the idea that every team has a distinct procedure for releasing their software. Because of this, the system offers both pre-built workflow elements and the ability to design your own. In this manner, you can either create a workflow that will work for your team or adopt the ready-made solution to speed up your activities. Even more Atlassian products, including Confluence and BitBucket, can be integrated with Jira. Additionally, you can utilise any of the tens of thousands of add-on apps that are offered in the Marketplace.

Tips on How to Search for Your Project Management Tool

Finding a platform with strong functionality and persuading your team to support your choice might be challenging when looking for a project management platform for your company. A solid PM application is one that can match with the purposes of the business and one that works within the working style and culture of your organisation, even though there are many fantastic ideas that you can get online.

Instead of bombarding yourself with a tonne of questions, you might want to think about following this succinct yet effective list of recommendations that most experts would probably agree with:

  1. Check out the cooperation features. Check to see if the PM software can offer your team the capabilities and flexibility they need to collaborate. Choose one that best fits the way your team currently functions and communicates.
  2. Determine and verify the price. Make sure the benefits of this platform outweigh the time and money you’ll spend using it. Any software that appears to be very expensive in terms of time and money up front but can deliver the productivity and efficiencies your team needs down the road is a sensible investment. A PM software that may produce long-term benefits, however, is one that is fairly pricey and pays for itself.
  3. Try out different tools. Compare this PM tool against the alternatives to see whether it fits your needs. Using a free trial or asking the seller for restricted access is a tried-and-true technique to test out several possibilities without spending much or anything at all. PM vendors are typically more than happy to offer a brief demo, trial, or some training.
  4. Pay attention to your team’s input. Verify whether your team will actually use the PM tool. Check to see whether it can aid in resolving their issues. Although downloading apps and fiddling with them can be appealing, you need to have a clear strategy in place so that you can determine how the tool fits your workflow and agree on goals with your team.
  5. Create your implementation strategy. Ascertain your part in assisting your crew in utilising the new PM application. Even the most experienced teams have members with ingrained habits, so it’s critical to plan how you’ll integrate the new software into your team’s daily operations.

Why Remote Work with Project Management Tools Can be More Productive

By enabling remote labour, project management software can greatly increase business efficiency, especially during the epidemic. Now, despite the fact that remote work is becoming more and more popular, it is not without flaws and is known to experience issues including passive employee behaviour, communication issues, and staff responsibility that are caused by physical distance and absence. Project management software can assist in resolving these problems, fostering work-life balance for remote teams, lowering stress levels, and providing them more time to spend with their families while also reducing the amount of time they spend commuting.

These tools also solve issues with communication by ensuring that everyone is aware of developments and input. Last but not least, because project management systems maintain track of every work, everyone on the team is held accountable for delays and even low productivity., our best tool, is excellent for remote work. The most important data on remote work and its association with more productive and contented workers can be found in this infographic.

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