Top 15 Best Shipping Software by EasyPost Alternatives in 2022

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Best shiping software by easypost will be described in this article. By utilising the smart Shipping API, Address Verification API for DHL, USPS, FedEx, and other services, the full-featured and feature-rich EasyPost shipping software helps you to save a sizable sum of money. With just one integration, you can connect to and compare costs for DHL, USPS, FedEx, UPS, and many more. With data-backed optimization for each shipment, the company may save time and money, improve timely delivery elements, and increase efficiency.

By entering the package information in the Produce Label tool, you can easily create an infinite number of labels, which enables everyone to print labels right away. With real-time shipment updates via webhook alerts and uniquely branded tracking packages, the platform streamlines the package tracking procedure. To improve deliverability, everyone may make sure that domestic and international addresses are accurate. On all nations, carriers, and service levels, you can safeguard parcels against theft, loss, or damage. The platform also supports numerous well-known carriers, including FedEx, DHL, Royal Mail, and OnTrac.

Top 15 Best Shipping Software by EasyPost Alternatives in 2022

Top 15 Best Shipping Software by EasyPost Alternatives are explained here.

1. Shipcloud


This is another shipping software. With the help of the well-known shipping service Shipcloud, you can connect with all of the main German carriers through a clear, constant, and simple user interface. You can connect the service into the shipping process by using the strength of the most recent RESTful API in combination with more than 130 integrations, including fulfilment systems, ERP, marketplaces, and inventory management. Also check fleet management software

The software provides you the freedom to choose whatever carriers you choose, without any limitations. Additionally, it provides many of suggestions for how to cut costs and save time. The High Flexibility with updated ways of transportation without contractual agreements is one of the numerous benefits of using Shipcloud. Using their store’s built-in solution, inventory management software, or ERP, anyone may easily create shipping labels. Thanks to the presence of a current and future-proof RESTful API, integration is hassle-free. The Smart administration module provides you with complete visibility over everything in one location. Finally, the software uses cutting-edge technology to help you give customers the finest service possible.

2. Qapla’


The top-of-the-line eCommerce shipping tracking platform Qapla has all the capabilities you require to raise client happiness. It is a software as a assistance (SaaS) shipment monitoring tool designed to help eCommerce businesses track shipments, create labels, and send personalised delivery warnings to their devoted consumers. By providing you with access to all functionalities through a single, condensed, and user-friendly user interface, the software lessens the complexity.

It makes it simple to seize fresh possibilities and maximise the power of marketing. In order to track the shipments of more than 100 couriers in one location, it interfaces with numerous eCommerce platforms and marketplaces. Because multiple CMS are supported, users can create unique communication templates. This enables them to inform clients of the progress of their packages via follow-up emails. Customers receive highly accurate and current information from Qapla’s as well as recommendations for other products, deals, banners, and other items. Additionally, each user has limitless access to create and print shipping labels. Instructions like A6, PDF, A5, ZPL, and A4 for all orders can be used to do this.

3. Packlink PRO

Packlink PRO

A shipping platform called Packlink PRO gives you the ability to enhance the entire shipping process. It helps you through every step of the shipping process, including importing orders, choosing and packaging products, creating shipping labels, and streamlining automation. More than 20,000 online stores use the very dependable solution. The ability to significantly reduce your shipping costs is one of the main benefits of employing it. For the convenience of the userbase, more than 350 shipping options are available. This is another shipping software.

Six million packages have already been sent worldwide using the platform. Another advantage is that everyone can use the broad range of carriers to meet client needs. The platform enables more than 20,000 eCommerce companies to effectively connect with major carriers and send goods around the world. By giving customers shipping choices from well-known international carriers, you can increase product sales. With only one click, you can toggle between more than 30 carriers. The primary features include easy configuration, printing shipping labels, real-time import of Shopify orders, and automation tools.

4. Parcelhub Shipping Software

Parcelhub Shipping Software

Multi-carrier Delivery Management and Shipping Solution called Parcelhub is packed with features and simple to use. It interacts with order management systems, marketplaces, and eCommerce platforms and offers a variety of multi-channel retailers, wholesalers, and international brands a single access point to more than 20 carriers and a huge selection of delivery alternatives.

