Autumn Snyder: How Suicide Took Zack Snyder’s Daughter’s Life

Autumn Snyder

Autumn Snyder family is losing one of its most important members. It isn’t easy to understand why someone would commit life. However, Autumn’s life history and family background have been compiled to illuminate the reason for her suicide.

Autumn Snyder: Who Is She?

Autumn Snyder was the daughter of acclaimed director Zack Snyder. Well, she was born in China on November 27, 1996, and is one of Zack Snyder’s eight children (biological and adopted). Autumn spent a significant portion of her youth in Pasadena, California, after Zack Snyder adopted her. However, it is unknown whether she was able to meet her biological parents or what happened to them. Autumn Snyder became fascinated with her father’s career and fell in love with the film industry. She desired to be an actress one day. Autumn adored writing and keeping a diary, which she did for a long period. Autumn went to Sarah Lawrence College after high school. However, she could not have finished her education because her depression drove her to commit suicide one year before graduation.

She Committed Suicide After A Long Battle With Depression

Autumn had depression during her adolescence. While people have widely speculated about the term depression throughout the years, several factors have led people into that bleak hole. First, Autumn considered her worth in the world, her identity, and her purpose. Zack described the types of chats he had with Autumn about depression in an interview. Autumn would frequently inquire about her worth, what she stood for, and why she existed.

Autumn and Zack frequently discussed her battle with depression. She was on medication and in therapy but still fighting the disease. “She was continually questioning her worth,” Zack told Vanity Fair. “‘How much am I worth? So, what should I do? “What am I all about?” Synder continuously reassured Autumn that her life was infinitely valuable. “The dialogue went like this: ‘Of course you’re fantastic!” Zack elaborated. “What do you mean by ‘worth’? You are more worth than everything in the world!’ And she’d say, ‘…yeah.'”

Autumn’s turmoil showed through in her writing. She used language to express her sadness and find solace. “Her primary characters are constantly fighting entities from another realm that no one can see,” Zack stated. “And that fight was happening to her daily.” I believe there are many people in that battle, and they grin and nod at you.” Autumn committed suicide on March 12, 2017, after a long battle with depression. Autumn’s terrible demise shocked Synder’s family, who struggled to comprehend the unexpected turn of events. But on the other hand, Autumn’s death helped raise awareness about suicide prevention and information.

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Synder’s fans have raised more than $500,000 for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Zack and Deborah will publish Autumn’s work, with all proceeds going to charity. Autumn authored a first-person sci-fi fantasy story about an outsider seeking to fit in. “In the end, she didn’t make it, but her character does, and I believe it’d be therapeutic for people,” Zack told The Hollywood Reporter.

Autumn Snyder Death

Autumn Snyder committed suicide and took her own life on March 12, 2017, devastating the whole Snyder family. Autumn’s death has been kept relatively quiet by the Snyder family. However, we know that depression was a major factor in Autumn’s death. Significant levels of two types of drugs were found, according to the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner report. Coroner’s Acute Citalopram is one medication, while Diphenhydramine is another. Acute Citalopram is a prescription medication that was originally used as an antidepressant. Acute Citalopram may also be used for Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), panic disorder, and social phobia. Diphenhydramine was also discovered in Autumn’s system. A medication used to treat allergies, fever, and common cold symptoms. According to the Medical Examiner-Coroner report, one of the causes was intoxication from these two types of drugs.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League Was Requested By Fans

Well, when Justice League was released in 2017, many disappointed fans left the theatres. Because Joss rewrote most of the screenplay, several sequences from the initial trailer did not make it into the movie. As a result, die-hard DC fans began shouting on social media for Snyder’s version of Justice League, using the hashtag #SnyderCut. Fans have requested Snyder’s version of Justice League for four years, which is now in motion. Finally, Zack and HBO Max decided to offer the fans what they had been clamoring for for years. The movie is titled “Zack Snyder’s Justice League,” The official trailer will be published on HBO Max in early 2021.

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Justice League By Zack Snyder

Snyder tells The Hollywood Reporter that he is leaving Warner Bros.’ all-star DC Comics superhero mega-movie Justice League, which is now postponing, to deal with his daughter’s tragic loss. Deborah Snyder, a producer on Justice League, is also taking a hiatus to focus on their family’s rehabilitation.

Autumn Snyder Work

Autumn pursued the same field of study as her father. While Zack Snyder remained interested in directing, Autumn discovered her talent for writing at an early age. Autumn allegedly earned more than $12,000 for her charity, “Write-A-Thon To End Homelessness For Mothers and Their Children,” in 2014. Her father also strongly supported her charity initiative. Autumn Snyder stated in a rare interview, “Writing is essential to me.” It’s my way of saying things. I’ve been doing it secretly for many years, but I’ve just chosen to use my passion for writing to help collect funds for the Elizabeth House in Pasadena, California.”

Autumn also began writing 2,500 words daily for charity, focusing on a science fiction novel titled “The Prophet.” “I pledge to write 2,500 words every day for two weeks to complete the first half of the second novel in my fantasy fiction series, “Hell’s Guardians.” The overall word objective for the two weeks is 35,000 words. What amount are you prepared to pledge for each word I write? Donate each word or in whatever amount you like. Every gift, no matter how great or small, makes a difference. “All contributions are tax-deductible.” Autumn’s philanthropic effort was always aimed at exceeding the objective limit. She set out to raise $2,500 but raised more than $12,000.

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