Top 15 Best Dr. Cleaner Alternatives in 2022

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Best and authentic DR.cleaner alternatives will be discussed in this article. Dr. Cleaner is a disc cleaning solution that includes memory optimization, disc cleaning, system monitoring, and other features. The solution is tailored to users who want to clean up their Mac and iOS devices by eliminating unnecessary files, categorising files, and more.

It comes with a refined user interface that allows you to swiftly enhance the performance of your device. The solution is superior to others since it can display real-time network and CPU use in the menu bar. It has one-click memory optimization, which scans and optimises the entire device with only one click.

Dr. Cleaner also assists with the removal of garbage files, temporary files, logs, and mail caches, among other things.

There is a device that allows you to quickly locate duplicate and unwanted files and delete them. Dr. Cleaner is a freemium solution that includes notable features such as auto cleaning, clear visibility of all apps, a beautiful UI, and more.

Top 15 Best Dr. Cleaner Alternatives in 2022

Top 15 Best Dr. Cleaner Alternatives are explained here.

#1 OnyX


Onyx is a more comprehensive and multi-functional customisation tool for OS X. It is used to keep the entire OS X system running smoothly. Onyx’s core functions are system maintenance, cleanup, and tuning on hidden features. Also check MPC Cleaner

It is completely free to operate and does not require any form of registration or subscription charge. Use Onyx to keep your complete Mac OS X up to date. OnyX is a multifunctional application that monitors your system’s performance.

This system adjusts up the Mac OS X working systems & exposes the system’s secret functionalities and features.

It is also used for optimization and cleansing the system of unnecessary files in addition to the monitoring system.

#2 CleanMyMac 3

CleanMyMac 3

CleanMyMac 3 is one of the best Mac cleansers for keeping track of your Mac’s health and performance. This application excels at cleaning, optimising, and maintaining the overall health of the Mac OS X operating system in a completely new approach.

This easy programme examines the entire system for undesirable or suspicious files that are slowing down machine performance and then removes them all with just a few clicks. This is an excellent tool for deleting unneeded files and keeping track of your Mac’s health.

This programme searches for garbage files in email attachments, iTunes, trash bins, large and old files that need to be reviewed, iPhoto, and other locations. CleanMyMac 3 is a one-stop shop for all of these issues.

#3 Cocktail


Cocktail is a Mac optimization and repair tool that combines features and functions to truly care for your Mac operating systems. It’s essentially a multi-purpose application that allows Mac users to clear their system of useless files, fix corrupted files, and improve performance. This comprehensive toolkit includes numerous advanced system optimization capabilities. First and foremost, the disc has a function for verifying the disk’s status.

This process can also be utilized to adjust the disc sleep time, activate or disable journaling, and perform a variety of other tasks.

Emptying the trash, disabling startup sound, updating time settings, controlling the database, optimising virtual memory consumption, changing startup mode, and controlling the notification centre are all capabilities available for the complete system.

This programme allows users to delete all forms of cache, temporary, invisible, cookies preference, damaged, and other unwanted files from their computer.

There is also a complete system for managing network structure performance, which includes innovative capabilities for optimising network performance.

#4 Toolwiz Care

Toolwiz Care

Toolwiz Care is a versatile programme that improves the speed and performance of your computer. This comprehensive PC optimization tool is a massive collection of around 50 utilities that users may utilise to optimise their PC’s performance and speed. All of Toolwiz Care’s capabilities allow customers to maintain the health and performance of their systems without jeopardising the security of a single inch of PC.

There is a time freeze feature that allows users to protect their systems from unwelcome alterations. Eye care, virtual safe, game booster, password manager, password generator, duplicate file finder, file undelete, disc cleaner, registry cleanser, registry backup & restore, registry defender, privacy cleaner, fast defrag, checkup module, support report, and startup optimizer are among the features and functions available.

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#5 SlimCleaner


SlimCleaner is a system optimization and cleaning application. There are two different versions accessible right now. Both versions have the same goal: to properly optimise the system and assist users in regaining lost speed and performance.

It allows users to clean their entire computer, delete temporary files, undesirable files, clear history, cache, and junk items that slow down the system’s performance. Its highly configurable settings provide customers immediate control over their system’s performance. Also check CCleaner Alternatives

Its list of features and functions includes highly professional features and functions such as disc tools, cleaner, disc analyzer, optimizer, disc wiper, software controlling, defragger, duplicate finder, browser optimizer, Windows updates, and a variety of other tools that will transform your slow PC into a faster one.

This powerful PC monitoring and optimization system, when combined with the capabilities listed above, will allow you to fully control your PC’s performance and speed.

#6 Maintainer of Performance

Maintainer of Performance

Performance Maintainer is a simple programme for optimising the performance of your computer, allowing you to maximise its potential by maintaining its health on a regular basis.

This software simply keeps your PC running fast by checking for disc maintenance, registry issues, and processes on a regular basis. Explore its five fundamental functions to optimise your complete PC in only a few clicks.

The presence of registry cleaner for resolving Windows errors, BleachBit for freeing up disc space and improving privacy, a powerful disc defragmentation tool, Windows optimizer to boost Windows performance in the background, and registration optimizer will undoubtedly take care of your complete PC.

#7 WiseCleaner



WiseCleaner is a powerful and free professional cleaner that optimises system performance and speed.

It is a more advanced and faster security solution for Windows cleaning, system optimization, privacy protection, and PC inspection.

This safe and reliable solution includes practically all of the tools that allow users to speed up their Windows PC in only a few clicks.

Wise Care 365 Gratis for cleaning junk data, Wise Registry Cleaner for stabilising system speed and correcting registry problems, Wise Disk Cleaner for deleting unneeded files to free up disc space, and Wide PC 1stAid for practically all types of PC problems are among the four modules.

