Top 19 Best WFH Tools For Small To Medium Businesses

WFH Tools

Software that enables employees to work remotely from home has closed the breach between a requirement and its realization. In terms of productivity, employers have been cautious, while employees have embraced it enthusiastically. As an employer or manager, you need to use the appropriate WFH tools to integrate working from home into your company effectively. And even though many WFH tools are available, I’ve selected the best ones. Let’s immediately begin with the inventory of WFH tools.

Top 19 Best WFH Tools For Small To Medium Businesses

Because small to medium-sized enterprises can benefit from WFH tools with a straightforward interface and a wealth of features, I have categorized them as follows.

Remote Support Software

1. TeamViewer

WFH Tools

TeamViewer lets you access desktop and mobile devices from anywhere, even with a 3G connection, and is protected by 256-bit AES encryption. With the help of their incorporated RMM solution, you can monitor and gather crucial data about your authorized devices. When something important takes place, you’ll also be informed. The inherent security is the best thing about this tool. It will do everything possible to ensure your IT is tidied away, free of potentially hazardous materials.

2. SupRemo

WFH Tools

SupRemo is one of the best free WFH tools for remotely controlling your computer. In addition to Windows, macOS, and Linux (via Wine), it is also compatible with Android, iOS, and smartphones and tablets without the need for installation or configuration. This makes the software the best option for users who need more technical expertise and cannot configure their network for remote access or install VPNs. In this situation, SupRemo is a robust yet user-friendly home working solution.

3. Zoho Assist

WFH Tools

Zoho Assist can be used to establish a remote connection to the workstations of one’s customers. It is entirely hosted in the cloud and is secure on both ends. It can be used for customer support and to enable the IT help desk to address customer issues. In addition to desktop computers, mobile devices, laptops, and servers are also accessible. Indeed, it encompasses everything in one. In seconds, you can initiate screen sharing and perform various tasks, including managing, configuring, and troubleshooting.

Training Platform

4. Thinkific

WFH Tools

Thinkific is a great platform for developing and hosting training materials such as guides and video courses. It lets you create a full-fledged members-only site to host your courses and even conduct in-depth analyses of the overall results. It is an all-in-one platform to help you use your knowledge and share it with those in need. Whether there are ten or ten million students, you can rest assured that this platform can handle the volume.

5. LearnDash

WFH Tools

LearnDash is an LMS (Learning Management System) plugin for WordPress that enables you to administer a rewards system for students’ achievements and certifications, sell online courses, and drip-feed content. These tasks can be executed directly from the website. Additionally, interactions with students, enrollment management, and the ability to organize specific learners for enhanced progress are all feasible. Regarding pricing and marketing, you can modify and administer the courses as you see fit. Notable organizations such as Digital Marketer, InfusionSoft, and ProBlogger use LearnDash.

6. Teachable

WFH Tools

Teachable lets you create and sell your online courses, which is very similar to Thinkific. An instructor must have complete authority over their pricing structure and their students’ data. Upon registration, you will receive everything you require to establish and market your school to the general public. You can make your school appear however you like because it is incredibly customizable. The capability to offer students a virtual classroom experience is an additional intriguing feature. Teachable is, in general, robustly optimized for all devices and intuitive to use. There is absolutely no cost to get started.

Chat Software With Bot

7. Freshchat

WFH Tools

Providing exceptional customer support is paramount, and Freshchat delivers exactly that. You can maintain contact with and interact with your customers via social media platforms, the web, and mobile devices. Additionally, with the help of their bots and AI, you can automate frequently inquired questions. Using Freshchat to send targeted outbound messages to users is also not the most challenging task. It also lets you send proactive campaigns to clients based on user behavior, actions, and other indicators, which is intriguing. Thus, the AI is capable of literally anticipating the user’s desires.

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8. Chatfuel

WFH Tools

Chatfuel, specifically designed for Facebook Messenger, can help you increase sales and engagement while lowering costs. It’s great for interacting with customers around the clock and automating many tasks that would otherwise cost a ton of time. To help warm prospects convert more effectively, you can instruct the chatbot to connect them with a sales representative. Chatfuel creates and manages chatbots for businesses like Levi’s, Adidas, Eat, and ABC News.

9. ChatBot

WFH Tools

ChatBot allows you to create an AI chatbot quickly. Despite the apparent complexity, no technical expertise is practically required. Also, you can create them for your websites, Facebook pages, and messaging apps. With the help of their open API, users can select from pre-built templates and drag-and-drop elements and integrate ChatBot with external apps.

Helpdesk/Self Service

10. HappyFox

HappyFox, an additional remarkable self-service solution, can help you set up a 24/7 customer support system that customers entirely operate. Although it may sound peculiar, that is precisely the situation. They have access to the knowledge base, the ability to monitor support queries, and the ability to interact in community forums. Instead of explicitly responding to your customers’ questions, showing them the way to their answers is great. The “self-service portal” thing has been given an intriguing variation by HappyFox, where customers can help other customers. Imagine the logistical challenges that your support team would encounter as a result.

