How to Remove Water from Your Android Phone Speaker

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We drop our drinks everywhere and sometimes on our phones because we’re careless. If your phone is waterproof, you won’t think twice about the accident, but water can still get into cracks like the charging port and speaker grill. People who drop their Android phones in water or spill liquid on them don’t need to worry or act quickly. Here’s how to get water out of the speaker on your Android phone.

 Want to know how to get water out of your iPhone speaker? I wrote a different guide.

How to Eject Water From Phone Speaker

Most smartphones have an entry protection grade, which is only given when the company makes the phone waterproof. This number is broken down into different areas that show how long your device can handle being immersed or splashed. Even if your Android phone doesn’t have an official IP grade, it may still be able to handle water.

More on this will be talked about at the end. For now, let’s talk about how to solve the problem. Playing a specific sound frequency that pushes water out of the speaker grills is the simplest way to get water out of the phone speaker. You can’t just play any music file and expect it to eject water.

1. Remove Water From Phone Speaker

The website is a simple tool that lets you blow the water out of your Android phone’s speakers. On your Android phone, go to and tap the “Eject water” button.
Phone Speaker

The phone’s speakers would play a song; if you looked closely, you could see water leaving the grill. Play the sound repeatedly until the speaker on your phone starts to work normally.

Important: Ensure your phone isn’t linked to Bluetooth speakers or headphones. If it is, the phone speaker won’t be able to flush the water.

2. Use an App to Eject Water From Phone Speaker and Earpiece

Even though FixMySpeakers works, I wouldn’t want to go to a website whenever I needed to eject water from the phone speaker. There are a lot of apps on the Play Store that would work better. I suggest you try Super Speaker Cleaner because it is free and has an easy-to-use guide.

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It shows the right way to get the best results, like turning up the sound, putting the phone face down while cleaning, etc. The speaker app is the only app that lets you play the water release sound for loudspeakers and earpieces individually. Android phones without audio speakers can only play sound through loudspeakers, and the earpiece is only used for talks.

From the Play Store, get the Super Speaker Cleaner app. Start the app and pick which speaker (loudspeaker or earpiece) you want to clean first.
The Super Speaker Cleaner app uses sound to remove water from the loudspeaker and earpiece.


After that, look over the boxes and begin cleaning. It has two modes that play different rhythms to ensure you get most of the water out. Do this again and again until your speakers sound normal again.


How Do You Get Water Out of Your Phone Speaker?

It’s easy to figure out how to get the water out of your phone speaker. Moving particles make sound waves travel. When there is water in the speaker of your Android phone, it’s only a tiny bit that covers the membrane and stops it from working properly. Because it has a layer of water on it, your phone speaker sounds muffled. To break up the layer of water into individual drops, the speaker needs to move and shake the water off.

What if the Water Gets in the Charging Port?

Every hole in the Android phone is sealed with a rubber stopper, just like the speaker. This keeps water from getting inside the phone. But if water enters the charging port, your phone will stop charging because it has a built-in short recognition. A blow dryer and shaking the phone against your hand can help get some of the liquid out. Once all the liquid is gone, your phone should start to charge again.

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Does Putting Your Phone in Rice Actually Work?

So, yes, but no really. When left out at room temperature, rice only takes a little. If you put your phone in rice, the only thing that will happen is that starch and dust will get into it. People say putting their phone in rice fixed it, but that’s just water draining.

My Phone Is Not IP Certified. Should I Be Worried?

Water could still get in even if your phone has an IP rating. But leave your phone somewhere warm and turn it off. Whatever water got inside will finally disappear.

These days, though, most companies add water protection but pay less to get IP approval. Since this is the case, your phone should be fine after a drop or a little dunk.

Final Words: Get Your Speaker Dried up

These two methods will help you quickly eject water from your Android phone’s speaker. They both work similarly: they use fast vibrations of the speaker membrane to push water out. Making the surface tension weaker pushes the water drops away. How do you feel? Were there any issues you had with this method? Talk to me on Twitter.

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