How to Automatically Block Links in Twitch Chat?


One of these core features of streaming on Twitch is chat. The Twitch chat allows you to communicate with your viewers in near-real-time and allows your viewers to talk amongst themselves as you are playing. So, This type of communication between yourself and your viewers helps people to feel more involved. That makes them most likely to stick around and become a long-term regular viewer.

One of these issues you can have in Twitch chat, though, is people sharing links. Well, These links will often be legitimate or only self-advertising, but occasionally these links can be malicious. Meanwhile, moderators are great at getting your chat to follow the rules, and they shouldn’t be expected to check if links are evil or not. As such, it’s easier & safer to ban all links.

How to Automatically Block Links in Twitch.Tv Chat?

Now, You can ban all links from your chat in the moderation preferences of the creator dashboard. So, To open the dashboard, click on your profile picture in the top-right corner, then Tap on “Creator Dashboard.”


Tap on your profile picture, then “Creator Dashboard” to configure restrictions on who can create clips of your channel content.

As well, Once in the creator dashboard, expand the “Preferences” category in the left column, then Tap on “Moderation.” To block all messages containing links in your chat, Tap the “Block Hyperlinks” slider that is the fourth option from the top to the “On” position. Here, Enabling this option to block links will prevent normal users from sending messages that include links. You will still be capable of posting links in your chat, as well as your moderators, admins, and VIPs.

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Tip: The Twitch Admins are twitch employees. So, VIPs are a special status you can grant to favoured and trusted viewers that let them stand out from the crowd and avoid chat restrictions such as “slow mode” and not send links.


Tap the “Block Hyperlinks” slider to the “On” position in the moderation preferences.

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