How To Make Use Of Xbox Resolver 2022? Find Xbox Live Gamertag’s IP Address

Xbox Resolver

Xbox Resolver is an app and software that assists gamers in finding their real IP address. It uses a massive publicly accessible database of IP addresses and Gamertags. Thus, if you enter someone’s Gamertag into Xresolver, you may find their IP address. How to Use Xbox Resolver 2022 is outlined here.

How To Make Use Of Xbox Resolver 2022?

Before you go, there are a few things you should be aware of. You must first obtain a Gamertag. A Gamertag is a one-of-a-kind identification assigned to each Xbox user. You may find another person’s IP address by using this Gamertag. However, for IP tracking to operate, the player must be online. When a player is offline, it is impossible to monitor their IP address.

Find The IP Address Of An Xbox Live Gamertag

You may track someone’s IP address by following the detailed steps below. To begin, you must first check in to your Xbox account. In the search field, look for the buddy whose IP you wish to locate. If the person is not already on the friendliest list, you must add them before searching. Follow these steps to add them to your buddy list.

  • You can view the nametag at the bottom of the page by using the magnifying glass icon.
  • Following that, you may look over the Gamertag profile. Then, click “Add friend.”

Make touch with the people whose IP you want to locate. You may accomplish this in two ways. The first step is to invite them to a live performance. You may also utilize a chat forum. Before utilizing the Xbox resolver, you must first perform the following steps.

  • Invite your teammates or party members to join you in the game.
  • Click the “people” button on the controller. Choose a Gamertag.
  • Use the A button on the controller to invite them while browsing their profile.
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In addition, there is the option of connecting with other people via party chat. This is how you do it.

  • Select the guide option. Select “Parties and Party.”
  • You may pick which friends to invite. Then, using the “invite option,” invite them.

The presence of the invited person in the invite section indicates that they have accepted the invitation. Next, using the Xbox resolve, you may identify the IP address of other connected people. Next, identify a clickable link to provide to these gamers. Links can originate from various places, including gaming websites, YouTube, Facebook, and others. By clicking the Xresolver link, you can now identify the Gamertag spacebar. After pasting the person’s Gamertag, click the resolve button.

Xbox Resolver

The Xbox resolver has an IP finding option. Choose that and copy the clickable link. The ARP tool begins sniffing their network connection when consumers click the link. All recorded IP addresses are loaded by first identifying the IP address in the “from” address and then updating the “to” address. For example, in the tab filter, enter 3074. By clicking “A,” you may select “Start Pulling.” The IP address of everyone connected to the party forums or gaming platforms is shown.

Xbox Resolver

How To Use xResolver To Change My IP Address?

The IP addresses on your laptop or PC may be readily changed. Public IP addresses, on the other hand, cannot be altered manually. Public IP addresses are assigned through DHCP servers supplied by Internet service providers. So you may ask them to do it. Meanwhile, you may manually change your IP address by following the steps below:

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1 – Select System Preferences. Choose Network.

2 – Select Network Connection. Click Configure IPv4. 

3 – Now, select the Manual option. Enter your IP address.


1 – Go to Settings, then tap WiFi. Select Network. 

2 – To configure IPv4 addresses, select Configure IPv4 Addresses. 

3 – Now, manually enter your IP address.


Ascertain that you are working from the Administrator account.

1 – Press the Start button. Navigate to the Control Panel. 

2 – Select Network Connection. Next, choose your local area connection. 

3 – Select Properties. Select TCP/IP. 

4 – At this point, you can manually enter your new IP address.


1 – Go to the Settings page. Select Connections. Click WiFi.

2 – Next, tap the Network to which you are presently connected.

3 – Tap the gear-shaped icon to the right of the Network. Your IP address will be displayed here.

4 – Scroll to the bottom of the screen. Select Advanced. Select IP Settings.

5 – Select Static. Now enter your IP address.


It is quite simple to get the IP addresses of Xbox users. Use an IP Resolver to locate the address based on your target’s Gamertag. You may even construct a shortened link and have your target click on it to expose their IP address. However, be certain that you do not abuse the IP address. Malicious use of IP addresses is prohibited. This is a breach of the legislation governing internet user safety.

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