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If you’re looking for a place to download free Games, Videos, Music, and mobile applications online without any hassle, then you are at the right place. Today, we will give you an insight into a website called Waptrick that proves to be a satisfactory platform for downloading interesting games, favorite music, and mobile applications. Not only that, Waptrick is also great at offering updates on modern apps. 

Wpatrick is a home to different interesting features, including Animation, Tv series, applications, dropant play online, live wallpaper, song lyrics, and sound effects as well. In addition to that, users can also fill in compatible games for literally any device without having to pay anything for the download. The best part about Waptrick website is that no one has to make an account for downloading any content; everything is free of cost. It is a great way of socializing with others and becoming friends with people who share the same interest as you. 


As mentioned earlier, Waptrick is home to interesting games. It is one of the best sources for game enthusiasts for downloading games. The website offers a great range of online games for several devices. 

Categories Of Waptrick Games

If you are wondering what categories you can find on Waptrick, then here are the options. 

  • Kid Games: The website has interesting games for kids. Most of them are educational to learn a lot while having fun. We would recommend you download the games instead of letting them play on the website. 
  • Arcade Games: This section consists of Retro, classic games, and platform games. 
  • Action Games: If you are a thriller, action games are the right choice for you. This section comprises of FPS, Battle. These games make sure to remove every dull moment from your life. 
  • Movie Games: These games are certainly interesting, as they contain Hollywood and Cartoon games. The games work by letting you act in the role of your favorite characters. 
  • Racing Games: These racing games have options like trucks and cars, which you can use to add some thrill. Moreover, you can actually learn to drive a car while playing a game. So, if you want to overcome driving fear, play this game and brace yourself up for driving on highways. 
  • Classic Games: Classic Games have an amazing collection of DOS games, Atari games, and Retro games. 
  • Platform Games: The platform games provide you with a platform where you have to overcome lots of obstacles. 
  • Casino Games: As the name indicates, this section contains games like Slot games, Poker games, and Card games. 
  • Christmas Games: This section contains interesting games, including Santa and snow. 
  • Sports Games: The games are the best for people who love sports. The games include Basketball, Soccer, Olympic games. 
  • Mind Games: We always believe in incorporating learning in education, and mind games are the best source in that case. If you think you are intelligent or you want to change your mind, mind games are certainly for you. The section contains IQ, Brain. Trivia and mind games. 
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Waptrick Dropant Online Games

Dropant game is a new feature. It lets users play the desired game online without charging ant fee. The section has different categories, including Racing, Board. Strategy, Puzzle, Sports, Action Games, and Arcade. 

Ways to Download Dropant. 

Follow these steps if you wish to access the Waptrick Dropant Online Games

  • Head to Waptrick’s official website through Waptrick.com
  • Now, choose “Dropant Online Games” from the given options. Opt for any game you wish to play by tapping on it. 
  • Now, press the Play button and get started. Follow the provided instructions to play the game well. 



Listening to music is the greatest source of relieving stress. Music also becomes a great companion when you are traveling. So, keeping in view your aesthetic needs, Waptrick offers you a chance to download mp3 music conveniently free of charge. The website can download music on any device without any problem. For users’ convenience, they have categorized their music in different genres, including RnB, Hip Hop, Rap, Pop, Reggae. Other than that, the website contains Nigeria special, Ethnic World Music, Metal Music, Remix, Classical and contemporary dance as well. 

The website not only provides you with your favorite songs. They also provide lyrics to your favorite songs. They have introduced this feature, keeping in view non-native speakers’ difficulty in comprehending a song. To activate lyrics, first, go to the search bar and put the name of the artist or the name of the song. After that, click search and locate the song lyrics bar for all the songs relevant to your search. 

How To Download Music on Waptrick

Follow the following steps to download music on Waptrick

  • First of all, head to the Waptrick website URL, www.waptrick.com, to download music. 
  • The second step would be selecting the music category from the menu. 
  • Upon opening the Music Category, you will come across a different range of music based on their quality and size. It is totally up to you what quality you are looking for, but we recommend you opt for the standard quality. 


Waptrick has a decent option of different videos. You can easily find whatever video you are hoping to watch. For your convenience, they have categorized videos into different sections, including Movies trailers, Big Brother, Cartoons, Talent, Science and technology, and the list goes on. 

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Ways to Download Videos On Waptrick.Com

  • The First Main thing to do is to visit the Wpatrick official website. 
  • Now, select the video category you wish to download the video from.
  • Locate your desired video by clicking on it. Use the search bar in case you are unable to locate your video
  • Now, click on the video and head to the downloading page. 
  • The fifth step would be clicking on the download button to initiate the downloading process. 
  • Now, opt for a server from which you wish to initiate the process and get started. 


Waptrick also offers interesting animation that you can use on social media apps like Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, etc. It also has categories of animations, including nature, love, celebration, religion, cute, and much more. 

Ways to Download Animation On Waptrick.com

  • The first main step would be visiting the website www.waptrick.com to download animation.
  • Now, click Menu
  • Scroll down to click on Waptrick Animated Backgrounds. 


Waptrick has an amazing collection of sound effects as well that you can use for your smartphones and music gigs. The sound effects include popular sounds like thunder and rain, love music, you have a message, and much more. Freestyle sounds are also available. 

Ways to Download Watrick Sound

Here is how you can Download Sound Effects.

  • Start with visiting www.waptrick,com .
  • Click on sound effects and locate the link on the homepage.


Waptrick also has beautiful wallpapers, aesthetic themes and photos to make your phones and laptop look amazing. The website has live wallpaper in HD and Lite versions both. Moreover, different categories of themes are available for smartphones and Java phones. The website has an amazing collection of aesthetic pictures for your social media accounts. 

To download themes, wallpapers, and photos, all you have to do is to head to the official website and click on the respective download links. Either locate the desired image or visit the homepage. 


The best part about the website is how it hasn’t left out book readers. The website has an amazing collection of E-Books. The books are available in categories like novels, magazines, lifestyle books, health, comics, and the list. 

The best part about these e-books is they are available in pdf format, so you do not have to worry about anything while downloading your favorite book. All these books are free of cost, a feature that you can hardly find on any other website

Recently Waptrick has made some changes. Every time you try to enter into www.waptrick.com, you will be redirected to another URL. This is because of the website. Moreover, Waptrick has also made some changes by unifying wapafull, wapdam, zonkewap, mexicowap, waphan, zamob, and wap. in sites. 

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