Waifu2x Alternatives – Best Image Upscaling Apps 2022

Waifu2x Alternatives

So, If you are familiar with picture editing, you must be aware of Waiu2x. It is one of the famous platforms used for online image editing and upscaling. It lets users edit their favorite images and artworks. The app proves to be quite versatile as it helps users in image upscaling by using the Nvidia CUDA computing platform. If you’re interested in editing your images but have not stumbled across any app, Waifu2x would be a perfect choice, and the process is also not much complicated. To be able to edit the picture, the user is supposed to add an image from your computer, or you can also paste the URL of the favorite photo from the internet. Afterward, you can easily opt for the type of photos from the internet. 

Afterward, it enables users to either choose the type of photos or increase or even decrease the level of noise reduction in the image. The upscaling option normally renders two options, including 1.6x and 2x. This open-source platform also enables users to download the image in different formats, like PNG, JPG, JPEG, etc., without any hassle. 

Waifu2x Alternatives – Best Image Upscaling Apps 2022

Although Waifu2x is incomparable, yet if you are interested in using apps that are similar to Waifu2, don’t worry, we have got you covered. Following is the list of my most favorite and ever-lasting alternatives here. 

1. Al Enlarge

Waifu2x Alternatives

Al Enlarge is the very first name on the list of best Waifu2x alternatives. It is literally the best application for changing your low-resolution images to high resolution. In other words, it is the bestest option for upscaling all your images without making any compromise on the quality. Al Enlarge is mainly famous for using a specific artificial intelligence technology that lets users have the best sharp images with few additional details and resolution as a perk. 

In addition to that, the software is also known for adding pixels when users enlarge the pictures simply by making use of its deep neural network. Lastly, to add to its virtue, this app is equipped with millions of images to create precise and top-notch predictions and upscale the image in a better way. 

2. AI Img Enlarger

Waifu2x Alternatives

Al Img Enlarger is yet another Waifu2x alternative. With this amazing application, it is possible for people to enlarge images without tempering the quality of the image, and it is only possible through the modern technology it uses. This platform has an image limit of 5 M.B., and it does not require any effort on the users’ part. 

Additionally, the app conveniently removes the unwanted background from the photo and also enlarges a low-resolution image with the help of artificial intelligence technology. The app is capable of supporting only a few formats, including PNG, JPG. It is only after conversion that the users are capable of downloading the enlarged and upscaled image. 

Overall, Al Img Enlrager provides blur-free images, it is capable of adding extra details to the photos during the enlargement process, and cherry on top, it is totally free. As far as safety is the concerned, it is relatively safer. It does not save images for the users’ safety. 

3. IResize

Waifu2x Alternatives

IResize is yet another alternative to Waifu2x. It supports different formats and can resize, compress, and save images in different formats. The app has a user-friendly interface and makes it easier for beginners to use it, even if they are not tech-savvy. Moreover, the app offers two methods of uploading the images: you can either upload the file or drag & drop photos in the upload box. 

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Additionally, the app is also very considerate about the users’ time, as it offers batch processing instead of individual processing. Lastly, the platform displays the uploaded photos’ source path and whole dimensions. Lastly, users can also select the latest dimension and go ahead with the conversion task. 

4. Image Upscaler

Waifu2x Alternatives

It is yet another alternative used to upscale the image without losing the quality. Similar to Waifu2and several other Waifu2x alternatives,it also uses artificial intelligence to perform functions like upscaling and enlarging an image. The app works perfectly for different social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and many managers and scientists. 

The app is pretty basic and has a user-friendly interface. Its main function is to draw missing pixels in the place of the bigger ones. So, whenever users upload a picture, the platform where it has posted it scans it and draws the remaining pixels. The app is capable of supporting formats like JPG, PNG, JPEG images. 

Additionally, Image Upscaler also lets users resize the image four times, and that, too, up to the size of 5MB. Lastly, the app is pretty fast, as it does its work in like a second to convert an image and offers services for free.

5. A Sharper Scaling

Waifu2x Alternatives

With Sharper Scaling, users can use high-quality image scaling technology for upscaling pictures. The software is straightforward and requires no privileges for executing the system. Plus, it is pretty quick to install and process.

In addition to all this, the software has a clean and easy interface, and the layout is also very simple. The users do not have to be engrossed in many functions, and they can easily upload and enlarge the image by choosing a sizing mode and setting a targeted scaling and size.

