Best Sites Like Flvto for Converting YouTube Videos in Audio Files


YouTube has become the popular website to stream online content videos and become an exciting platform for entertainment. Your tube has its specific feature while watching, and these features might not suit a kind of person. One such part is that YouTube doesn’t allow you to play content while your device screen is off, and it also won’t allow you to download a video permanently in the form of the MP3 file. If you want to download content forever from YouTube, don’t worry, there is a website named Flvto that allows you to do that.

Flvto is an online website that converts YouTube videos into audio files when you want to download them. Moreover, Flvto doesn’t charge any money and is entirely free to use and restore your files. Also, the converter works on every operating software, including Linux, Windows, and Mac OS. For converting your file, paste the file link in the URL box and then click on convert, and you will get the final result.

However, one has to accept that Flvto isn’t a perfect website and has its flaws, and one such is that sometimes, the audio quality provided by the converter isn’t that good and commendable. Not worry because, in this article, we will cover the six best Similar to Flvto that would convert your favourite YouTube files into audio.

Sites Like Flvto for Converting YouTube Videos to Audio Files

Below, a list of the best online Similar to Flvto converts your YouTube Video to Audio via URL. These are the best six sites available on the internet. They all have their cons and pros, so use them all and find the best one that suits you perfectly.



YouTubNow is considered one of the most efficient websites on the internet and this list. It is an online video downloading progressor that converts your URL file into various formats, just like Flvto, making it a perfect Replacement.

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This website is straightforward to access as you don’t even need to go to YouTube to copy the link as this website allows you to search the video there itself, and from there, you can choose and convert your file in any format you want. Also, this site is entirely free and allows you unlimited downloads without any hindrance.



The first one on the list is VidPaw. VidPaw is an online video downloading website that allows you to download videos from various platforms and also convert them into audio files if you need them. This app is a very different website. It will enable converting YouTube videos and various other platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Vmate, etc., helping the user diversify their collection.

This site is also completely free and doesn’t charge any fee, and is 100% safe and secure to use. This site is relatively easy to paste the URL link and click to download and collect it in your folder.

Apowersoft Free Video to MP3


Apowersoft Free Video to MP3 is a fantastic Similar for Flvto. This provides visitors to convert their video content files to audio files without any charges. This site supports various multimedia platforms apart from YouTube, such as Dailymotion, Myspace, Vimeo, etc.

This allows you a range of options to convert your file from. Also, it possesses a unique feature. That will enable you to convert your local video file from your laptop into an audio file. The website also has a complete demo to guide beginners to use this site, so check it out.



The next one on the list is Y2Mate. It is a popular online video downloading that assists you in downloading videos. This website is quite helpful for movie lovers. Sitcom lovers like this allow you to download your favourite content from multiple platforms and compressed large and heavy files to get downloaded.

It allows visitors to download large movies or series of shows without any hackle. Besides, you may also use this program to convert videos to MP3 for free. This website also comes with a mobile app. So, you can download it from the store and can access it through mobile also.

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As the name itself suggests, Video2MP3 is an online video that progresses. It allows you to convert your YouTube files in an MP3 format. This website could be beneficial for all music lovers as it provides them with MP3 files. It offers them high quality without any cost.

Various devices support this website, such as iPods, iPhones, smartphones, or tablets. You could also enjoy your music wherever you want. Also, it very easy to access this website as you are only required to paste the URL link in the box. Then, click on convert, and you will get your file.



The next one on the list is OFFMP3. OFFMP3 is another online video progressor website. It allows you to download your content from multiple platforms and convert them into any format. Once upon a time, it was quite popular and known among the people. However, after the emergence of new websites, it has been shaded.

OFFMP3 is majorly known for converting your files into an MP3 format with high audio quality. It gives you perfect results that too without taking any fee. This site only has one drawback that while surfing, too many ads pop up. It might not be very reassuring sometimes to some people.

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Final Words:

In the end, there are various websites available to convert your favourite video content into audio files and other different formats. It depends upon you what kind of website suits you. However, it very important that the website you choose must be safe and secure enough to use. Also, it doesn’t harm your device. Hopefully, these websites would help you in your file conversion. These are the best websites on the internet and are very safe and secure to use

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