Why Do You Need a Ptz Camera? Advantages and Disadvantages

Why Do You Need a Ptz Camera? Advantages and Disadvantages

Ptz camera is a real miracle of innovation.  180-degree and even 360-degree view – there is nothing impossible for it! Such cameras were made for having broadcast-quality video. They envisage both easy and automated production workflow due the cutting edge software technologies for such popular objectives as recording or live streaming.

What is a PTZ camera?

What’s the main purpose of this item?  First of аll, ptz camera meaning is to monitor wide open areas. This robotic gadget is able to tilt vertically or diagonally, pan horizontally, as well as zoom a subject to get the best image quality not using digital pixelation. As usuаl, this camera goes in pair with a larger surveillance system: PTZ tracks movement whilst a fixed camera is responsible for detailed shots. In fact, ptz camera for live streaming allows for airing directly to the most popular social media & networks like Facebook and YouTube.

Who needs a PTZ camera?

There are different categories of users. F. e. people who want to control an environment outside, let say guard stations with special trained personnel operating via a remote controller. However, if you choose a certain type of outdoor ptz camera and corresponding software, it’s possible to track motion-triggered points automatically. So among the major purposes to buy this device is home or business security.

Another popular feature perfectly described on Honeyoptics.com is Zoom Video Conferencing with a “Far End Camera” control option. It envisages that not only a host but other meeting participants can control their cameras. Clients like this functionale because it facilitates remote presentations during which a co-host or appointed participant can help with the camera.

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Advantages and disadvantages of PTZ cameras

Our life is full of pros & cons on different issues. Let’s start from the positive features and benefits.

  • Impressive Coverage: Benefit of such innovative features of the gadget as rotational capability or potential to cover horizontally /vertically impressively large areas. Given it’s installed under the front door, the gadget enjoys a capacity to change different angles up to 360 degrees and tilt up to 90 degrees at the same time. Thus it may cover all you need starting from the front yard and ending with the fence or roadside, even some of the backyard – all in just one small camera!
  • Flexibility of Placement: This feature is designed for placement setup. There is no need to worry about the further changes. As  the ptz camera outdoor has been directed toward the specific areas for observing them, the client enjoys many options of viewing angle.
  • Zooming for Smaller Detail Perception: The gadget is supposed to observe smaller details via web browsers, desktop software and mobile apps or thanks to zoom in and out.

HD videos produced by this smart assistant on the second floor with the road view may spot the cars, pedestrians, or even count the number plate of a parked automobile. The optical zoom envisages zooming out/in for grasping details –  preserving a high image quality.

  • High-Definition Video Resolution

You probably know that high-resolution gadgets of this type are crucial for procurement of very sharp images/videos for distinguishing people’s faces or even catching intruders or criminals during the illegal acts.

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There are some cons in using PTZ Cameras and here we place some of them:

  • Limited View: Not everything, just accept it. This smart gadget is unable to catch and record the areas that it isn’t directly looking at. The camera was designed to cover potentially wide areas, however not simultaneously. In fact, it’s quite possible that it can miss incidents and very careful intruders who knows how to deceive the  camera’s FOV – the field of view
  • Surveillance Blind-Spots: take into consideration that PTZ may sometimes point in the wrong direction, no matter what’s happening directly in its field of view. That’s why it’s better to use a PTZ camera with somebody manning it at all times. But in this case blindspots still may happen – this time as a result of a human error.
  • Shorter Lifespan: This very innovative technical mechanism consists of many moving parts (we mean very specific and expensive details to pan/zoom/tilt etc) which are very fragile and less durable in comparison to fixed solutions.

This gadget needs a proper installation from both technical and legal points of view. If you miss something in camera hardware adjusting, you may get an unpleasant malfunction under rapidly changing weather s. As for legal issues, be careful not to accidentally monitor private property; otherwise you may get in big trouble.

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