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If you love listening to music, you must be looking for some ways to download and stream an unlimited number of mp3 songs free of cost. If you are also looking for a nice website to download some mp3 songs, Mp3goo is the perfect site for you. As the name suggests, it is one of the best sites dedicated to downloading mp3 songs exclusively. 

The site has a very simple interface. The site is quite simple to use and is quite equipped with all your favorite songs. If you want to hear Indian songs or foreign, Mp3goo got you covered. Besides, the best part about the website is the playtime, size of the file, the audio quality of the song. All these specs are visible beside the song you wish to stream or download. 

In addition, Mp3goo serves 192kbps, which is sufficient no matter what speaker you are using. The website is also quite fast to respond to your touch and mouse cursor. All these features make it one of the most widely used and effective websites for downloading mp3 songs. 


Mp3goo consists of different servers. Every time you intend to download a song, the request foes to the servers that download the videos and then push it to the users in audio format. This way, the website saves you from the hassle of converting the song to mp3 after it is downloaded. 

The website does not require any sign-up or login for accessing the website. When you enter the website, you will come across a search bar at the top of the screen. As soon as you enter your query on the search bar, it will give you many results. Moreover, you can also scroll down to see different other sections on the sites. The section includes categories like the top songs this week and the latest mp3 added. These sections are the most important factors for anyone who is a music enthusiast. The Top Songs category has all the music currently being broadcasted on TV and radio. This category likely receives more hits in comparison to other sections. On the other hand, The Latest Mp3 Added category renders users with all the recently uploaded songs on the site. 


In order to keep the website free, Mp3goo is bound to sponsor some ads. However, the ads are not visible until you start downloading the audio files. Plus, these ads are not much annoying, and you can easily browse through them without much being bothered. 

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The best part about the website so far is the YouTube converter feature. YouTube is the most visited website, so now, with Mp3goo, you can easily convert songs available on YouTube to mp3 songs. For it, you are supposed to paste the YouTube video link on the search bar, and it automatically converts to mp3 and mp4. You can also insert your queries into the bar, and the YouTube files available on mp3goo will be loaded for you to download. You can easily open the website on any web browser, including Firefox, Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera, and Safari. 



Considering the popularity of the website, Mp3goo has different websites that users can access to download or stream their favorite. However, if you cannot remember all these extensions, you can simply use The website does not work nowadays, but it will surely redirect you to accurate websites. 

Following are the links you can use to access Mp3goo. 


  • To use the Mp3goo to download songs, you need to first visit any of the websites mentioned earlier. 
  • Enter the name of the song, artist, or any words similar to the results you are looking for. You will find a list of the downloaded button under each result right after you enter the specific keywords. Now, click on the result to be redirected to the download page. 
  • The download will only take a few times, depending on the size of the file. 
  • If you wish to do a random search, you can visit the homepage feeds to search for some of the best songs. 
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Besides downloading, Mp3goo also lets you listen to the songs on the website as well as on their app. Streaming comes in handy for those who do not want to download the song. The process is just the same. The only difference is instead of clicking on “Download,” you are supposed to click on “Play’. After that, you will come across different options like Stop, Pause, and Silent. 

In addition, the website also provides great convenience to its users by introducing its application. Now, instead of going through the hassle of using a website, you can simply install the app instead. It will save you from knowing the accurate links. All you have to do is simply tap it, and the app will open. However, it is pertinent to remember that Mp3goo does not have any app for android or ios users. 


Though Mp3goo is one of the best websites, there are other websites available. These websites also offer you a chance to download and stream songs for free. The sites include Mp3juice,, waptrick, wapking, myfreemp3. net, DJ Punjab, MusicPleer, Pagalworld, and much more. 

So, if you feel like switching your website, you can easily opt for any of these. All these websites have easy interfaces, are simple to use, and offer the best audio quality. 

Final Words:

Mp3goo is one of the best websites to offer you free downloading and streaming of songs. However, it is pertinent to know that theft of content can cause repercussions and is not morally right. However, no such legal actions have been taken against people so far, so you can easily use them. Besides, even if any action is taken, it is against the owner and not the users. 

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