The platform fulfils the demands of wholesalers, retailers, and brands that depend on it by shipping more than 8 million shipments annually. As a result, significant airline partners offer discounted pricing. Customers can print delivery management labels for free using the shipping solution before shipping packages. More than 20 UK and worldwide carriers, including well-known ones like Palletforce, Yodel, ArrowXL, DPD, Whistl, SkyNet, Parcelforce, and Hermes, are partners with the company. To fix any issues, please contact the support team at any moment. Software-only Shipping, Customized Fulfillment Services, Outsourced Tracking Support, and Bespoke Multi-Carrier Management are further important aspects. This is another shipping software.

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5. Intelligent Shipper

Intelligent Shipper

This is another shipping software. A shipping system called Intelligent Shipper works closely with retailers to interface with the carrier of their choice using the preferred integration technique. It provides a variety of adaptable integration options, ranging from API to batch imports and manual entry. As a result of the platform’s relationship with 3Pi, it is simple to close the gap with carriers while maintaining an updated, robust, and secure integration. Its compatibility with FedEx and approval by Royal Mail are two of its key advantages.

Popular companies including Yodel, DX, TNT, whistl, Deutsche Post, Caribou, UPS, dpd, and Hermes are among those in its ever-expanding carrier integration library.  Through Intelligent Shipper, you may track the status of packages using a variety of techniques, including data files and API via SFTP. You have access to a variety of reporting options through the platform, including tracking reports, daily shipping data, and booking statistics with a dashboard view. Customs paperwork, non-Latin characters, the Returns Dashboard, and branded notifications are further important elements.

6. DelivApp


One of the top systems for organising and scaling your on-demand delivery business is DelivApp. Anyone wishing to switch to really swift local deliveries and improve the technology they now use to optimise their business and quickly grow will find it to be the ideal fit. The platform is a full-service ordering and delivery management system with all the functionality you could possibly require.

The Marketplace Manager back office, Native consumer apps for Android and iOS, Store and Menu inventory management, and the Merchant portal are some of the standout features. Along with the platform, DelivApp also sells a logistics delivery management engine that integrates with all third-party or custom ordering applications and websites. The dispatcher back office, integrations with ordering interfaces, merchant portal, and food readiness control are just a few of the interesting features it offers. It also has many other intriguing features. Numerous services and solutions, including Gloria Food, WooCommerce, Tabit POS, Presto POS, Shopify, ClickEat, Paidit Online Ordering, and Aviv POS, are compatible with DelivApp. Also check digital Rights management software 

7. myFulfillment


MyFulfillment is a robust and feature-rich ERP solution created to assist e-merchants in managing their warehouses and inventories from a single location. For the user to easily increase productivity and efficiency, it gives you access to numerous special functionalities including order picking, barcode scanning, and inventory optimization. The selecting of orders is done in alphabetical order, and carrier labels are automatically printed. This is another shipping software.

You have the freedom to operate numerous warehouses, dropshipping, and physical stores thanks to the platform. The entire ecosystem, including POS, e-commerce platforms, carriers, and marketplaces, is simple to integrate. Third-Party Integrations, an API, Reporting and Statistics, Status Tracking, Data Import/Export, Inventory Management, and Customizable Reports are further important features.

8. 2Ship


With the top-of-the-line transportation management solution 2Ship, you can communicate with all the carriers in one location. It automatically compares all of the carrier rates and allows you to select the one you want. It is intended to increase customer happiness, reduce stress, and save time for all enterprises. The fact that every carrier and their tariffs are combined into one list is its strongest feature. This is another shipping software.

You can choose a great price and service for all your shipping needs without ever having to pay more than necessary for shipping. The solution provides you with a comprehensive ship screen for all shipments. By going to the history area and evaluating the performance of carriers, the userbase may keep track of all shipments coming from all carriers. The Stats & Reports area gives you complete visibility so you can choose the best course of action for your shipping needs.


A well-known and cutting-edge mapping platform designed for the requirements of the location-first world is called It gives businesses access to Map, APIs, and SDKs so they can increase their level of control, deliver top performance, and increase ROI. It permits you to use a single platform to experience modular, scalable, and configurable Map Data Management, SDKs, and APIs.

This is another shipping software. Its many features can be customised to meet your needs. Map Data and APIs are supported by the platform for its partners and clients. Popular names including Woodland, NxtGen, Bolt, gojek, and Grassdoor are on the list. Working with services like TomTom, OSM, and HERE requires the use of Third-Party + Proprietary Data. With specially generated map data layers, the userbase can augment their data. They can utilise them in map tiles or geocode, route, or navigate to them. Anybody may learn about Places APIs + SDKs, Maps, and Routing, which can be customised depending on the use case, fleet type, and geography.

