International Shipment Release Import – Explained

International Shipment Release Import

You may have just checked your International tracking for a package you’re expecting from overseas and found a notification that says, ‘International shipment release – Import.’ If this is your first time shipping with FedEx, your mind may begin to panic. You may be wondering what this means or why it’s occurring. Is there something wrong with your package, or do you need to do something? You probably have all of these questions on your mind right now. But before you lose your mind over this, we’ll explain what “International shipment release – import” means each time you see it on your FedEx shipment status. We will also explain why the notification appears and what you may do in this circumstance. Relax and continue reading!

What Does International Shipment Release – Import Mean?

Let’s get started straight now. You shouldn’t be worried about anything when you see the update: International shipment release – import. This means that the destination country’s customs have already cleared your package and are one step closer to arriving at your door. Before it can reach its final destination, International delivery must go through several procedures. The clearance at the customs is one of the crucial milestones in its journey. When your package clears this barrier, FedEx instantly sends you a notification to keep you updated on the progress of your delivery.

Let’s Break Down The Whole Process

International Shipment Release Import

Have you ever wondered what occurs behind the scenes when you get an alert that says, “International shipment release – import”? Let us lift the curtain to disclose the hidden features.

The phrase “Import” in the tracking alert denotes an important milestone: your package has arrived at customs in the target country, suggesting it is from another country. Customs officers have inspected and approved the required papers at this point. They do this to guarantee that your shipment conforms with the destination country’s import regulations and procedures.

Once customs has determined that the package is not illegal and may enter the target country, it is turned over to FedEx. When FedEx receives it, it instantly sends you the “International Shipment Release – Import” notification to inform you that customs has cleared your item, and it is now in FedEx’s hands, on its way to your home.

At this stage, your package might be at the destination country’s border crossing or in a large warehouse within a FedEx international hub, usually near an airport in the import zone. These hubs are crucial for sorting and arranging shipments before sending them on their last leg of the journey. Don’t be concerned if there is a short delay during this stage while your package passes through customs and the logistical process. However, you may be confident that your package will be delivered shortly.

How Long Does It Take FedEx International Shipment Release – Import?

FedEx international shipment release and import times vary based on several factors. Customs clearance and processing periods, destination country, and shipment type all impact how long it takes. While some packages may quickly clear customs and move to the next stage, others may have minor delays. FedEx attempts to simplify the process so your package reaches you immediately. You should be aware, however, that customs processes are subject to the rules and regulations of each country, which might affect the timeframe. However, this status should change in 3 to 5 days. Customs officers will examine the package and its paperwork during this time. They will also check its content to ensure it complies with import regulations. However, this may take longer in other situations, such as when the package requires more investigation or an issue with the papers supplied.

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What Should You Do If Your Tracking Is Stuck On “International Shipment Release – Import”?

International Shipment Release Import

There’s no need to panic if your tracking status is stalled on International Shipment Release. Remember that the status means that your package has cleared customs and is coming to its final destination. What should you do if you receive this tracking status notification?

Be Patient – The first thing you should remember when you see the alert is patience. Try to stay as calm and patient as possible. Customs clearance might take time based on a variety of circumstances. As a result, give the process a decent amount of time to complete.

Verify Tracking Details – To guarantee accuracy, double-check your tracking information. Check to make sure the tracking number and destination address are correct. A small misspelling can sometimes confuse or delay updates. Contact FedEx right away to resolve the issue if you notice any anomalies.

Check For Updates – Monitor your tracking data for any updates. Updates will show the progress of your package in real-time.

Contact Customer Support – If you have concerns or believe the delay is unreasonable, don’t hesitate to contact FedEx’s customer service.

Reach Out To The Customs Authorities – If you have any concerns or questions about the customs clearance process, you should contact the customs officials in the destination country. They may give information on the status of your package and any special needs or processes.

Is This Also True For Other Shipping Companies?

You may be asking if this only happens with FedEx or if it happens with other delivery companies as well. Yes, comparable tracking updates such as “International Shipment Release – Import” may be found with various shipping firms. Each firm may use slightly different terminology, but the basic meaning stays the same – it signals that the package has cleared customs in the destination country and is heading toward ultimate delivery. The process may vary significantly, but all respectable shipping carriers worldwide share the general principle of customs clearance and shipment release.

Is It Possible To Customs Take My Package?

Yes, customs has the authority to inspect and, if necessary, detain items. Customs personnel are in charge of enforcing each country’s import and export regulations. If they think a package contains prohibited or restricted items, they may temporarily detain it for additional investigation or clarification. To guarantee compliance with import rules, customs may seek additional documents from the sender or receiver in specific instances. While it is uncommon for shipments to be permanently seized, it is essential to be aware of the rules and regulations of the destination country to prevent any customs complications.

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What Are The Packages Types That Can Be Seized By Customs?

Customs officers have the authority to detain goods containing items that are prohibited or restricted in the destination country. Package types vary by country; however, some frequent categories include.

Illegal Substances – Packages carrying illicit drugs, narcotics, or prohibited substances are subject to customs confiscation.

Counterfeit Goods – Items that violate intellectual property rights, such as counterfeit designer goods or pirated software, can be seized.

Weapons & Firearms – Packages carrying firearms, ammo, or other hazardous weapons may be seized if required permits and licenses are not supplied.

Restricted Items – Certain items, such as agricultural products, pharmaceuticals, or animal products, are subject to rigorous regulations in some countries. Customs may seize these items if they are sent without the necessary authorization.

Cultural Artifacts – Packages of cultural relics or antiques needing more paperwork may also be seized.

Currency & Monetary Instruments – If large quantities of cash or monetary instruments are not disclosed properly, they may be seized.

Hazardous Materials – Packages containing dangerous chemicals that threaten public safety may be held or seized.

Items With Import Restrictions – Certain items, such as electronics, chemicals, or food products, may be subject to special import restrictions in some countries, and customs may detain parcels containing these items.

Furthermore, having a valid EORI number might speed up the customs-clearing process for items subject to import limitations in specific countries when dealing with overseas shipments.

Can Two Packages Have The Same Tracking Number With FedEx?

No, two items with the same tracking number cannot be shipped by FedEx or any other credible delivery company. Each tracking number is distinct and is associated with a single package or shipment. The number acts as an identification, allowing consumers and the shipping firm to track and identify the package’s progress throughout its voyage. It assures accuracy and aids in the prevention of package confusion or misdelivery. So, if you send many goods via FedEx, each one will be allocated a unique tracking number to offer accurate and independent tracking information for each shipment.


You now understand why you see ‘International shipment release – import’ on your FedEx tracking status. As we’ve already stated, you don’t need to worry about this. It just means that your package has cleared customs and is one step closer to reaching you. Just be patient; the status will change as soon as your package arrives at the FedEx sorting center and is no longer in the hands of customs officers. Do you have any further questions or concerns concerning this subject? Please leave a note below for us; we would be happy to assist.

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