How To Unlist Phone Number From Truecaller?

Truecaller Unlist

Truecaller is a great app for finding out who called you from an unknown phone number. It’s also useful for identifying and blocking spam calls that would otherwise waste your time. Truecaller is useful to other users who want to call you because it works both ways. If you have registered your phone number with Truecaller, anyone can easily enter your phone number in the app and find out who the number belongs to. Many people’s privacy has been violated. If you want to avoid your phone number being easily searchable, the best option is to unlist from Truecaller. Here’s how you can go about it.

Why Unlist Phone Number From Truecaller?

Unlisting your phone number from Truecaller is your best option if you want to keep it private and don’t want others to find out it belongs to you. Truecaller has a massive database of phone numbers from users worldwide. The database will remove your phone number after unlisting it. After unlisting your phone number, if someone searches for it on Truecaller, they will not be able to identify who it belongs to.

How To Unlist Phone Number From Truecaller?

If you have chosen to unlist your phone number from Truecaller for reasons connected to privacy, here’s how you may do it.

Note: You may unlist your phone number from Truecaller via the website only after deactivating your account via the app. Here’s the process to accomplish it.

Deactivate Truecaller Account From The Android App

Deactivating the Truecaller account is very straightforward for Android users, providing they have the app loaded. Even if your phone dialer Truecaller integration, it’ll assist in downloading the Truecaller app for Android.

  • Open the Truecaller app on your Android.
  • Tap the hamburger menu in the top-left corner.
  • Select Settings.
  • Now, tap Privacy Centre.
  • Scroll down and select Deactivate.
  • Select Yes in the popup.
  • Tap Yes again in the new prompt.
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Deactivate Truecaller Account From The iOS App

Getting rid of your Truecaller account on iPhone differs from Android, mostly due to the UI.

  • On your iPhone, launch the Truecaller app.
  • Tap the More icon in the app’s bottom-right corner.
  • Choose the Settings option.
  • Now go to the Privacy Center.
  • Select Deactivate Account.
  • You will have two options: Keep My Data and Delete My Data. If you want Truecaller to delete everything about your account, choose Delete My Data.
  • Tap the Deactivate Account option a second time. Truecaller will deactivate your account.

How To Unlist Phone Number From Truecaller Via Website?

After deactivating your Truecaller account using the app, you may visit the official website and request that your phone number be unlisted.

  • Visit the Truecaller Unlisting portal.
  • On the page, enter your phone number and the country code.
  • Fill out the Captcha and then click the Unlist button.
  • In the popup, click Unlist once more.

Thanks to the app, your phone number has now been successfully unlisted from Truecaller. Your phone number will be deleted from the platform once the process has taken up to 24 hours. Deleting the Truecaller app from your phone is also a good idea now.

How To Uninstall Truecaller On Android?

The last step is to remove the Truecaller app from your Android device once you have terminated your Truecaller account and unlisted your number from the service.

  • Scroll to the Truecaller app in the app drawer on your Android phone.
  • Hold the Truecaller symbol with your finger.
  • Uninstall should be selected.
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How To Uninstall Truecaller On iPhone?

Similarly, after deactivating your account and unlisting your phone number, you must delete the Truecaller app from your iPhone.

  • Navigate to the home screen of your iPhone using the Truecaller app or the App Library.
  • Hold the Truecaller app icon with your finger.
  • Choose Delete App.
  • Once again, choose the Delete option.

Is It Possible To Use Truecaller After Unlisting Phone Number?

Unfortunately, you cannot have it both ways. If you unlist your phone number, you cannot use Truecaller to identify and filter spam calls or search for other people’s phone numbers. The answer to this issue would be registering for Truecaller using a different cellphone number. That way, your primary phone number will remain unregistered while you use Truecaller’s features via a separate SIM card.

Maintain Privacy By Unlisting Phone Number From Truecaller

Your data is less likely to surface for spam callers and corporations if your phone number is unlisted. If you still want to search for phone numbers on Truecaller but don’t care about spam prevention or call blocking, go to the Truecaller website. Then, choose either your Microsoft account or a comparable option that does not have your contacts associated with it.

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