How To Fix Instagram Feed Not Refreshing Problem?

Instagram Feed Not Refreshing

According to recent reports, the Instagram Feed is not refreshing. Instagram users have reported that they view older posts on their home page and are unable to access the most recent stories or posts. This error is extremely prevalent among Instagram users. Most likely, it’s just a random problem that you may encounter and that may be fixed automatically. If the issue is not immediately fixed, there are troubleshooting steps you may follow.

How To Fix Instagram Feed Not Refreshing Problem?

This article outlines why your Instagram feed is not refreshing and how to repair it.

Instagram Feed Not Refreshing Causes

There are several reasons why your Instagram feed is not refreshing. The following are the causes.

  • A problem with your internet connection mostly causes this error. When the connection is not good, the app fails to refresh the feed. This error may also be caused by an overloaded WiFi or network, which causes a sluggish, unreliable internet connection.
  • You may also be facing this issue due to the server outage. You will most likely face this issue if the server has any issues. In this instance, you may only wait for the server’s issue to be fixed before continuing with its maintenance job.
  • The outdated Instagram app is another reason you may encounter this error.
  • If you’ve established a data consumption limit and have reached it, you may encounter this issue.
  • Another reason to face this issue might be a corrupted cache. This issue may occur if the app’s cache is not emptied for an extended time.

How To Fix Instagram Feed Not Refreshing Problem?

The following are possible solutions to the error of the Instagram feed not refreshing.

Check Network Connection

If your network connection is poor, you may face this error. Instagram demands a very reliable network connection. So, first, check your network connection speed. If the network seems to be congested, try to avoid using other apps. If you are connected to WiFi, avoid devices that use data. Connect to another network or try activating and deactivating airplane mode.

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Ensure Server Is Fine

You may face this issue because of server downtime issues. In such a situation, the Instagram server will need to be checked. You may use Downdetector to check whether the server is experiencing any issues. If there is an issue with the server, please wait until it is resolved.

Restart The App

Because of random glitches and itches, you may sometimes face this error. You may resolve the issue by restarting the app. This will resolve the app’s temporary issues. Follow the steps outlined below.

  • Press and hold the Instagram icon in the App Drawer, then choose App Info.
  • Tap Force Stop.

Instagram Feed Not Refreshing

  • Now, reopen the app.
  • This should resolve the issue; nevertheless, if you continue to face it, go to the following troubleshooting.

Reboot Device

Rebooting your device could resolve the Instagram error. This error may be caused by a fault on your device, so reboot and try again. To reboot your device, follow the steps provided.

  • Long-press the Power button to access a menu.
  • To restart your device, tap Restart.

Restart the Instagram app to see whether the issue has been fixed.

Clear Device Storage 

You may face this error if your device is full of Storage. The device will be unable to store and maintain further fresh feeds. This prevents your device from loading fresh feeds. So, to clear your device’s Storage, follow the steps below.

  • Access the Settings app and choose the Storage option.
  • If your device’s Storage is nearly full, delete some useless apps and files.
  • Navigate to File Manager and remove unnecessary files from your device. Delete the files from your phone.

Check now to see if the issue has been resolved.

Clear The Cache Of Instagram

You’re likely to face this issue due to a corrupted cache. Clear the Instagram cache on Android to see if you are still encountering the issue.

  • Tap App Info once you press and hold the Instagram app icon.
  • Tap Storage now.
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Instagram Feed Not Refreshing

  • Here, tap Clear Cache to clear Instagram’s cache.

Instagram Feed Not Refreshing

  • Check to see if you are still facing the issue after emptying the Instagram cache.

If you’re using an iOS device, you’ll need to reinstall the app since you cannot clear the cache.

Update Instagram App

If your Instagram feed is not refreshing, it may be due to an outdated app. To resolve the issue, consider upgrading the Instagram app. To upgrade the Instagram app, follow the steps below.

  • Open the app store on your device, such as the App Store for iOS or the Play Store for Android.
  • Tap the search bar to find Instagram.
  • Update Instagram to the newest version and check whether you are still facing the issue.

Reinstall Instagram App

If the issue isn’t fixed, you can reinstall the Instagram app by following the steps outlined below.

  • To remove the Instagram app, tap and hold its icon, then choose Uninstall/Remove.
  • On your device, open the app store.
  • Tap the search bar to find Instagram.
  • Install the Instagram app, open it, and log in.
  • The issue you have been facing should no longer be in your face.


Why Is My Instagram Not Refreshing?

There are three primary reasons why your Instagram feed may not refresh: a lack of internet connection, an old app version, or other technical issues.

How Can I Send A Report To Instagram?

You may quickly submit a report to Instagram by navigating to Instagram Settings, Help, or Report a Problem.

What Is The Refresh Button On Instagram?

Instagram refreshes your feed with gestures rather than a static refresh button. Your feed will be refreshed whenever you swipe down on your homepage.

Consider The Following:

The Bottom Line:

In this post, we’ve provided some troubleshooting steps for fixing the Instagram Feed not refreshing error and some of the reasons for it.

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