How To Use And Add Discord Spoiler Tags?

Discord Spoiler Tags

Discord messages can include emojis, GIFs, images, and URLs. Spoilers may be present in links, photographs, or text comments. It is something that only some people want to see. Spoiler tags are used in Discord to identify spoilers in conversations, sections of messages, and attachments. When another individual notices a spoiler, communication is tagged. They can choose to disclose the contents by clicking on it. If they choose to disregard the confidential content, they will see a grey box over it. Spoiler tags are a great way to warn someone on Discord. You should give them something they need more time to prepare. Using your browser or the Discord software for Windows, add Spoiler tags to your Discord chat bar.

How To Add Discord Spoiler Tags?

The screams of the people have been heard. The programmers at Discord have made it quite simple to add spoiler tags. It forbids the writer from entering any text. There are various ways to add a spoiler tag in Discord. Examine the options below and choose the most convenient for you.

Add Spoiler Tags To Text Messages

Add a Spoiler tag message that may be communicated in several ways in a Discord server. The following tasks can be accomplished on any platform. It comprises Android mobile apps and Discord desktop apps for iPhone and iPad.

  • To add a spoiler tag, type “/spoiler” at the beginning of a text message.
  • End the message “/spoiler this is a spoiler message.” in a Discord server. It will hide the message until the recipients request it.
  • You may also type two vertical bars at the beginning and end of your message. The || announcement ||” is marked as a spoiler.

Mark Images Or Attachments

Any photographs and other attachments you send in server chat might be marked as spoilers. Using /spoilers or surrounding them in bars will not work in this scenario. Another limitation is that you can’t mark your attachments as spoilers on mobile. Instead, you must rely on the Discord website or desktop software. To hide an attachment in a Discord chat, follow the instructions below.

  • Launch the Discord app from your PC or browser.
  • In a Discord discussion, click the + button to the left of the message box.
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Discord Spoiler Tags

  • Select the file to be added and then click Open. Alternatively, you may drag & drop your file into the Discord chat.
  • You may comment or use an emoji in the preview box for your attachment. Remove the attachment from the chat. Spoilers Mark may be seen in the lower-left corner.

Discord Spoiler Tags

  • Select the Upload option.

Your image will be marked as spoilers as gray photos. Once uploaded, it will be tagged Spoilers. The recipients must click it before the file is revealed. After the spoiler tag is removed, Discord will usually display the file.

Turn Off Spoiler Tags On Discord

You may want users in your Discord channel to refrain from using spoiler tags as beneficial as they are. You could disable all spoilers so they don’t appear anywhere in the app. In Discord, you may disable the spoilers tag option.

  • To do so, navigate to User Settings > Text & Images in the Discord program on your PC or web browser.

  • Then you’ve the option of picking one of the options listed below.

On Servers, I Moderate – Disable spoilers on all servers where Manage Messages is enabled.

On Click – This is the default setting, and it permits you to use spoilers.

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Always – Always disables all spoilers.

Hide Spoilers On Mobile Devices

The Discord mobile spoiler tag works the same way on mobile apps. The steps are the same.

  • Replace the spoilers quote with your own words.
  • Use the ‘||’ (two straight bars) symbols at the start and end of the text if you wish to hide.
  • Your spoiler message will be hidden once you push the send button.
  • Only those who are curious will see your spoiler message.
  • You may mark included links as spoilers using the same technique. This does not, however, apply to links to Discord servers. Furthermore, the mobile app does not support Spoiler tags for images, videos, or other files.
  • On iOS, you may select and highlight the text you wish to hide. To hide the text, go to the context menu and select ‘Mark as Spoiler.’

Add Text Effects With Markdown On Discord App

Check out these additional Markdown tags on the Discord platform. It will help you arrange your content in Discord with a spoiler tag.

  • For Italics – *text*
  • Bold – **text**
  • Bold Italics – ***text***
  • Underline – __text__ (two underscore)
  • Underline Italics – _*text*_
  • Underline Bold – _**text**_
  • Underline Bold Italics – _***text***_
  • Strikethrough – ~~text~~

If you don’t want to use Markdown but still want to use symbols in your text, start it with a backslash. You can use asterisks and other Markdown symbols without adding effects. This backslash functionality, however, does not work in modified or underscored text.

The Bottom Line:

You may now browse your Discord chats without fear of seeing anything you’re not ready for. Use spoiler tags to ensure no spoilers are revealed in the content you share on Discord.

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