All of these versions allow users to improve the health of their systems and regain optimal performance and speed. Among all of these capabilities, it is a highly tailored PC maintenance application.

#8 PowerTools for jv16

PowerTools for jv16

jv16 PowerTools is a strong programme that was designed with one goal in mind: to increase the speed of your computer and ensure that it runs smoothly. It’s a straightforward, user-friendly, and effective tool.

This programme genuinely improves all of the parts of your computer that require particular care in order to achieve optimal performance and speed. Uninstalling software and leftovers, managing which programmes start automatically, cleaning and mending my computer, speeding up my computer’s startup, decrapping my computer, and immunising my computer are the key features of this product.

All of these tools describe themselves in terms of what they can do to keep your system running smoothly.

#9 Utilities with a glary

Utilities with a glary

Glary Utilities is a PC optimizer and maintainer that corrects registry issues. There are registry issues that are the primary cause of the system’s slowness and poor performance.

If your system is sharing the same concerns, this utility is the answer to all of your problems. It’s a powerhouse of nearly 20 highly competent PC care products that boost PC performance by repairing annoying errors, freezes, and crashes.

All of these elements work well in conjunction with the automated system.There are two versions of this tool: a free version and a paid version. Glary Utilities Pro costs $27.96 and includes sophisticated options for system maintenance.

Glary Utilities is an all-in-one programme for cleaning your PC and recovering its speed if you want to get it back to peak performance.

#10 PrivaZer


PrivaZer is notable for keeping internal and external devices running smoothly. This small utility application can help you get rid of annoying files and errors, clear your history and frequently used activities, and ensure your security and privacy. Also check backup software 

It is divided into three sections:

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One-click system cleanup, in-depth cleanup for all internal and external storage devices, and a privacy protection mechanism to prohibit recovery actions. This utility must be used for undesired and garbage files if you are running out of disc space. It will search for any vestiges of old files that remain in free space and return that space to you.

PrivaZer is software that includes over ten data security tools, over ten major capabilities, a system for scanning and cleaning, a solution for slow performance, and keeps the system’s speed and performance at top levels.

#11 AVG PC Tuneup

AVG PC Tuneup

AVG PC Tuneup is a system optimizer and cleaner for a cleaner, quicker, and longer-lasting PC. It restores the PC’s genuine performance in a matter of minutes.

In addition to all of this, AVG PC Tuneup allows laptop users to increase the battery life of their computers. AVG PC Tuneup can also be used to reclaim the lost space.

AVG PC Tuneup’s user-friendly dashboard gives customers complete control over their PC, including the ability to speed up and clean it up with only a few clicks.

It is much easier to speed up the PC, clear up space, increase battery life, and reduce crashing when you use AVG PC Tuneup.

#12 IOLO System Mechanic

IOLO System Mechanic

IOLO System Mechanic is a programme that allows you to restore your computer’s original speed and performance.

This application contains the most up-to-date error-fixing technology, which automatically speeds up and resolves errors. This System Mechanic has all the answers, whether it’s how to fix a freeze or how to fix a crash. It ensures the computer’s full speed, stability, and power after conquering all of these challenges.

Enhancing speed, boosting performance, mending difficulties, fixing errors & issues, removing bloatware, cleaning away junk, unleashing internet speed, and preserving users’ security and privacy are all benefits of utilising this app.

Best of all, System Mechanic is a programme that can detect and delete fifty different sorts of suspicious and hidden trash files from your hard disc.

#13 Auslogics


BoostSpeed is a programme that increases the speed of your computer. Auslogics BoostSpeed is a computer performance optimizer. Although improving the speed and performance of any PC is a simpler operation, recovering the speed of a slow PC requires some effort.

This all-in-one system optimization tool will solve the problem and deliver effective results for a wide range of systems.

Install this utility if your PC starts to slow down and you have no idea what’s going on. It will look for all of the clusters that are causing your system to slow down.

It will begin to address all of these difficulties and faults after analysing the system for invalid registry files, wrong network, incorrect system settings, fragmented files, and anything else.

Auslogics BoostSpeed’s over fifteen user-friendly PC maintenance and optimization tools make it simple for customers to regain true control over their computers.

#14 Comodo System Utilities

Comodo System Utilities


For Windows operating systems, Comodo System Utilities is a registry cleaner, repair, and fixer utility. Advanced functions include registry protection, rapid scanning, real-time cleaning, and secure deletion.

It is the most efficient method for cleaning the computer and correcting all forms of registry issues in real time. It’s a one-stop shop for privacy, disc cleaner, and registry repair.

It’s a good tool for users who have to deal with a large database and delete records that are no longer needed. It’s an app that allows both novices and pros to tailor their cleaning methods to their own needs.

A flexible disc cleaning scheduling system, user-friendly interface, file shredder, safe deletion for obsolete data, duplicate remover, registry protection, mending, autorun manager, deleting locked files, and registry defrag are among its features and functions.

#15 SlimComputer


SlimComputer is an application that improves your computer’s performance. It is a solution that is combined with powerful PC optimization tools that allows users to reclaim their PC’s true performance.

It’s a fantastic tool for temporarily disabling or permanently uninstalling undesirable programmes that take up space and slow down your computer’s performance.

Bing, a PC optimizer, is a performance of tools that act as a doze for the computer, allowing it to run faster. It finds and removes unneeded trash files, toolbars, and shortcuts from your computer.

SlimComputer, in a nutshell, is a centralised platform that provides a comprehensive system and solution for apps, programmes, toolbars, startup items, shortcuts, restore, optimization, uninstaller, and other Windows administration tools.

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