London Has Fallen Explained Ending: Does The President Die?

The year of 2016 action thriller movie ‘London Has Fallen,’ directed by Iranian-Swedish director Babak Najafi, packs an explosive punch for those willing to take it. The Movie is the movie to 2013’s ‘Olympus Has Fallen.’ Following the death of the British Prime Minister, US President Benjamin Asher and his motorcade traveled to London for the burial ceremony.

However, as an army of terrorists unveils havoc on the metropolis, civilian life comes to a halt. Aamir Barkawi, the criminal mastermind, accepts responsibility and pledges to execute the US president live on television. While the British suspect foul activity on the inside, Banning is tasked with defending Asher against the terrorist horde. The Movie is a real blockbuster, filled with twists and turns and starring Morgan Freeman, Aaron Eckhart, and Gerard Butler. If you want to follow the fast-paced conclusion in greater detail, let us now break down the closing minutes of London Has Fallen.

London Has Fallen Plot Synopsis

London Has Fallen

Aamir Barkawi, the mastermind terrorist and worldwide arms dealer who is high on the global most wanted list, attends his daughter’s wedding. Meanwhile, G8 intelligence intercepts a signal emanating from the area and launches a drone attack. Barkawi and his daughter both appear to perish. Two years after the prologue, the narrative begins.

The death of the British Prime Minister James Wilson has placed a pall over world affairs, with G7 leaders attending the funeral. In This Movie With each nation providing its own security, the event quickly becomes a spectacle. The media promotes the burial service as the most secure event on the planet.

The US President, Benjamin Asher, is also among the dignitaries, although Secret Service Director Lynne Jacobs is well aware of the difficulty of protecting the President. She coordinates the entourage’s route with the President’s private bodyguard, Mike Banning — from Stansted Airport to Somerset House via a 12-minute Marine One ride to St. Paul’s Cathedral for the funeral ceremony. The British are unable to provide further security because their plates are already full.

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We eventually learn that the security services are rife with uniformed terrorists. The President arrives at Somerset House and shakes hands with current Prime Minister Clarkson. Then, before they had a chance to assess the force of the impact, uniformed gunners began shooting rounds at people. Within a short period of time, we witness dramatic explosions at St. Paul’s Cathedral, Buckingham Palace, and the Chelsea Bridge.

Antonio Gusto, the Italian Prime Minister, died during a tour of Buckingham Palace. Japanese Prime Minister Tsutomu Nakashima, who is still trapped in traffic following the bridge explosion, suffers a similar fate. Now that the Vice President has assumed command of the situation from the White House, Benjamin Asher and Mike Banning must endure the onslaught of destruction on the ground and survive the mayhem. 

London Has Fallen – Ending Does The President Die?

London Has Fallen

Mike Banning, like the majority of US authorities, places a premium on the President’s protection. Banning transports the President to an MI6 safe house maintained by Jacquelin “Jax” Marshall shortly after the attack. They receive a communication from the Vice-President at the haven, informing them that a delta team is en route to rescue the President. Regrettably, they discover a delta force beyond the safe house’s perimeter only around 30 minutes after receiving the message.

However, a legitimate delta force cannot arrive at the place in such a short period of time, and Banning determines that their facility has been breached. Banning and Asher, on the other hand, flee the safe home after discovering a bulletproof car in the garage. They are on the point of reaching a safe spot when they are struck by a truck. The terrorists kidnap Asher and take him to a building that is still under construction. Meanwhile, Mike catches up to the true delta force and arrives at the destination.

It is around 8:00 a.m., and Kamran Barkawi, Aamir Barkawi’s son, attempts to execute Asher. However, Mike makes a timely arrival on the scene. They depart the site following a firefight. When Mike is cornered, he requests that the delta force captain charge the explosives he placed on a pipe earlier. Then, while the building is engulfed in flames, Mike and Asher take a leap of faith through the elevator shaft. Finally, after examining the debris, the delta force discovers the President in one piece. 

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London Has Fallen – Is Aamir Barkawi Dead or Alive?

London Has Fallen

Mike Banning’s inventiveness allows the delta team to successfully rescue the President. However, near the movie’s conclusion, Barkawi phones Vice President Allan Trumbull to warn him that the conflict is far from ended. As US drones have assassinated his daughter and now Kamran, Aamir’s desire for vengeance has only grown. Trumbull, on the other hand, requests that he glance upward in the sky.

As Aamir raises his eyes to the sky, he psychologically braces himself for impending calamity. Trumbull, who had been waiting for Barkawi’s call (or, more precisely, for the call to be traced to Barkawi’s location), gives the drone permission to engage. The drone detonates spectacularly in Barkawi’s lair, killing him and the majority of his guards. As a result, Barkawi is almost certain to die in the attack. 

Does Benjamin Asher Leave His Presidency? Does Mike Leave The Job?

London Has Fallen

In London Has Fallen Both Benjamin and Mike are unharmed in the terrorist attack. In the last segment of the Movie, we see Mike at home with his wife and a newborn daughter called Lynne after the late Secret Service Director. According to the unfinished letter prepared on his laptop, Banning is considering abandoning his service. However, Allan Trumbull addresses the country at that moment. Trumbull serves as Vice-President for the time being, but in the absence of Asher, he assumes the presidency.

However, when Allan becomes President in the third chapter of the Movie, we believe Benjamin Asher eventually relinquishes his position to care for his family. Following the terrible experience, he seemed to have begun to cherish his life and the lives of those around him more than a coveted position. On the other hand, Allan stresses the importance of action. Inaction renders you just as culpable as the perpetrator, as you chose not to act. Mike deletes his resignation letter following the motivational speech. As a result of London Has Fallen, we believe Mike will remain in his position, but Asher will retire sooner or later. 

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