18 Health Apps for Android Free Fitness and Exercise Apps

Health Apps for Android

With the fastest advancement in the field of technology, people have become less active and more sluggish. Everyone spends more time on their smart gadgets and pays less attention to physical activities. Resultantly, different diseases have started to germinate. Amongst many, obesity, muscle pain, and heart diseases are the main cause of less physical exertion. Besides, lack of exercise also causes anxiety, depression and causes eyes complications.  The problem was mainly because of mainstream technology. It was essential to introduce the technological solution to the problem. Therefore, different health apps were introduced to be able to keep track of your health fitness. Other android apps have been introduced to monitor your health and keep you healthy. You no longer need to hire a personal trainer or visit a dietitian to get a well-shaped body with all these fantastic Health Apps for Android. 

Best Health Apps for Android Free Fitness and Exercise Apps

So, keeping in view the state of fitness and its essential need, we have decided to compile a list of the best Health Apps for Android to help you stay fit. Some of these websites are free, and for some, you are supposed to pay some amount. So, let’s get started. 

1. Progression Workout Tracker

Health Apps for Android

The app is perfect for those who are mainly interested in workout sessions. The site helps you break your previous exercise records. You can retrive the app for free, but you always have the option of getting the paid version having additional features.

2. Home Workout

Health Apps for Android

Next on the list of recommended Health Apps for Android is the Home Workout. It is an interacting app, offering you a chance to share your fitness routine with fellow fitness enthusiasts. The app is pretty conveneint to use and provides animated content to fitness routine guidance. 

3. Google Fit

Health Apps for Android

Google Fit is yet another name on the list of recommended Health Apps for AndroidThe best part of the app is that it can be activated on your smartwatch also. The app lets you set personal goals, and you can later check the statistics of your progress.

4. Yoga Daily Fitness

Health Apps for Android

Yet another one of the best Health Apps for Android is the Yoga Daily Fitness app. The website offers a unique way to perform yoga. The free version of the yoga exercises is enough, but if you plan to add a challenging task to your list, you always have the option to get the premium version.

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5. MyFitnessPal

Health Apps for Android

The fifth on the list of best Health Apps for Android is the MyFitnessPal. The app is suitable for tracking your exercise routine. Furthermore, it also keeps a record of your diet. You can set your weight loss goal by keeping track of the calories you consume in a day. Additionally, the app has a collection of over 600 million foods and different recipes. 

6. Fooducate

Health Apps for Android

With a database of almost 250,000 foods, Fooducate proves to be one of the best Health Apps for AndroidIt provides a convenient comparison between foods and can distinguish the healthy ones from the unhealthy ones. In addition to that, the app can keep track of what you eat and your exercise routine. The app also offers a platform where you can communicate with other fitness freaks. The only setback is the inconsistent prices. It either costs $4, but the price unpredictably hikes up to $74.99.

7. Headspace

Health Apps for Android

Headspace proves to be one of the powerful Health Apps for AndroidAds the name suggests, the app works by examining the mental state of a person. The mental state indeed has the most significant effect on the human body. A sound mind is responsible for a good body. It is a perfect app for those who feel like having a mental illness but are too stigmatized to visit a psychiatrist. The emergency SOS feature helps you smooth and relax by offering meditating exercises. The app also has a pro version. Though it is a bit more expensive, it contains many more valuable features. 

8. TickTick

Health Apps for Android

The app, as the name suggests, is responsible for managing your time. It is a reminder that reminds you of your essential chores, your appointment with a doctor, your daily dosage of supplements, and having a protein shake. The free version offers two reminders for one task. To have more reminders and more features, you can buy the paid version costing $29.99 annually. 


Health Apps for Android

Next, we have JEFIT. With more than 1300 exercises and demonstrations, the site proves to be the best Health Apps for AndroidLike Home Workout, you can also share your fitness goals with others by creating a fitness community in the app. The app is for free, but you can always upgrade your app by getting the pro version.

10. MyTherapy

Health Apps for Android

MyTherapy is mainly for reminding you to take your medicines. It also keeps track of your dosage and shares your dosage details with the family members to keep them posted about your dose status, so you won’t end up overdosing. The app is also capable of detecting chronic diabetes, arthritis, and hypertension. 

11. FitNotes

Health Apps for Android

FitNotes is yet another name on the list of approved Health Apps for AndroidThe app contains a myriad of exercises and is great for people who regularly hit the gym. The app lets you keep a track of how far you have come in your quest to be fit. Lastly, the app is totally free of cost. You don’t have to pay extra bucks to get the special features. 

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12. StrongLifts 5×5

Health Apps for Android

It is yet another one of the best Health Apps for AndroidThe website motivates you to keep your fitness game strong by providing motivational fitness videos. It also has a set calendar and timer to remind you of your fitness goals. The app is suitable for beginners and is available for free and paid version both. 

13. Pokemon Go and Ingress

Health Apps for Android

It is yet another app to keep you physically active. It is an exciting game that keeps you physically agile and dynamic. It doesn’t track your fitness routine; instead, it only motivates you to participate by offering some games. 

14. Strava

Health Apps for Android

The app mainly encourages you to stay fit by offering you a chance to interact with other fitness freaks and analyze their fitness routine. This way, by comparison, you will remain motivated to keep your body healthy and active. As usual, the premium version renders more features, but the free version is not any less. 

15. Runtastic

Health Apps for Android

It is one of the suited Health Apps for Android for those loving cardio exercises. Because of the GPS tracker, keeping track of your running, biking, and jogging routine couldn’t be easier. This Running and Fitness Tracker app is also integrated for music lovers. The customizable dashboard lets you display only desirable information. Though the free version suffices, the premium version seems to have better features.

16. You Are Your Own Gym

Health Apps for Android

As the name contends, the app allows you have a gym-like exercise on your own without having any fitness trainer. The app is suitable for beginners and offers simple and essential training for fitness purposes. 

17. Sworkit

Health Apps for Android

Sworkit is yet another name on the list of best Health Apps for AndroidThe app boosts you to be active and also offers activities like yoga and other mental therapies. The app is present in the free version. The paid version comes ahead, of course.

18. Lifesum

Health Apps for Android

It keeps track of your nutrition and diet. It offers some valuable guidelines that you should follow to keep your body healthy and fit. The free version is also good enough to include social media features and record all the diet plans. As usual, the paid version proves to be a better idea.

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Final Words:

Finally, This guides us to the end of our hunt for the best Health Apps for AndroidAll these apps are enjoyable to use and are helpful at the same time. To be able to use it publicly and adequately, it is better to give it another room. 

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