Why Do Wylda Rae Johnson’s Parents Want To Keep Her Out Of The Spotlight Eye?

Wylda Rae Johnson

Being a celebrity child means that you are always in the limelight. The same is true for Wylda Rae Johnson, the first daughter of Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Sam Taylor-Johnson. She, like her parents, receives a lot of media attention as a celebrity child. However, due to her young age, little is known about her.

Wylda Rae Johnson – A Celebrity Child

No matter how much a celebrity child wishes to live a regular life, the media never allows them to. Wylda Rae Johnson’s parents also work hard to provide her with a regular childhood. Wylda Rae Johnson, born on July 10, 2010, in London, England, is now 11 years old. Her astrological sign is Cancer. She hails from a wealthy family. Her parents are well-known public figures. Well, her father, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, is a British actor, and her mother, Sam Taylor-Johnson, is a filmmaker. Wylda has three brothers and sisters. Wylda Rae Johnson has a biological sister named Romy Hero and two half-siblings. Angelica Jopling and Jessie Phoenix with Sam Taylor’s ex-husband, Jay Jopling. Wylda’s parents are one of Hollywood’s most well-known celebrity couples, having been married for almost a decade. Despite their substantial age gap, Sam and Aaron never appear concerned about their love lives; rather, they support each other continually.

Where Did Her Parents Meet, Aaron, And Sam?

Aaron Perry Taylor-Johnson and Samantha Louise Taylor-Johnson met on the set of Nowhere Boy (2009), a John Lennon biography directed by Sam. Aaron Taylor-Johnson attended the auditions. Meanwhile, Sam was divorcing her art dealer husband, Jay Jopling, after 11 years of marriage. As a result, Sam was getting ready to leave their shared house the day Aaron Taylor arrived for the auditions. So when Aaron showed up at her place, Sam knew she was the one. The two have spoken about their long-term romance in various interviews. “It was quite inconvenient,” Sam stated.

“At the end, I told myself, ‘OK, he’ll have to come to my house.'” I opened John Lennon into my home. I knew he was the one right away.”

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Sam’s divorce from Jopling was formalized and made public in September 2008. Their chemistry on set was great, and they had already started to build a relationship. Angelica Jopling, her daughter, portrayed a younger version of John Lennon’s sister, Julia, in the film “Nowhere Boy.” Sam told The Telegraph UK that Aaron’s audition preparation blew her away. According to Harper’s Bazaar, Aaron remembers Sam’s first audition performance.

“I remember that very, very clearly,” he continued. “I know precisely what she was wearing,” he added. I love her white shirt, which she still wears. It changed and transformed my life, but not how I imagined.”

Aaron has opened their age disparity multiple times. For example, he stated in a 2019 interview with The Telegraph UK:

“I’d already lived a life much beyond that of most of my contemporaries when I met Sam – I didn’t relate to anyone my age.” Nevertheless, I have the impression that we’re on the same wavelength.”

Making A Question And Starting A Family

Aaron proposed to Sam at the question about the movie. However, they never went on a date or even kissed. Instead, he dropped down on his knees and proposed to her right away. She gladly consented. They dated secretly for a few months before making their romance public in early 2010. When questioned about their love in an interview with The Telegraph UK, Aaron said he always knew she was the one.

“I knew right away that this was the person I wanted to spend the rest of my life with,” he added.

“I knew I wanted to establish a family with her, and I knew I wanted kids, and she was pregnant with our first child a month later,” he ended.

Aaron Taylor was 20 years old, and Sam was 43 when their first daughter, Wylda Rae Johnson, was born. Romy Hero, the couple’s second daughter, was born two years later, on January 18, 2012. She was born at home, and Aaron assured his supporters that both the baby and the mother were OK. On June 21, 2012, they married at Babington House in Somerset, England, and their surname was changed to Taylor-Johnson. The performer himself stated the reason for the name change. “I don’t understand why ladies need to take the man’s name,” he told London’s Evening Standard. I desired to be a part of her as much as she wanted to be a part of me.”

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Both Parents Are Zealous Guardians Of Their Children

Even though Aaron and his wife Sam are well-known public figures, the couple has kept their children’s lives private. To keep their children away from the paparazzi, they have never uploaded a single image of them on social networking sites. Wylda Rae Johnson was seen with her parents on a family day at the beach in Malibu in July 2020, but her face was obscured.

Wylda Rae Johnson’s Net Worth

Well, Wylda Rae Johnson hails from a wealthy family, as previously stated. Her parents’ net wealth is reportedly millions of dollars. According to Celebrity Net Worth, her father, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, is worth $16 million. According to the same source, Sam Taylor-Johnson, her mother, has a net worth of more than $20 million. Their family is worth a total of $36 million. This immense money enables the two celebrities and their children to enjoy lavish lives. At the same time, Wylda Rae Johnson continues to captivate audiences worldwide. Her parents’ fans are curious about her, but they try to keep their children’s lives private and out of the spotlight.

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