Rainbow Six Siege Beginner Guide 2021

Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege fans will enjoy the series’ more tactical approach to first-person games. After all, it’s thrilling to be able to take down large teams of enemies with a squad that can obey orders. Furthermore, Rainbow Six Siege’s multiplayer experience allows players to build their own strike teams. As a result, whether of whether they’re on the offensive or defensive, players must utilize their load-outs and Operator’s talents to domine the enemy.

Unfortunately, both FPS fans and newcomers may struggle to acclimatize to Siege’s more tactical approach to matches. After all, Siege necessitates team synergies because Operators perform differently depending on their comrades. As a result, what problems might be faced by newcomers to Siege? 

Check out these Rainbow Six Siege Top Tactics that will help you become a pro-

1. Defense Almost Always Wins

Is the game always skewed in their favor? Some players may believe that defending teams almost always win. Not necessarily; the defending team may know how to manage their time effectively. Many Siege players will agree that certain Operators, and hence specific tactics, considerably benefit defenders as they progress through the game. For instance, roamers that stay in the combat for an extended period of time might become a bothersome opponent for attackers, especially since attackers must now figure out where the defending roamer is in addition to obtaining the objective.

Defenders who try to save their concealing devices can also swing the balances in their favor, particularly in the endgame. As a way, they can easily flank attackers that rush to the objective due to a lack of time. Attackers should either destroy roamers first or compel enemies to deplete their sources as soon as feasible, according to this proviso.

2. Modify your Loadout

You can select various guns, such as submachine guns, assault rifles, and shotguns. They all work differently, tackle multiple amounts of destruction, and respond in a specific way after firing.

Every Operator can use a particular set of weapons, and they can personalize the design and attachments of the guns. This is not only fun to do but also has many benefits.

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3. Perform the Situations

There isn’t any campaign for one-player in this game, but the best part is the Situations. You will have 11 missions to go through, and each of them is designed to guide you to get hold of some of the maps and operators. Each of these Situations has three challenges made to enhance your skill.

Some of these challenges demand you to play a specific number of headshots, complete the mission without spending much health, etc. Every challenge you meet successfully will reward you with 200 Renown, which can get you operators, weapon attachments, etc.

4. Know the Maps

If you’re new to this game, the biggest drawback is that you will not know the maps. It is crucial to understand every player’s position compared to the opponent. You should be conscious of your nearby areas and see the location from where the enemy might arrive.

Most of the death takes place because players are caught unaware. The best way to escape death is to continue playing. There cannot be anything other than being in an actual match, understanding how other players operate and learning from the errors.

5. Be Attentive to Sound

Sound is so significant in Rainbow Six Siege. Players will feel like turning up their in-game volume so that every sound can be heard. However, make sure not to keep the team chat too high as it might hide the more critical game audio. It is crucial to have some good headphones while playing this game.

Apart from walking, rappelling, everything else will also make a sound, including aiming your sights and switching on the spot. It might be impossible not to make a sound at times, but one can learn to change their movement depending on what’s going around them.

6. Learn a Few Operators

Other than the Recruit, Rainbow Six Siege highlights thirty operators during writing, divided between attackers and defenders. However, this figure will grow over the following year as the developers keep providing free updates.

In such cases, it can be slightly overpowering to understand where to begin. Therefore, it is advisable, to start with, for the characters to appear to be most appealing.

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7. Teamwork is the key

Rainbow Six Siege is not where you can win all alone. Most of the time, it is better to stick with the team. Each Operator has a unique skill that is important for the team.

Having a team whom you can give a quick call to is priceless. In addition, it is always beneficial to play with the same team since you’ll know how they perform and grow your communication.

8. Enemies Know How Players Move

It may sound strange, but some newcomers may observe that enemies always seem to know where they’re going and perish almost instantly in firefights. Is there any software that makes it easier for enemies to do this? Not always, to be sure. Enemies are likely to “predict” player movement owing to their experience, and newcomers are likely to have a predictable movement pattern due to their lack of experience.

Pros will certainly take advantage of this if players discover that they react to a circumstance in the same way. Enemies, for instance, will take advantage of players who run aimlessly down long corridors. Likewise, players that follow the same path can urge enemies to take up camp near the player’s location in order to assassinate them. 

9. Be Careful with Drones

Drones are beneficial and should be handled with a lot of care. If used properly, you can get crucial information like your enemy’s location and catch them entirely by surprise. Attackers have 45 seconds in their hands while the round begins to drone the map and kill the objective.

However, keep in mind that your fellow team members are also doing the same thing. After the objective has been sealed, check for the opponent and adjust your drone on them for some time. This will allow your team to know who the enemy will attack by joining their operator symbol to the top interface.

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Final Words:

Practicing these Rainbow Six Siege Essential Tips will help every newcomer become a pro in no time. For more such guides like Rainbow Six Siege, stay tuned. Comment below if you have questions.

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