10. MyCarrierTMS


MyCarrierTMS is a simple, efficient, and affordable LTL shipping solution that enables you to quickly quote, reserve, and track the status of freights while saving money and time. It enables you to create and sustain relationships without the need for a middleman. Ratings, tracking, and papers are all accessible in one location.

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The user base may easily connect to their carriers. With no need for system contracts or middlemen, the platform acts as an all-in-one transportation management solution for businesses wishing to improve and streamline their shipping requirements with the carriers of their choosing. The platform only requires a few easy steps to operate. Start by looking at all of the carrier rates that have been negotiated. Compare the service levels offered by the carriers for options like Expedited, Standard, and Guaranteed. Users can quickly determine which carrier service standards and costs correspond to their clients’ needs. Tracking and coordination are included as additional steps in the procedure.

11. Logistically TMS

Logistically TMS

Logistical TMS is a 3PL shippers’ and brokers’ Cloud TMS that is quick, scalable, versatile, and user-friendly. It gives you strong features and functionalities to meet your clients’ needs. The solution’s most appealing feature is its reasonable pricing, which makes it ideal for companies that don’t want to break the bank. It allows both small and large organisations to launch operations right away, making it ideal for both. This is another shipping software.

Top-level insights, analytics, and full order lifecycle management, from payment to billing, are among the standout features. Through the customer management module, you can view and manage every customer. Through the Discount management module, the company can quickly include or omit discounts from its offerings. Other aspects of the solution include accounting, parcel shipping, ground shipping, bills of lading, 3PL management, live driver tracking, and customer portal.

12. Freight Club

Freight Club

Freight Club is a shipping platform that uses cutting-edge technologies used by top eCommerce companies to streamline the entire process. In one location, you can increase reach, increase revenue, and offer an unmatched client experience. You can quote and reserve package and LTL shipments at business rates. Utilizing the analytics that match SKUs to carriers with the best feedback can help you reduce claims and damage.

From the qualified personnel, everyone can receive complete customer service and claims handling. The best benefit is that shipping the product to clients faster will help you save a lot of money. By matching each product with the best carrier, the problem is solved and shipment damages and overage charges are avoided.

13. DesktopShipper


DesktopShipper is a straightforward yet reliable shipping system that lets you send, save, and grow packages. You can use it on-premises or in the cloud, and it provides a shipping API. The solution was created from the ground up to work with startup, corporate, and fulfilment business models. It assists businesses in automating their shipping process and raises customer satisfaction. Orders from many marketplaces may be filtered, synced, and rated in a single display. Also check Estimation software

This is another shipping software. The user may quickly manage orders, print shipping labels, and create personalised packing slips. Custom User Profiles, Real-Time Rate Shopping, Transportation Mapping, Batch Management, and Automatic Custom Forms are some of the standout features. All carriers, including some of the finest in the business, like DHL, are partners with the platform. It makes it simple for you to cut costs and the number of errors in the shipping operation. Everyone is given complete freedom to carry out their business rules thanks to the solution. They are able to shorten the time it takes to process orders as a result.

14. Calcurates


Calcurates is shipping software created and designed by Amasty for eCommerce businesses. You have complete control over the pickup locations, foreign shipping costs, and shipping options that are displayed after checkout. The software is ideal for start-ups, businesses, and fulfilment firms because it is not only simple to use but also reasonably priced. It is the top-of-the-line multi-carrier shipping solution for e-commerce.

You can compute and show them the precise shipping alternatives and costs. Another key benefit is that it can be integrated with well-known carriers like UPS, FedEx, United States Postal Service, DHL, dpd, and Royal Mail, as well as popular eCommerce platforms like WooCommerce, PrestaShop, Shopify, and Magento. Finally, a number of options are available to you, including Smart Packaging, Rate Shopping, Multi-Origin Shipping, Estimated Delivery Dates, Volumetric Weight, In-Store Pickup, Table Rates, and Shipping Rules and Restrictions.

15. Digital Waybill

Digital Waybill

The most effective courier management technology, Digital Waybill, enables companies to optimise their dispatch and delivery timetables. The solution can be either installed locally on Mac OS devices or hosted online. You can take use of its service anywhere, at any time, thanks to the fact that it can also be accessible through applications on mobile platforms. This is another shipping software.

Small courier services, messenger companies, huge trucking and transportation organizations—all sizes of businesses—can benefit from the professional team that Digital Waybill is especially built for. The solution already has all the capabilities you need to save time and money, including easy online order entry, tracking, real-time order delivery to drivers, order recording, and access to order details on POS and mobile devices for drivers.

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