Guide On How To Permanently Delete Steam Account?

Delete Steam Account

Gamers are accustomed to deleting items to free up space or just because they are no longer needed. Although Steam may be easily deleted from your device, you should consider a few things before proceeding. Why? Because deleting your Steam account might cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Follow along in this post to learn how to delete your Steam account or, better yet, how to resolve the issue that is causing you to want to delete it.

Other Options To Consider

The most common reason users delete Steam is to free up disc space on their machines. Although deleting all of your accounts would free up a lot of space on your device, you may want to reconsider the whole affair. For games, you may risk losing hundreds or thousands of dollars in video game purchases after installing Steam. The ideal method is removing games you are positive you will never play again. Of course, this all seems much easier said than done, owing to the nature of the human mind. Consider deleting games you don’t play as decluttering.

Deleting Steam Video Games

Deleting video games from Steam is an easy process.

1 – Launch the Steam app.

2 – In the top menu, go to the Library tab.

3 – Right-click any game and select Manage, then Uninstall.

Select the games you no longer require and begin uninstalling them. This will free up a lot of space on your computer, and you’ll still be able to access Steam in the future. The nicest aspect is that Steam allows you to redownload purchased games for free. Unfortunately, if you delete your Steam account, you will have squandered all your money. Therefore, it is preferable to erase all games from your Steam library rather than permanently delete your account.

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Uninstalling Steam

If you know you won’t be using Steam soon, but you’ll probably want to come back at some point, you may always uninstall it temporarily. However, removing Steam from a Windows machine differs from removing it from a Mac.

Uninstalling Steam From A Windows PC

The deletion procedure is simple. You’ll follow the same uninstall procedure for any other app.

Using Control Panel to Uninstall Steam 

1 – Open Control Panel by entering it into the Start menu and selecting it.

2 – Locate and click Uninstall a program. 

3 – Locate Steam in the list, right-click it, and select Uninstall.

4 – In the new box that appears, select Uninstall.

Uninstalling Steam On A Mac

Deleting Steam on a Mac is a little more difficult than on a Windows PC. However, it is not unduly complicated and is completed fast.

1 – Exit Steam and click the Finder app from the bottom menu.

2 – On the left, select the Applications folder.

3 – Right-click the Steam app icon from the drop-down menu and select Move to Bin.

4 – Type CMND + SHIFT + G, then enter “~/Library/Application Support/” and type Enter.

5 – Select the Steam folder and right-click it to choose to Move to Bin.

That is how you delete your Steam library and application from a macOS device. If you need to free up your device’s storage space right now, remove the trash first.

Delete Your Steam Account

Again, if you might want to use Steam again in the future, do not delete your account. The choice is always available if you are positive you will never use it again. As with other social media accounts, a deletion time must be followed before your account is completely erased. If you change your mind before the waiting time expires, log in and cancel the deletion. Well, here’s how to permanently delete your Steam account:

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1 – Access your Steam account.

2 – In the top menu, click the Support link.

3 – Scroll to the bottom and click My Account.

4 – Select Manage Account Details from the drop-down menu.

5 – Scroll down until you see the Delete my Steam account link, then click it.

6 – Next, click the Proceed to account deletion button.

This will begin the deletion procedure for your Steam account. You mustn’t attempt to log in again within 30 days since this may cause your deletion request to be delayed or canceled.

Using The App To Delete Your Steam Account

1 – Use the app to log into Steam.

2 – Select Account Details from the drop-down option on the left.

3 – Scroll down until you reach the Delete my Steam account link, then click it.

4 – Next, click the Proceed to account deletion button.

Like the PC instructions, this will begin the deletion process for your Steam account. You mustn’t attempt to log in again within 30 days since this may cause your deletion request to be delayed or canceled.


Even if you are positive that you will never use Steam again, think twice before deleting your account. Some options will allow you to return to Steam whenever you want. Keep in mind that deleting your Steam account will result in losing all your gaming money. However, refund alternatives are available. Did you ever delete your Steam account? Have you ever lost more than $100 in-game? Start a conversation in the comments area below, and keep gaming!

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