Mending vs. Infinity: Which Minecraft Enchantment Works Better On A Bow?

Mending vs Infinity

If you’ve been a part of the Minecraft community for a long, you’re probably aware of this dispute. Mending and infinity are mutually incompatible enchantments; therefore, you cannot have both on the same bow. So the issue is, which enchantments should you use on your bow? That is the question that this guide will attempt to address. So, be ready to discover if your Minecraft bow should have mending or infinity capabilities.

Mending Enchantment Explained

Mending Infinity

Mending is unquestionably one of the best Minecraft enchantments. It makes all of your tools, weapons, and armor eternally repairable. The same holds when it is used as a bow in Minecraft. When you apply to mend, anytime you collect XP while wielding this weapon in your main or off-hand, the XP orbs will automatically repair the bow to the best of their ability. So, if you have an XP farm, you can be certain that your bow will last forever.

However, there is a disadvantage to this OP ability. You cannot get mending from the enchanted table. This unique treasure enchantment can only be obtained via the enchanted book form. So, trading with librarian folk is one method for obtaining a mending enchanted book. This, however, may be a short-term solution, depending on when the villager trade rebalance is formally adopted. You may gain mending in various methods, including plundering structural chests and fishing. However, since these approaches rely more on randomness, obtaining the desired enchanted book may take some time.

Infinity Enchantment Explained

Mending Infinity

Infinity is a quality of life enchantment. It lets you keep just one arrow in your inventory (it must be a standard arrow since tipped and spectral arrows do not function with infinity) and fire as many times as you wish. There is no need to carry stacks of arrows, which use important inventory space. You may take only one arrow on your next expedition and kill as many creatures as the bow’s durability permits.

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The obvious downside of infinity is that the bow will not endure forever. You may repair it by merging it with another bow in an anvil until the XP price reaches “Too Expensive!” If you see this sentence, it indicates you can no longer fix the bow and must bid goodbye to it. In Minecraft, however, the infinity enchantment is rather easy to get. It is a standard enchantment; therefore, the enchanting table may provide it to you. Trading with villages, looting, and fishing are other ways to get the enchanted book. As a result, you’re far more likely to locate infinity than mending.

Which Bow Enchantment Should You Use?

Now that you’ve learned about mending and infinity let’s see which one you should use on your bow in Minecraft. As with many other game aspects, it is entirely up to you and your preferences. Infinity will provide limitless damage possibilities, while Mending enchantment will enable you to repair the bow indefinitely.

If you have excellent enchantments from the enchanting table but need a villager trading hall or intend to make one, mending is the enchantment you should have on your bow. This allows you to preserve your enchantments without worrying about getting fortunate again during enchanting. If you use the bow frequently, you must pack stacks of arrows. You will also need to focus on your goal. You’ll need to make the most of your limited number of arrows.

On the other hand, if you have access to any enchanted book via the villager trading hall, infinity is the preferable option. There is no need to get attached to a certain bow; thus, it does not have to survive indefinitely. If one breaks, all you need is some XP, and a new OP bow is ready to use. This also means your inventory is much cleaner, and your shots don’t need to be as exact. Furthermore, with unbreaking, your infinity bow will last a long time, so you will only need to replace it occasionally.

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Because of these factors, most gamers prefer to add infinity to their Minecraft bow rather than mend. That may be the case for the time being. As previously said, villagers’ trades need to be balanced. Thus, Mojang is contemplating how to fix them. The current optional approach is librarian-enchanted book exchanges based on the villager’s biome. You may purchase a mending book from a swamp villager and an infinity book from a desert villager.

These alterations would drastically affect how individuals played the game and obtained enchantments. Thus, not everyone should devote much time and money to creating a trading hall in each biome. That’s why mending an enchantment would be much more valuable than infinity on a bow. Because enchantments are difficult to get, players will place a high value on the ones they possess. You would get attached to a bow because it was tough to make good. As a result, with the implementation of villager trading modifications, mending may be a significantly better option than infinity.

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And that concludes this article. As you may expect, there is no rule for whether mending or infinity is preferable on a bow in Minecraft. Both are rather functional and provide a distinct kind of gameplay. If infinity is too good, limiting oneself to merely mending a bow may be worthwhile. And if you want to avoid targeting and maintaining your arrows, infinity is the enchantment for you. With that stated, what are your thoughts? Do you desire mending or infinity for your bow? Please let us know in the comments below!

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