What is The Best Time to Post on TikTok 2021?

Best Time to Post on TikTok

If You are Looking Guide Best Time to Post on TikTok Then you are at Right Place. Everyone wants their social media posts to gain more likes, comments, and views. Who doesn’t want to be Charli D’amelio but can’t seem to achieve it despite their best efforts? There is no unique cause for this terrible narrative; nonetheless, you can engage more audience in your post by following some daily habits.

The engagement rate of your postings indicates how much people enjoy it and how often they see it. If you’re hoping for your video to go viral, you’ll have to rely on luck. However, providing your content at the right time can be pretty beneficial. Bring it on!

 When is Best Time to Post on TikTok in 2021?

Tiktok is a 15-second video-sharing platform or application where you may share your videos. It’s a popular entertainment application with millions of people all over the world. It is based on the app Musically, first introduced in 2014 and purchased for $1 billion by Chinese business ByteDance. It was revived in 2017 as TikTok, with all user accounts migrated to TikTok.

TikTok soared to the top of the market in a short time, quickly becoming the most popular non-gaming application. Isn’t it great?

The reason is straightforward. Because the application is addictive, everyone uses it daily and for the majority of the time. When compared to a 10-20 minute video, watching a 15-second video is incredibly simple.

What makes TikTok so Addictive?

This video-sharing app is one of a kind in terms of fun. On TikTok, people of all ages make videos and share them. In addition, you can share any video in which you show off your ability or ingenuity.

People worldwide make comedy videos, prank videos, dancing videos, art videos, and football videos. As a result, our application has evolved into a platform for anyone to express themselves. For example, millennials create acting videos and share them on the app, and many have used it to launch their acting careers.

Open your app and watch it if you want news updates, study English, or need a movie/web series recommendation.

In 2020, Tiktok was ranked first in the most downloaded app category, so you can understand how popular it is. That’s why it’s such an addictive app. If You are Looking Apps Like TikTok for Creating Fun and Loving Videos then check here.

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Type of Users on TikTok

There is a type of people who use this platform for different reasons. However, when it comes to content developers, they spend most of their time looking for new ideas to create unique content. One of the keys to making your content viral and engaging is to make it special. Comedy and prank videos, according to studies, are the most likely to generate a lot of engagement.

Other than content providers, some people use TikTok solely for amusement, spending their entire day watching TikTok videos. People between the ages of 14 & 24 are more prone to develop a video addiction. As we all know, introverts spend most of their time alone and rarely mingle, so they are most likely the target audience for our videos. Extroverts watch videos and introverts, but not nearly as much as introverts unless they are addicted.

Big product firms use TikTok for advertising and marketing. Creators with a large following are crucial to their marketing strategy. In exchange for money, these creators promote their services or product. For example, Addison Rae earns roughly $5 million per year, with Charlie D’amelio making around $4 million per year.

How to Use Tiktok?

You’ve created your TikTok account and are ready to start playing around with it. The first thing you’ll notice is a collection of random videos. As a creator, you must watch videos that you enjoy and produce videos in the same genre. This will find you in watching up with an idea by watching the most recent and trendy videos in your chosen category.

Try to use the app’s “For You” section as much as possible, where videos are shown based on your interests. If you want to develop unique content, this is important.

The app is straightforward to use when it comes to user experience, and everyone can grasp how it works.

You may edit your videos, add music to the background, and apply stunning filters to them. You can also conduct some duo action by pairing your video with the videos of other makers.

The time it takes to post content and how you use the application is essential. Make an effort to connect with your audience since this will help you gain more Likes And Followers. Because TikTok’s algorithm is based on your activities, and you must be creative, skilled, and observant if you want to become viral or become renowned.

When is Best Time to Post on TikTok?

Influencer marketing hub conducted research and evaluated over 100k TikTok posts to find the optimal time to post on TikTok for each day.

  1. Monday between 6 am and 10 am the most fantastic time because everyone is in a good mood, and people tend to utilize social media when traveling by bus or automobile. It’s an excellent time to post around 10 pm since people are chilling and attempting to relieve their stress.
  2. It has been found that early morning posts receive higher views and engagement on Tuesday and Wednesday. So, on Tuesday, aim to post between 2, 4 am, and 9 am, and on Wednesday, between 7 and 11 am.
  3. The timing on Thursday is a little different from the other days. Post at 9 is noon and about 7 pm. Try to post about midday when the time of TikTokers are active.
  4. On Friday, the optimum time is 5 pm and 1 pm to 3 pm. Don’t wake up late in the morning if you want your unique video to go viral. Tiktokers become dizzy after eating lunch, and before taking a noon nap, they watch some funny TikTok videos, so don’t forget to post in the afternoon.
  5. Now that it’s the weekend, TikTokers are sleeping and waking up late. So on Saturday, you can get their attention by publishing late at 7 or 8 pm and early at 11 am.
  6. On Sundays, aim to post around 7 pm, or 8 am; you can also post at 4 pm. It’s the end of the week, and everyone is working on their workday plans and going to bed early. As a result, try to avoid posting late at night.
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These figures are based on Eastern Standard Time, which is the ideal time to post to TikTok. However, because Tiktokers worldwide have varied timings, you’ll have to do your analysis of your postings’ insights. In the app, Like Similar to Instagram, there is a feature called TikTok insights. You can observe when and where your audience is most active and adjust your post scheduling accordingly.

If you choose, you can use various social management and digital marketing solutions, some of which are also available for free. More information on these products could be found in our post 7 digital marketing tools to watch in 2021; have a look.

Best Time to Post on TikTok – Final Words:

The Coronavirus has expedited the use of social media, and everyone is utilizing it. Many TikTokers have progressed from nothing to something with the right coaching and time investment. You can increase the number of likes, views, and comments on your post. However, nothing is possible without dedication and perseverance. Maintain a steady post schedule and high-quality content. 

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