10 Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts for Digital Productivity

gmail keyboard shortcuts

Best Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts will be described in this article. Take use of these Gmail shortcuts to increase your overall efficiency and organisation. No more wasting the entire day on email! A side-by-side comparison of the greatest productivity frameworks will help you identify the ideal productivity technique for you.

I read this blog post a few months ago, and I can’t quit thinking about it. The Digital Productivity Pyramid is what it is named. Tiago Forte, a productivity expert, proposes a non-linear curriculum for contemporary knowledge work in the article. I keep thinking about how the “digital fluency” that Forte refers to as the base of the pyramid is made up of the fundamental computer knowledge and skills required to operate in the online workplace.

Sort of a no-brainer, isn’t it? You must be proficient with the fundamentals of computers in order to be efficient in online knowledge work. However, because of the non-linear nature of this pyramid, increasing your basic computer skills—which include learning keyboard shortcuts for Gmail and online browsing—will benefit you in all other areas of productivity as well. This implies that whenever you can, you should dip back in to work on these crucial abilities.

We’re going to look into Gmail shortcut fluency today with the goal of helping you move quickly and increase your overall productivity.

No one likes to expend their complete day checking email, but it happens much too frequently. Make Sure Gmail’s Organization System Has Keyboard Shortcuts Enabled

Top 10 Productive Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Equipment to Increase Gmail Productivity
  • Cheat Sheet for Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Ensure That Keyboard Shortcuts Are Active
  • Priorities first
  • Ensure that Gmail shortcuts are enabled.
  • To accomplish this, just:
  • On the top right of your inbox, click the gear (Settings) icon.
  • Choose “Settings” from the drop-down menu.
  • Ensure that the “General” tab is selected.
  • Select the radio controller next to “Keyboard shortcuts on” by scrolling down.
  • Gmail keyboard shortcuts: Enabling Keyboard shortcuts
  • Organizational Structure of Gmail
  • “The last one has a rotten egg in it!”
  • Yes, you may use email to fill your entire day.
  • But consider the freedom you’ll experience if you begin using solely your keyboard to navigate your inbox.
  • The shortcuts I’ve included here were specifically chosen to work with Kelly Stocker’s renowned Ultimate Gmail Organizational System, which is based on David Allen’s Getting Things Done (GTD) method.
  • Kelly’s Gmail sorting technique has transformed the appearance of my inbox, making it appear as though an angel has been there (a really organised angel.)
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Gmail keyboard shortcuts – Gmail Organizational

Here is a picture of my inbox for reference.

I prepared an article titled Organize Gmail: Top Expert Tips to Reach Inbox Zero over on the Process Street blog since I was so amazed with how this system improved my own workflow.

I would strongly advise you to set aside 20 minutes to completely alter your inbox process if you’re serious about increasing your email efficiency and organisation.

I’m sorry, but I can’t urge you to implement these modifications sooner.

The disclaimers are finished, okay?

Top 10 Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts for Digital Productivity In 2022

Top 10 Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts for Digital Productivity are explained here.

1. Select all Conversations: < * > + a

Select all Conversations: < * > + a

Getting rid of your main inbox’s fresh emails is a crucial step toward inbox zero. Also check DR.cleaner alternatives 

The quickest way to complete this is to press (*> + a).

Indeed, this is Shift + 8 + a.

Once you do it, all of the chats in your email will be picked at once.

You must choose all 18,343 emails in your inbox by clicking the blue popup that reads, “Select all conversations since inbox creation.”

Select all conversations with the Gmail keyboard shortcuts

2. Archives


Then you may make them all vanish with a single click.

The archive is unquestionably the greatest invention of the previous 100 years.

If you’re not utilising Archive to clear your inbox of emails, WYD?

An email that is archived has been removed, but it is still available for retrieval if necessary. This is another Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts.

Obtain using the Gmail keyboard shortcuts

3. Trash


Trashing emails ranks second only to Archive.

(Third is most likely to be marked as spam:)

When you truly want to remove anything from your inbox permanently, use Trash.

Gmail keyboard shortcuts – Trash

4. Compose


We are now entering our outward flow.

When you need to compose a new email, press “c.”

The compose window will appear as if by magic. This is another Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts.

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Gmail keyboard shortcuts – Compose Also check Transcription software

5. Toggle star/rotate among superstars

Toggle star/rotate among superstars

The Primary, Social, and Promotions tabs are no longer present in Kelly’s Gmail organisational scheme.

Instead, you generate five inboxes with this technique, not just one.

You may then use stars or other icons to mark emails and drag them into each of the five inboxes (Inbox, Follow Up, Awaiting Reply, Delegated, Reference, and To Read).

Use the shorthand s to change the star.

Gmail keyboard shortcuts – Star

6. Reply all

Reply all

This one fixes a nagging issue I used to have with Gmail: the fact that when you click the “respond” button, it automatically answers to the sender. If you want to make sure everyone is included, you must reselect “Reply all.”

Simply press “r” if you only want to reply to the sender.

Reply all Gmail keyboard shortcuts

7. Bold: <⌘> + b

Bold: <⌘> + b

Learning shortcuts for standard text formatting can save you a tonne of time, both inside and outside of Gmail.

Italics and bold formatting shortcuts, such as (> + b) and (> + I will expedite your Google Docs productivity.

Bold Gmail keyboard shortcuts. This is another Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts.

8. Open Tasks Still: g + k

Open Tasks Still: g + k

Having a daily to-do list is crucial for many of us.

Simply press (g + k) to begin utilising Tasks for your to-do list while in your inbox.

By doing this, you can access the Tasks bar on the right side of your screen and cross another item off your list.

Gmail keyboard shortcuts – Open Task. Also check screenwriting software

9. Add conversation to Task: <Shift >+ t

Add conversation to Task: <Shift >+ t

One simple tip if you use Tasks is to select a chat and press (Shift+t) to turn it into a Task for your to-do list right away. This is another Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts.

You can use this shortcut to put anything out of sight and out of mind for the moment and deal with it later, whether it’s an email you need to respond to right away, a specific request from a customer, or just something you need to read right away.

10. View all shortcuts:?

View all shortcuts:?


Interested in designing your own set of go-to shortcuts?

To discover more Gmail shortcuts that will increase your email efficiency, type?>.

Simply press g and k, and then use f to get the function you require.

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