Ways of Chromebook Factory Reset in 4 Methods

Operating System of Chrome is unbelievably smart OS that is not going to reduce the performance such as Windows after some time. Nevertheless, if someone is using Chrome for a long time, its performance can be enhanced through factory reset. User can completely remove the account if anyone has created an account without your Chromebook permission. Thus, there are 4 ways for Chromebook factory resetting in 2022 that are discussed in this article. In short, let’s read and finds these ways of Chromebook factory resetting. 

Note: All methods of resetting will delete the folders and files. Thus, be careful for backing up your data. 

In 2022, Chromebook Factory Resetting 

We have included all methods for user’s ease like factory resetting without password, power-wash and hard resetting. You can click on the below-given link for moving to your desired section. 

Chromebook Factory Resetting Easiest Way 

1. First, tap on the “Notification Center” available at the right-bottom corner and then open the “Settings” that is like a cogwheel icon.

2. Tap on the option of “Advanced” available in the left-pane. Then, click on the menu of ‘Reset Settings’ available at the bottom. 

3. Then, user finds the option of ‘Reset’ below the menu of “Powerwash”. Tap on the option of “Reset” and follow the instructions shown on the screen. User’s Chromebook will be factory reset within few moments automatically and user will see the free of bloat and clean Chromebook. User must have above than 60% battery before resetting process proceeding. 

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Chromebook Factory Resetting Regardless of Password

1. In this method, user forgot the password of their Chromebook and need for resetting it then utilize the below mentioned keyboard shortcut of Chrome OS. User restart the device and click the keys “CTRL + ALT + SHIFT + R” at once on the login screen.

Chromebook Factory Reset

2. Instantly, window of Resetting will open. Tap on the option of ‘Powerwash’ and then choose ‘Reset’ option. This will start the process of Chromebook factory resetting without using the password.

Chromebook Factory Reset

Chromebook Hard Resetting by using the Recovery Mode

When Chromebook isn’t going to boot or freeze mid-way then Hard Resetting is useful. Moreover, user can also use the hard reset if above mentioned ways did not work. 

Dissimilar to normal “powerwash”, hard reset restores the Chromebook hardware and software setting to default factory settings. For the facilitation of resetting option, it uses the Recovery Mode of Chromebook. In short, user can follow these steps for hard reset. 

1. First, completely switch off the Chromebook. Then, tap and hold the key of ‘Refresh’ (usually above the 4 key) and the physical button of ‘Power’ simultaneously. If Chromebook is not going to boot, connect the charger or source of power and then click the above mentioned combination of keys at once. 

Note: If no screen is showing then click on the ‘Esc’ key with two keys.

2. After the Chromebook showing the screen of ‘Chrome OS missing/ damaged’, release all keys. Then, click on the keys of “Ctrl + D” for opening the “Recovery Screen” of Chrome. After that, follow the instructions provided on the screen and Chromebook hard resetting will be successful. 

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3. If user have Chrome OS with tablet, tap and hold the buttons of ‘Power’ and ‘Volume Up’ for minimum 10 seconds. Then, You will follow the instructions showing on the screen for tablet hard resetting. It is almost similar to the Android devices process of hard resetting. 

4. Some of the older Chromebooks have a key of dedicated reset that can be utilized for device hard resetting. List of devices based on the Chrome OS is created by Google with the specific key of resetting and the information of hardware. Thus, tap on the articles linked with this article and explore these specific instructions.

Chromebook School Resetting to Factory Settings

If user have a school given Chromebook then unfortunately, user cannot perform the device resetting by its own. As administrator enrolled the Chromebook, user aren’t allow for accessing the resetting and various advance options. 

If user reset the school Chromebook by some way, it will be enrolled still under the same administrator. If user want to gain all its privileges in a real manner, they will have to ask the admin for unrolling the Chromebook from the console of school. 

Chromebook Factory Reset

User Chromebook Resetting in the Right-way

So, this is our article that gives the ways of Chromebook Resetting. User can choose the method in accordance with their requirement. Mostly, people use the first way as it is easy and have simple steps for Chromebook resetting.

Thus, user’s Chromebook run like a champion, see our articles on best games of Chromebook and Chrome-OS tricks and tips for using the newly found performance. Anyhow, this is all from my side. If anyone have any issues regarding this, let us know in the comment section below. 

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