How to Fix Netflix Error T1-H1?

The Netflix T1-H1 Error indicate the video streaming platform denied the connection request sent by your Windows 10 computer.

So, In other words, Netflix has detected you are using specialized software to bypass its region restrictions. Most of the Examples of such tools include VPN software, proxy tools, unblocker programs, or software that hide your IP address.

Geographic Restrictions on Netflix

Although Netflix has a diverse content library that may vary depending on the region you’re currently located in, these geographic restrictions are mainly due to licensing agreements.

This platform uses your IP address to identify your current region and display its content in the respective area or country. However, Every country has its own Netflix content library.

Several users may try to hide their real location and replace their real IP with a software-generated IP to stream movies, and TV shows that otherwise are not available in their library.

When Netflix detects such attempts, it blocks the connection and throws Netflix T1-H1 Error to the screen. You may also get the same error if you’re using a VPN only for privacy purposes.

How to Fix the Netflix T1-H1 Error

Disable your VPN

Suppose you are using a VPN or IP hiding software on your computer for privacy reasons only, you may wish to disable it while watching Netflix.

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So, Netflix can’t tell what’s your real intention when using a VPN. You may want to take control of your data and prevent third-parties from accessing it.

You may also have no intention to bypass regional or geographic restrictions. Though, Netflix doesn’t know that. Plus, so the platform assumes you’re using a VPN to bypass its geographic restrictions and blocks your IP.

Whether you’re not using a VPN, and you know the content you are trying to stream is indeed available in your region, pursue the following troubleshooting steps.

Restart your computer & modem

Now, Restarting your computer and modem will delete any temporary files that might be interfering with your Netflix session.

So, To rule out network connectivity issues, go ahead and restart your modem as well. Well, other you can take this one step further and unplug the power cord to completely power cycle the device.

Use the cable connection.

Streaming video content needs quite a lot of bandwidth. Well, To make sure your connection can support this task, use a cable connection if that’s possible. Thus, Another thing you can do is to disconnect all the other devices using the link.

Use the different browser.

Suppose the error persists despite restarting your computer and modem and switching to a cable connection, try using a different browser.

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Here now, Don’t forget to clear your browser cache as well. So, Click on your browser menu, select History, locate the Clear browsing data option, and click on it.

Netflix T1-H1 Error

Hence, Close the browser, relaunch it, and check if you can connect to Netflix now.

Reset your Netflix app

Suppose you’re using the Netflix desktop app, try resetting it.

  • Go to Apps and Features
  • Now, Scroll down to Netflix
  • Choose the app and click on Advanced options

Netflix T1-H1 Error

  • Tap on the Reset button.
  • Then, check if the issue is gone.
  • Suppose it persists, go back to Apps & Features → Netflix.
  • Next, This time, click on the Uninstall button.
  • Here, Please scroll down to the Microsoft Store app and reset it.
  • Finally, reinstall Netflix again.

Check your date & time settings.

Ensure your date & time settings are set to automatic:

  • Move to the Windows Search box.
  • Then, Type date and time settings
  • Next, Toggle on the two options that allow you to set the time and time zone automatically.

Netflix T1-H1 Error

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Final Thought:

We have Mentioned Netflix T1-H1 Error in an easy way that how you can Solve. We hope you accomplished.

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