PS Vue Not Working? How To Use

If you are a fan of PlayStation Vue channels, then reading this post will be immensely helpful to you in the long run. PSVue can be activated by logging into PSVue using the URL With the American over-the-top internet television service, PS VUE, it is possible to set up the service on various devices. To use PS Vue, you must first create a PSVue login that is unique to you. Using this login, you will be able to access all PlayStation channels on the device of your choice. As a next step, you will navigate to, where you will be prompted to enter your PSVue activation code obtained from the PSVue app and your PSN ID to begin watching PlayStation channels on your device.

PSVue Login Devices

You can log into PSVue on the following devices with your PSN ID and activate channels for the PSVue service on the device using your PSN ID.

1- PlayStation 4 (console)
2- Amazon Fire TV is a streaming device.
3- Apple TV (also known as Apple TV 2).
4- Roku players and televisions
5- Android TV (also known as Android TV Lite).
6- Google Chromecast is a streaming device.
7- iOS for iPhone/iPad
8- Android is the other operating system.

In case you own at least one of the Streaming devices on this list, you can use your PSVue PSN ID and log in to activate PSVue on that device. On PS4 

To activate PSVue channels on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, as well as on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro, you must use both your PSN ID and your PSVue login credentials (see below).

1- Select “TV & video sections” from the “TV & video sections” menu to download and launch the PlayStation Vue app.
2- Using your PSN ID, log into your PlayStation Vue account to begin playing.
3- The PlayStation channels will begin to stream in their entirety.
4- For two PlayStation 4 consoles, PSVue guest login will be used.
5- Open the PS Vue app on your system.
6- log into your PlayStation Vue account as a guest.
7- Make a note of the PS Vue activation code on your screen.
8- Go to and type in the code that appears on your screen.

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Wait a few seconds before you begin streaming your content. TV

When you visit, you will be prompted to enter your PSVue Roku activation code for the first time. If you want to do that, here’s how to go about it.

1- Go to the Roku “TV & Movies” section and download PlayStation Vue.
2- Launch the application to view the activation code.
3- Go to in your browser and sign up for an account.
4- Sign into your PlayStation Vue account using your PSVue login or PlayStation Network ID (PSN ID).
5- Choose Roku from the list of available devices.
6- On your Roku TV and media player, enter the activation code in the appropriate field.

To activate PS Vue on your media player, go to and follow the on-screen instructions. After that, you’ll be able to start watching PS Vue through your media player. Setup

Users of Apple TV devices must complete the steps outlined below to obtain a PSVue activation code for their device.

1- Open the Apple Store application on your Apple TV.
2- Look for “PSVue” or “PlayStation Vue” on the internet and download and install it on your television.
3- Use your Apple TV to display the PSVue activation code.
4- Then, Open your web browser and navigate to the URL
5- Log in to your PlayStation Vue account using your PSN ID and password.
6- Choose Apple TV as your device of choice.
7- Enter the code that was provided to you.

After that, you’ll be guided through the process of activating your prompted device by clicking the “Get Started” button once more. On Chromecast 

You can activate your subscription on your Chromecast and other devices through the PlayStation Vue website by selecting Chromecast from the drop-down menu under “Activate Your Subscription.” You can, of course, use your subscription on other devices and your computer. However, if you already have a PSVue login [ID], you can set up PSVue on Chromecast by following the steps outlined below. 

1- Install PS Vue on your Chromecast by downloading it from the Google Play Store.
2- Open the Vue app and ensure that it is connected to the same WiFi network as the Chromecast device.
3- Log into your PlayStation Vue account using your PSN ID.
4- To participate, click on the casting icon on your Chromecast.
5- Using the Chromecast, scroll through the programs and select the one you want to cast.

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Following the completion of the casting process, you will be able to watch your favorite PlayStation Vue shows on a larger screen.

PSVue Login On Amazon Fire TV 

This ultimate step-by-step guide will show you how to download the PS Vue app and obtain your activation code if you have an Amazon Fire TV.

1- Open the Amazon Store on your television.
2- Go to the PlayStation Store and download PlayStation Vue.
3- Make a note of the code that was provided.
4- Open your browser and navigate to
5- Log in with your PlayStation Network ID.

With an Amazon TV, you can stream PlayStation Vue content on the go without pausing your viewing experience. Not Working

By following these steps outlined above, you can get your PS Vue subscription back in shape. After that, you can stream on whatever device you want! However, here are some possible reasons why the PSVue login may not be working or why the Vue may not be working if you attempt to log into the PSVue system.

1- The PS Vue activation code has reached its expiration date.
2- You do not have an active subscription at writing.
3- To use PSVue on Chromecast, you must be on the same WiFi network as Chromecast for it to work.
4- A poor internet connection can also prevent logging in and activating your account.

How to Reset PSVue Login

If all else fails, then you can attempt to determine why you cannot sign in to your PSVue account using your PSN ID. Remembering your PlayStation Vita’s email address will be necessary to accomplish this.

1- Go to in your browser and click on “Activate.”
2- Select the “I’m having trouble signing in” option.
3- Enter your PSVue login email address in the appropriate field.
4- Select “send email” from the drop-down menu.
5- Sign into your email account and click on the password recovery link to complete the process.
6- Create a new PSN login for your PlayStation Network account.

To figure out how to change your password and username on the site, you must be able to recall your PSVue email address.

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