How To Fix Firefox Add ons Not Working on PC

fix firefox add ons not working on pc

Best ways to fix firefox add ons not working on pc will be explained in this post. Are There Mozilla Firefox Add-On Issues on Windows Computers? The fix Guide to Resolve the Firefox Add-Ons Not Working on PC Error is available here. Do the Firefox Add-Ons not function on a computer?  then offer you this simple troubleshooting technique to fix the problem. While a browser gives you access to a variety of websites, having browser add-ons addresses a specific issue with web browsing. To download the video and audio to your pc, for example, you can use a downloader add-on for Firefox.

The same is true for add-ons, which serve varied functions. Some Firefox users claim that the add-ons they have loaded on their pc are not working as intended. An incomplete browsing experience results from this. An add-on not working for a variety of reasons. It’s possible that you, as a user, haven’t set up specific browser preferences that prevent the add-on from working properly.

How To Fix Firefox Add ons Not Working on PC

In this article, you can know about Fix Firefox Add ons Not Working on PC here are the details below;

The browser may have disabled add-ons.

You can’t use them until you have them enabled.

A Firefox upgrade may also be necessary.

The most recent build of an add-on might not work with an older version of the browser.

The Firefox browser add-ons may occasionally stop working if there is a lot of browsing data stored in DOM storage.

Let’s look at the remedies you can use to get the add-ons working on your Windows PC once more.

1. Restart the computer

Restart the computer

I’ve also experienced add-on freezing or crashing difficulties while using Firefox.

Sometimes the add-on will simply not work. Also check ways to fix kodi not starting in windows 

It seems that restarting the computer resolves the problem.

You ought to try it as well.

On the Windows taskbar, press the Windows key.

In the console that appears, click the Power icon in the bottom right corner. This is another way to fix firefox add ons not working on pc.

Launch Mozilla Firefox after the computer has restarted and see if the add-ons are functional or not.

2. Cose and Re-launch Firefox

You can simply end Firefox’s current session from the Task Manager in place of completely restarting your pc.

then launch it again.

By doing this, the problems with the browser and installed add-ons are also resolved.

To launch the Task Manager, press Ctrl, Alt, and Delete. This is another way to fix firefox add ons not working on pc.

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To view the presently running operations on your computer, navigate to Processes and highlight it.

When you reach Firefox, right-click on it and choose End Task.

Open Firefox after a little period of time.

Use the installed add-ons to see if they can now carry out their intended functions.

Try these other troubleshooting techniques listed here if they don’t work.

3. Upgrade Firefox to a Latest Build

Upgrade Firefox to a Latest Build


On their computers, users typically have a variety of browsers installed.

They therefore favour one browser over the others and leave the others alone.

Chances are you won’t open the app if you don’t use Firefox as your primary browser.

The browser swiftly receives version upgrades because you don’t use it.

Consequently, its functionality could be compromised. Also check filmora x not running

When you load Firefox one day and run into problems with the add-ons and the browser, you run into problems.

To ensure seamless operation, ensure that Firefox is updated to the most recent build.

Fire up Firefox on your computer.

There should be a sandwich button that extends a menu of choices in the top right-hand corner.

Then pick Settings from the menu that appears. Mozilla settings

Select the General tab from the left-hand panel.

General settings for Firefox

Go to Firefox Updates right away.

A checkbox labelled “Check for Updates” will appear.

To look for available updates, click that.

Checking for updates in Firefox

You will receive a notice stating that Firefox is up to date if the browser is running the most recent build.

You will see a Restart to Update Firefox option if an update is available. This is another way to fix firefox add ons not working on pc.

If you click on that and have an internet connection on your pc, the browser will begin upgrading itself.

4. Disable DOM Storage on Firefox

The DOM storage often contains data gathered about how the browser was used during a session.

The developers mostly use the browser to deploy it.

The functionality of the browser or its add-ons may be impacted if the data stored in the DOM storage is corrupted in some way.

You might try turning off DOM Storage in Firefox’s configuration options.

FireFox should be opened.

Type about:config into the URL box and hit Enter.

Click Accept the Risk and Continue when a warning notice appears to continue.

Enter the following code in the search field that appears on the following page.

When the aforementioned phrase appears, you’ll notice that its value is set to True.

By selecting the toggle and setting it to False, you can momentarily disable the component.

To apply the recently made configuration changes, relaunch the browser.

5. Ensure Add-Ons Are Enabled on the Firefox Browser

By switching the Mozilla Firefox browser cache, try toggling add-ons off and on.

Then, to access the add-ons page, press Ctrl + Shift + A.

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Click on Extensions in the left-hand side to view all of Firefox’s installed add-ons.

To turn off each installed add-on, go to its page and click the toggle next to it. This is another way to fix firefox add ons not working on pc.

Turn on and off add-ons

To re-activate the add-on, click the toggle once more.

The add-ons ought should function now.

6. Ensure the computer is Following Automatic Time System

The computer system’s date and time can occasionally be screwed up, which might lead to odd behaviour from the apps and add-ons.

Therefore, make sure your computer uses an automated time system that is appropriate for the area in which you are located.

Right-click on the desktop’s time display.

Pick Adjust Date & Time from the pop-up menu to change the date and time.

Change the time and date

You’ll be taken to the PC’s date and time settings after that.

There will be a choice for Automatically Set Time.

To activate the function, switch on the toggle next to it.

On Windows OS, automatically set the time

7. Try to Disable Extension Preference on Firefox

An add-on may occasionally be regarded as out-of-process by the browser (in this case, Firefox) even though it is functioning properly owing to a technical issue.

This is another way to fix firefox add ons not working on pc. You can fix that by turning off the browser’s extension setting.

Firefox should be launched.

Type about:config into the URL box and hit Enter.

You must select Accept the Risk and Continue from the warning box that appears.

Changes to Firefox

You can use the tracking box on the following page.

Type extensions.webextensions.remote in the search bar.

The value of the aforementioned word will be displayed as True.

To set the value of the option to False, click the toggle button.

Don’t forget to restart Mozilla Firefox.

8. Restart Mozilla Firefox

Restart Mozilla Firefox

Refreshing Mozilla Firefox on your pc is your final option for troubleshooting when all other options have failed.

You must thus reset the browser. This is another way to fix firefox add ons not working on pc.

Observe the instructions below,

Firefox Mozilla is started.

like the button with the three horizontal bars in the top right corner.

Choose Help from the menu.

Firefox support

A new sub-menu will appear beneath it, from which you must choose the choice.

Additional troubleshooting details.

Further troubleshooting details

The window will change.

You’ll see a choice

When a pop-up dialogue box displays, click Refresh Firefox once again to confirm the activity.

Mozilla Firefox reset

Try these troubleshooting techniques to fix the issue with your computer’s Firefox add-ons not working.

Feel free to leave a comment below if you have any suggestions on How to Fix Firefox Add-Ons Not Working on PC.

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