How to Find a Specific Message in WhatsApp Chat?


Suppose you use WhatsApp a lot, a specific message can quickly get lost in the sea of messages. So, Finding a message by simply swiping can take forever, especially if you can’t remember the date you sent or received the message. This good news is that WhatsApp has two ways you can look for any message regardless of how long ago it was sent or received.

There is no need to remember when the message was sent or received, but you’ll need to place at least a few words of the message. Well, in attempting to retain the keywords of the conversations should be enough to find your message.

How to Locate Any Message in WhatsApp Chat

The WhatsApp has you covered whether you remember what chat the message you need is in or not. Suppose you can’t remember what speak the transmission is in, as soon as you open WhatsApp, tap on the top search option. Here, Start typing the words you remember from the conversation, and WhatsApp will show you what is was able to find.


As well, When you think you’ve found the right message, tap on the chat. Then, WhatsApp will open that contact, and you can re-read your statement. Now, When you have that contact open, the words you typed in the search bar will be highlighted for an easy find. Suppose you made a mistake and that wasn’t the conversation you were looking for, you will need to repeat the process.

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When You Remember the Chat

So, When you know what chat the message you’re looking for, the steps will be slightly different. If open the WhatsApp chat and tap on the three dots at the top right. So, When the window with options appears, tap on the search option.


Now, After tapping on the search option, the search bar will appear on top, ready for you to type something. Here, Type the words you remember from the message and tap the search icon. The WhatsApp will highlight any compatible messages. These same rules apply if you’re searching for a message in a group. That is good news since there are fewer steps you have to learn to find your notes.

How to See Deleted WhatsApp Messages

What if your contact has deleted the message you want to see? Not all hope is lost, at least for the text messages. An app that can help you recover deleted content is WAMR. This application can even help you recover messages or media content you have deleted yourself. Who hasn’t erased something to regret it later, right?

Something you will like about the app is that it also allows you to see individual status’ without letting the person who put it up to know. You may not find every single group, but it will show you quite a few.

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There are some limitations to the app that you should be aware of. For instance, it’ll state that if you have silenced a chat and a message in that chat has been deleted, the app won’t be able to recover it. Additionally, battery optimizations apps will prevent the app from saving the deleted messages. Therefore, it’s recommended that you remove the app from any battery optimization services.

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Final Thoughts

There is always a reason to look for a message. Perhaps someone gave you their address or wrote something nice you want to read again. So, Whatever the reason is to find that message, and you have two ways of looking for those messages. Did you get the news you were looking for? Let me know in the comments below.

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