6. Upscalepics

Waifu2x Alternatives

This Wiafu2x also resorts to artificial intelligence for enhancing and upscaling images. Artificial intelligence also helps upload a photo or drop a file in the upload section. Additionally, artificial intelligence monitors low-resolution images.

The app conveniently adds some extra information to the image by communicating precisely to the low-resolution images and later converting it to a high-resolution image.

It can also perform additional functions like improving the texture of the image and changing its tone. Lastly, it is equipped with a modern neutral network that is capable of automatically detecting the JPEG compression and removing it, if required.

7. Bigjpg

Waifu2x Alternatives

Again, just like other software, Bigjpg also promises to enlarge and enhance the size of an image with the help of artificial technology without messing up the quality of an image. The unique thing about the app is its use of deep convolutional neural networks, which lessens the noise and serration in the image.

Overall, Bigjpg is one of the best platforms for using an exclusive algorithm for images and colors, making the enlargement effect impeccable. Besides supporting regular photos, it also supports anime images and illustrations. Unlike other Waifu2x alternatives, it has an uploading limit of 10MBS.

In addition to all this, Bigjpg app also has a unique feature of displaying the remaining time to the user as soon as it initiates processing the image. All the images are encrypted, safe, and are uploaded and enlarged in bulk capacity. However, the platform offers paid services only.

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8. PhotoZoom Pro

Waifu2x Alternatives

This alternative makes use of millions of pixels to offer higher-quality results. It can enlarge noisy pictures and work well with compressing the original pictures without affecting the quality.

There are chances of distortions taking place during the enlargement process; however, the app takes care of it by offering the right tool for help. The tool can resize the images and can help users set the resizing profiles. For further convenience, the users of these tools are placed in a specific category, and users can carry out those actions with just a click.

9. Let’s Enhance

Waifu2x Alternatives

As the name suggests, Let’s Enhance is yet another app for enhancing images with low-quality resolution. The app lets users upscale their images up to sixteen times and offers automated processing for that. The app also has an amazing face-recognizing feature, providing accuracy in facial reconstruction.

Moreover, Let’s Enhance offers the best printing results from photobooks with improved image resolution. Its immensely clear images can help in increasing interest and boosting sales.

10 A.I. Gigapixel

Waifu2x Alternatives

It enhances the quality of images and upscales them by using artificial intelligence. It has the capacity to upscale up to six hundred percent. The app has some amazing features like offering sharp prints, providing high-resolution cropping in post-production, and assisting users in getting the best possible pictures.

In addition to all this, the app can ensure face refinement and intelligent upscaling to give the best and the clearest pictures possible. The app has this amazing face refinement feature that captures even the tiniest face in the pictures and refines it.

Besides offering the best upscaling of the compressed image, it also offers the best sharpness in the upscaled photos by restoring all the details of the pictures. Finally, its additional feature includes determining the size of the image, recognizing the noise, and later changing it accordingly.

11. Waifu2x Caffe

Waifu2x Alternatives

It is yet another online platform for converting the resolution of images and videos without any hassle. The app has a special algorithm that increases the size of the pictures. You can convert the size of animated GIFs, videos, and images. Moreover, it allows batch processing of pictures and videos to save time. The app has a free as well as pro version. The free version of the platform uses a shared server. On the other hand, Waifu2x Caffe pro version has a server of its own.

12. Fotophire Maximizer

Waifu2x Alternatives

Fotophire Maximizer is exclusively an image-enlarging alternative. Its algorithm helps upscale pictures and maintain the higher resolution all along. The photos can be enlarged for different purposes, including printing for banners, posters, and even for painting. And it can happen while maintaining the pixel and quality. Also, you can change the normal photos into close-up shots, as it renders a high-resolution zoom option.


Waifu2x Alternatives

Lastly, we have ESRGAN. Typically, it enhances the size and quality of the image without messing with the quality of the pixels. Its algorithm counts on the pre-defined models for performing upscaling processes. Moreover, it also lets users do the self-service by training their own models with the help of large image sets and immense computational power to upscale video game graphics.

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Final Words:

So, with all these amazing Waifu2x alternativesour quest for the best alternative comes to an end. All these options give amazing results and do not compromise the pixel’s quality. They are the best source for photo enhancement and enlargement. The choice is all yours. 

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