11. Freshdesk

A self-service portal is the only thing as good as live customer support for helping customers discover answers to all of their problems. Freshdesk is a great way to accomplish that. Customers can use tools, forums, and knowledge-base articles to find answers to their questions from a self-service portal. Several key features comprise Freshdesk.

  • Ability to incorporate an answer automaton to facilitate the process further
  • Integrate knowledge base content across multiple platforms, such as the website, mobile application, and messaging.
  • Provide customers with translated content to quickly locate answers in their native tongue.
  • To your satisfaction, modify and make changes to the knowledge base.
  • Use previous conversations to help new customers find answers.

This helps reduce the burden on your support team. You are welcome to use their 21-day free trial to get started.

Storage Drive

12. Google Drive

Google Drive makes file sharing and collaboration a lot simpler. Every file type can be stored and shared with the team in a secure environment. Additionally, syncing data across numerous devices is good enough with just one account. The Business and Enterprise editions provide uninterrupted access to various flexible storage options. Additionally, team files can be organized in a shared location to facilitate accessibility. The fundamental edition includes 30GB of storage space. You may, nevertheless, upgrade at any time should you surpass the limit.

13. Box

The two storage options mentioned above are great, but you might also be interested in Box due to its innovative features. The feature that particularly captured my attention was the ability to locally store data. Box fulfills domicile requirements in various countries to resolve data-specific concerns specific to each country. Regardless of the location of your data, this helps you choose your in-region file storage and benefits from robust security and privacy. Over 1,400 third-party apps can also be integrated with it. There are a lot more options that I am certain you will adore.

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14. Dropbox for Teams

Dropbox, another well-liked option for team and storage, helps keep your team’s work in one place and synchronized across multiple devices. You can also create project timelines, designate tasks, and gather suggestions. You can also enable member feedback and comments, as communication is crucial during collaboration. This tool is phenomenal for maintaining the flow between members and coordinating initiatives.

Team Chat and Collaboration

15. ClickUp

With ClickUp, you can keep track of many things in one place, including documents, tasks, emails, and events. It is a remarkable tool that combines productivity, collaboration, and convenience, and it genuinely makes working the future. Many customization options are available, allowing you to transform the app into something entirely new and tailored to your needs. You can modify the configurations, rearrange the elements, alter the colors, and even create your own view. You can quickly import all of your data into ClickUp and reconstitute your team in a new environment without squandering any time if you’re migrating from other comparable apps. By using this magnificent application, you will be done with the need for additional third-party tools, as it contains everything you require. Furthermore, that surpasses one thousand integrations.

16. Mattermost

Concernmost facilitates collaboration primarily via messaging and is open-source, free, and flexible. When you’re constructing protocols for collaboration, there’s nothing you need to worry about regarding data protection because it places a lot of emphasis on data security and privacy. Many third-party apps and DevOps tools like Git and bots can be integrated with Mattermost. You would need to host this tool because it is open-source. Because Kamatera’s cloud services are technologically sophisticated and are supported by support staff who are anxious to set things up for you, deploying it through them is the best option.

17. Slack

Slack is one of the best (if not the best) team management tools. The members’ productivity is increased, and everything, including communication and instruments, is brought into one place. You can conduct conversations in designated spaces known as channels instead of an overburdened inbox. Additionally, the necessary information can be readily located through their searchable archive. Slack lets you choose the most essential conversations and open the others later because time is arguably the most important thing. Either gather your entire membership for a group discussion or hold distinct conversations with each individual in their respective spaces. There are a ton of additional features that will help your business tremendously.

Online/Team Meeting

18. Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is dedicated to offering a great collaboration experience while maintaining strict privacy and security standards. Web-based, video, and audio conferences can accommodate teams of up to 10,000 members. Even better, you could host a massive live event from the comfort of your own home. This tool, which includes Google Docs, PowerPoint, and Excel, lets you access, edit, and share a variety of documents. Additionally, you can converse one-on-one or with your entire team if that is more comfortable.

19. Zoho Meeting

Zoho Meeting lets you hold audio and video conferences anytime and from anywhere, which is great for conducting conversations and instructing your team members. Even webinars and meetings can be accessed while on the move via their mobile application. It is an exceptional tool for organizing team discussions, strategizing, and organizing the organization’s subsequent significant endeavors. Presentations can be delivered, sessions can be recorded, and critical reports can be downloaded. You can use the tool right away and get started for free.

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The Bottom Line: WFH Tools

Working from home is more complex than everyone makes it sound. However, using the aforementioned best WFH tools will alleviate a lot of burden from your shoulders and possibly accomplish more than ever before.

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