Zoom Alternatives For Video Calling and Conferencing

Zoom Alternatives For Video Calling and Conferencing

In this article, we provide you Zoom Alternatives For Video Calling and Conferencing. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, almost every one of us is both attending remote meetings or video conferencing to get refreshed on the office work. And because we are living in a world where having alternatives/options are considered as development, there are several options to choose from for video conferencing.

The 1 that comes to my mind is Zoom that’s been reaching the peak point faster than any other one. Considered as 1 of the most popular video conferencing apps, Zoom provides traits including mobile collaboration, online meetings, & chat.
Nevertheless, there are users who are looking for further or just simply Alternatives to Zoom.

7 Best Zoom Alternatives For Remote Video Conference Meetings:

Here are Some Best Zoom Alternatives For Video Calling and Conferencing, Better for Work from Home Tools.

1. WebEx

Zoom Alternatives
While working remotely or at home, WebEx claims to be the most secure communication platform. With WebEx traits (meeting center, event center, training center, & assist services), you can get in touch with your colleagues and hold events & webinars. Created for enterprise solutions, WebEx also has an option for cloud calling.

You can pick the program according to the options in the fast menu and get started with your work within seconds. A product gets noticed when it gets valued by the customers. Therefore here are the experiences users have had after the WebEx service:

WebEx has provided us access to a group of customers at geographically distant schools where there’s simply no competition from other publishers.” – Mark Johnson Eastern US Sales Manager CEV Multimedia.

2. GoToMeeting

Zoom Alternatives
The user-friendly Zoom alternative, GoToMeeting, claims to be 65% faster, and for me, that counts. A seamless and fast video meeting tool, GoToMeeting allows you to meet with up to 250 participants. The ideal option when you need to work from home and attend remote meetings without missing any.

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All you require to do is put in the details and start your 14 days free trial within seconds. Also, the tool comes with paid version premium plans that offer more speed, advancement, and more people to join for video meetings.

3. ezTalks Meetings

Zoom Alternatives
Considered as 1 of the most powerful Zoom alternatives that let you create your video meeting rooms for online video conferences. From online webinars to teaching web classes, medical treatments, to meetings, ezTalks Meetings allows you have up to 100 people join the meeting without making any investment.

With HD voice & video conferencing, building a private server, screen sharing, and making meeting recordings make ezTalks Meetings a go-to alternative to Zoom. Also, the Zoom alternative is cooperative with Android, iOS, and webpage as well. The premium variant of the app allows you to connect with up to 500 people at once.

4. Join.me

Zoom Alternatives
Join.me runs on the tagline of “Empower your employees to work remote – we have all the tools you want!”. Since COVID-19, all we are attempting is to work from home without any hassle. Therefore I think it’s the best time to understand what the company has to offer and if it’s worth it.

With a simple UI, you can either start a meeting or join one, considering you have received a code for it. Just tap on Get Started & host Free meetings without worrying about anything. Please remember that the Free meetings come with a condition as afterward, you need to go for the premium version of Join.me. Stop thinking much, go to Join.me; & get started with the Zoom alternative.

5. Skype

Zoom Alternatives
Who has not heard about Skype? Nevertheless, considering there are a few, Skype is the full Free service for video & voice calling for many years. From desktop to tab & cell phone to a smartwatch, you can do video calls over the internet for FREE via Skype.

The ideal combination of instant messaging, video conferencing, calling, and document collaboration into a single, integrated app Skype makes it to the top without a doubt. The app allows you have more than 20 people attend a video conference call without paying a single penny.

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6. Adobe Connect

Zoom Alternatives
The name Adobe brings both quality & reliability, and no one can deny that. The new addition to the listing of best Zoom alternatives for video conferencing, Adobe Connect is a web page program. Similar to all the above video meeting alternatives, Adobe Connect allows you to share & record screens, create & join webinars, and make voice and video calls.

With quite a simple UI, you can have complete control over all the customizations you want to make to the tool. There are 2 things that make the Zoom alternative a good catch, and those are the number of free days (90) trial & being the highly customizable and adaptable tool.

7. Zoho Meeting

Zoom Alternatives
Another bonus to the list, Zoho Meeting is an excellent option you can opt for without thinking twice. A good tool for video conferencing and meetings, Zoho is a web page and a browser-based program. This means the tool does not require any app downloading or installation.

Like ezTalks Meetings, Zoho also allows you to share screens as well as record them. With the tagline of “your online meeting and webinar solution”, Zoho Meetings allows you to engage and train audiences worldwide through live webinars. You can record, replay, and reuse your recorded videos whenever you desire. Get started now with 1 of the best alternatives to Zoom, Zoho Meetings.

Final Thought:

Having video conferencing or remote meetings is pretty popular nowadays, nevertheless, Novel Coronavirus has simply taken it to the next level. Due to the COVID-19, working remotely has become popular.  So now, we need tools to assist us out to get in touch with the team as business requires spontaneous meetings and gatherings. Check out the Zoom alternatives above thoroughly, examine them, and choose the 1 that works out best for you.

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