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GenYouTube: YouTube is the widely used apps across the globe. Everyone uses it for multiple purposes. You can get all sorts of information here, ranging from educational to entertainment-related. YouTube has offered great convenience by catering to people of different mindsets for different needs. It has approximately 1.6 billion users. However, the problem occurs when someone wants to share the video or watch it offline. This is where YouTube comes as a disappointment, as it doesn’t allow the videos to be downloaded and shared independently. As per YouTube’s comments, Google’s Terms and Conditions don’t offer to download the content. 

Even when you try to download it, it is saved within the app, and when you share it, it only shares in the form of a link. This is when you feel the need to have an app that would help people download videos from YouTube directly. 

So amongst many options, GenYoutube proves to be the best option. Genyoutube downloads YouTube videos and helps to download TikTok videos straightaway online to offline devices in several formats. The best part is the extension and the add-on for the browser.  You can easily download videos from various platforms with versatile size, quality, size, and duration. Gen downloader is one of the fastest downloaders with a simple UI and a stable internet connection.

Features of GenYouTube

Now that you have enough information about GenYouTube let’s talk about the features of Gen Youtube downloader.

  • With gen youtubeyou can download the videos from YouTube and TikTok from the internet with the help of URLs and Generate links.
  • Genyoutube songs let one download the SoundCloud Music from the website produced links in Mp3, Mp4, webMp, MVC, and AVi. 
  • You can conveniently download the conference from the ccc.de and import the subscription to it. 
  • The best part about ganyoutube downloading video is that it lets you download the video content in the 4K video, 1080P, 720P, and 320P format.
  • The best part about Genyoutube is that it lets you play videos in the background and adjust the volume control. Moreover, the pop-ups are visible, streaming is possible, and an Auto-queue stream is also available in it. 
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Ways to Download GENYOUTUBE Videos

Genyoutube download mp3is one of the convenient ways to download youtube and TikTok videos on your devices. It offers different formats, including Mp4, 3GP, and MP3. The best part about it is the high quality and the standard-sized video. Here are a few methods to download GenYoutube. 

Option1: If you desire to download a video, paste the link in the search box and hit Enter. It will automatically navigate the video page and examine the video with the confirmation video. 

Click the download button from the available download video options. The download video options include the size, shape, and format of the video. 

Option2: The next option to download the video from the YouTube link is by entering the GEN words in the URL link. You are supposed to enter the links and hit the Enter key with the URL. Examples are given below:

Best GenYouTube Alternatives

GenYouTube is indeed one of the best options to download videos from YouTube. This platform is the easiest and the most convenient to use for deciding the resolution type. The app, moreover, is easily navigable for having a striking resemblance with YouTube itself. In addition to that, to add to its reliability, let us assure you that Genyoutube is certified from SSL. 

However, despite having many advantages, the app also has some disadvantages. For example, downloading mp3 files makes the system slower. The app annoys you with unending series of pop-ups. Keeping in view these drawbacks, we may need to search for better GenYoutube Alternatives. So, if you are searching for better options, we present you with some of the best options for you. Here you go.

1. Tube Mate


Net up, we have Tube mate. With billions of users, it is considered to be a top-notch Genyoutube alternative. It conveniently downloads YouTube and Facebook videos. It provided free access to videos. For this, the Playstore permanently removed it for enabling users to download Google’s owned videos. 

2. 4K Downloader



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4K Downloader is the first alternative to GenYoutube. It is the most simple and easy application for downloading videos in different formats, including 4K, 1080p, 720p, and 320p. 

3. Savefrom.net


It is yet another easy and simple to use alternative. To download your desired video, all you need to do is enter the ss in the Youtube URL on the savefromnet website and later download the video with the appropriate sound, format, and size. 

4. Keepvid.pro


Keepvid. Pro is one of the best youtube video downloaders for desktops. The app lets one download videos from more than 10,000 streaming websites. The app provides convenience by enabling users to download videos from the desktop without accessing any browser. The best features include:

  • Converting the downloaded videos into different other formats.
  • Downloading videos as MP3 music files.
  • Having a simple interface. Yet the best part is its availability as software for Windows and Mac. 


  • Is GenYoutube free?

So, You must be wondering about the legality of Genyoutube, right? Since the site helps one download videos from a Google-owned YouTube, one must question its authenticity. 

So, the answer is Yes. It is absolutely legal to use Genyoutube; however, with the condition that it only streams videos as long as they are now downloaded. 

Since YouTube doesn’t allow reproducing, transmitting, accessing, selling, manipulating, modifying, and distributing videos, it is not legal to do it with GenYoutube.

  • Is Gen Youtube vulnerable to the virus?

No cases of virus attacks have been reported so far, but we would recommend you to avoid those annoying ads that keep popping up on the screen, as there are chances that they might be infected. 

Moreover, we also recommend you install the latest anti-virus software that would keep your computer virus-free by inspecting it on a daily basis. The best virus control software is the Virtual Private Network, commonly known as VPN, which keeps your program safe from getting caught by the cyber branch.

Final Thought:

These different options for downloading YouTube videos are the best so far for enjoying streaming Youtube videos. However, GenYoutube offers the best possible service to even low-quality mobiles and Mp3, Mp4 in it. 

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