Create Spotify Folders to Manage your Playlists in 2021

Spotify Folders

Spotify is one of the market’s leading music streaming services. It provides a wide assortment of songs and a range of features that make the app more useful. For instance, the streaming giant has a ‘folder’ capability to allow users to manage playlists efficiently. The idea is to group similar playlists to make them easy to access, saving space on the playlists menu’s left side. Here’s how you can create and handle them if you’ve never heard of Spotify Folders.

Create Spotify Folders 2021 

You need Spotify’s desktop or web app to build folders on Spotify. In other words, you cannot render Spotify Folders using the mobile app. I have already listed in the separate section underneath what you can and cannot do with Spotify Folders on the company’s mobile app.

Creating and Maintaining Spotify Folders

1. Right-clicking on the playlist on the bar’s left side, open Spotify Desktop/Web. Choose ‘Build Folder’ from the list of options that appear now.

Spotify Folders

2. There is now a new folder to create. The folder name you plan to add to the easy access lists can now be allocated.

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Spotify Folders

3. Now that the folder has been developed, it is time to add playlists. You just need to drag and drop current playlists into the folder to do this. When you drag and drop to the folder, you can see visual feedback.

Spotify Folders

4. You can click on the folder name to easily access the lists of playlists once you have connected to the folder. To extend or decrease your playlist folder, use the arrow key next to the directory name. You can create a folder in a folder – right-click on a folder and click on ‘Create Folder.’

Spotify Folders

5. You can still drag lists out of the folder and uninstall the folder if you change your mind. However, note that the directory deletion permanently deletes all inside playlists. Make sure you have moved all your main playlists outside before deleting a Spotify folder.

Spotify Folders

Spotify Folders on Mobile App

You cannot build new files for Spotify’s mobile app, unlike their desktop and Web counterparts. However, the mobile app allows you to create new playlists in a folder that you have already begun using Spotify Site or Desktop. That being said, you can’t include current playlists in a Spotify smartphone folder. Another drawback of mobile devices is that a playlist cannot be moved from a folder. You cannot even uninstall a smartphone Spotify folder. Suppose you wonder why there are so many restrictions, Spotify does not officially support the mobile functionality.

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Spotify Folders

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Try Spotify Folders to Organize Your Playlists

So, this is how you can manage and group your playlists using Spotify’s folders feature. If you have found it helpful, check out our guide to building Spotify radio stations. You could find something in our article about the best Spotify tips and tricks that you were not aware of. 

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