Dark Sky Alternatives – 10 Best Weather Apps For Android

Dark Sky Alternatives

Checking weather predictions is one of the common and the most important aspects of our lives. It gets easier to organize events and plans a day out by checking the weather report first. As the name suggests, Dark Sky is one of the weather prediction apps that tell the weather forecast precisely and accurately. Previously, it was available for android and iOS users to bother; however, the app discontinued its services for android users and made it exclusive for iOS now. 

Since Dark Sky is known for its simple interface and minimal UI, the android users were a bit bummed out upon the discontinuation of service and started looking out for apps similar to Dark Sky. So, this article is for you if you are also one of those who loved Dark Sky and are not looking for a better Dark Sky replacement. 

Dark Sky Alternatives – 10 Best Weather Apps For Android

We have brought to the fore the best Dark Sky alternatives that you will surely love. So, let’s get started.

1. Today Weather

Dark Sky Alternatives

So, the first alternative to Dark Sky that we have onboard is Today Weather. This App’sapp’s intuitive UI and precise update are pretty much similar to Dark Sky. Today app is indeed the best option for android users for its friendly interface and the way the data is displayed in a coherent and comprehendible manner. In addition to that, the additional features like having a card-like menu, including humidity, UV Index, Air Quality Index, Pressure, etc., make the Appapp the best Dark Sky alternative. Moreover, to add to its reliability, the app lets one opt for the data updates from multiple resources, including OpenWeather, Foreca, and other such government-run meteorological institutes. In a nutshell, Today Weather is hands down one of the best Dark Sky alternatives specified for android users. 

2. Overdrop

Dark Sky Alternatives

Overdrop is the next alternative to Dark Sky on the list. The app is mainly loved for the precise weather prediction, great UI, and not bombarding the screen with excessive information. Overdrop renders extra information to those who want to know more about the humidity, air pressure, cloud cover, and more. You can do this by simply expanding the bar. In addition to that, Overdrop also offers a plethora of themes with different graphic designs and background colors to attract users. Its widget designs are also pretty organized. It may not be as rich in data as others, but it certainly does its job the best. In Last, the best part about the app is that it is free from annoying ads. Hence, all these features make it the best Dark Sky replacement. 

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3. Geometric Weather

Dark Sky Alternatives

Geometric Weather is yet another Dark Sky alternative. It may not be famous like Dark Sky, but it does the job pretty well. As the name suggests, the app has an exquisitely geometrical interface, which is also exceptionally lightweight. The Appapp conveniently brings all the information to the screen yet not bombarding it with extra details. Moreover, the app also makes it possible to customize the data cards on the home screen. The App can provide real-time temperature, hourly and 15-days information, information about the air quality index, and wind speed. Those aspiring to gather information about humidity, UV index, etc., can quickly scroll down to check for the latest updates. So, all these features are sufficient enough to convince you about its goodness and efficiency.

4. Weawow

Dark Sky Alternatives

Weawow is yet another name on the list of best Dark Sky alternatives. The app is pretty much like Dark Sky as far as the features are concerned. The App tells accurately about the rain, humidity, and precipitation. Weawow App renders updates after every 3 hours on temperature, rain, and wind. The App also consults other essential information resources, including AQICN, to maintain the information’s accuracy and make it more reliable. The app doesn’t support ads, so you don’t have to worry about constant ads. Hence, the app is certainly powerful enough to replace Dark Sky. 

5. Carrot

Dark Sky Alternatives

The next on the list of best Dark Sky alternatives is Carrot. As funny as it sounds, it makes the act of forecasting weather a whole lot of fun. The App supports an eerie UI design and adds a tinge of humor with the current, hourly, and weekly weather updates. The App adds different sounds according to the weather. For example, if it is pouring, you will get to hear the sound of a downpour. So, if you like to have chunky, humorous, and colorful themes on your phones, Carrot is undoubtedly the best for you.

6. Appy Weather

Dark Sky Alternatives

Appy Weather has a great interface and an immaculate navigation process and, therefore, proves to be one of the best Dark Sky alternatives. The App sports the scrollable as well as card menu for hourly, daily, and weekly timelines. Apart from this, the App also has widget support and offers consistent notification for weather updates. However, it’s essential to remember that the crucial updates and extra features are available only in the paid version. Well, if you are looking for an app supported by Dark Sky, Appy Weather is undoubtedly for you.

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7. 1Weather

Dark Sky Alternatives

1Weather is yet another name on the list of best Dark Sky alternatives. The Appapp has a myriad of features; it is data-rich and offers a real-time radar experience. The app is capable of showing updates on precipitation, humidity, dew points, visibility, etc. In addition to that, it is also possible to add multiple locations and get weather updates on an hourly and weekly basis of these locations. Unlike Dark Sky, the Appapp collects the information from DTN WeatherOps. 

8. The Weather Channel

Dark Sky Alternatives

So, The Weather Channel is one of the best, experienced, and the oldest Dark Sky alternatives. The features include showing real-time temperature, precipitation, and hourly update on wind speed. The App also offers a pleasant, accurate, and comprehendible weekly detail about the weather. The App also supports a detailed video on wind speed. However, the free version shows ads while displaying ads. On the other hand, the premium version is the best choice for avoiding ads. 

9. AccuWeather

Dark Sky Alternatives

AccuWeather is yet another best choice for replacing Dark Sky. The app pretty much resembles Dark Sky and renders a good explanation of weather on a daily, hourly, and weekly basis. The app is the best in terms of accuracy, as it retrieves data from satellites, RADAR, surface maps, and meteorologist offices of several countries. All these qualities of AccuWeather make it one of the best replacements of Dark Sky. 

10. Flowx

Dark Sky Alternatives

Flowx is the last option on the list of best Dark Sky alternatives. The app is not only about telling the weather condition on a weekly, hourly, and monthly basis, but it also tells in detail the climatic situation. So, it is more of a weather studying app. The Appapp also offers different graphs and metrics to comprehend RADAR reflectivity. It also lets you give a peek inside the hurricane tracks. So, if you are one of those who like to study the climatic changes rather than merely checking the weather forecast, Flowx is certainly for you. 

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Final Words:

So, that’s it for today. We hope that these Dark Sky alternatives prove to be a better replacement for Dark Sky. All these alternatives have sufficient data, great features, and accurate weather reports. Some of these may not have great UI, but the features are good enough to compensate for this flaw. 

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