Top 13 Best Prank Websites On Internet To Try

Prank Websites

Are you ready to make your family and friends laugh and smile on April Fools’ Day? Look no further than the Internet’s best prank websites! These prank websites provide a selection of hilarious and harmless pranks guaranteed to make everyone laugh. There are many alternatives, from phony news pieces to outlandish product listings. This post will examine some of the best prank websites for an unforgettable April Fool’s Day. So get ready to pull off some incredible pranks and have some fun!

Pranking is mostly used to demonstrate people’s ignorance. This is hilarious for those performing and watching the prank, but it annoys the victims. The first day of April is known as April Fool’s Day. On this day, everyone attempts to be extra careful so they do not be pranked since everyone is attempting to prank someone or another.

However, Original Pranking or Trolling Videos are a ton of fun since the victims give vivid answers, so individuals always try to find new paths to prank or troll their friends, coworkers, etc. To provide you with some of the best trolling or prank websites, we have included some of the best ones below that you can use to prank anybody you want to prank. Let’s look at the titles of these prank websites and summarize what they do for you.

What Do “Prank/Trolls” Stand For?

Making a hilarious video on an online thread or post by purposefully sharing an unpleasant one is known as “pranking.” The phrases “prank” and “troll” have diverse connotations, but both refer to conduct intended to fool or irritate people. A prank is a practical joke and/or malicious conduct intended to be humorous and harmless. It’s usually a humorous act performed in good fun to make someone laugh. A troll, on the other hand, is someone who intentionally publishes provocative or insulting remarks online to elicit a reaction and/or disrupt a discourse. To summarize, pranks are intended to be harmless and humorous, while trolling is meant to be destructive and disruptive.

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Top 13 Best Prank Websites On Internet To Try

1. Fake Update

Prank Websites

This website shows the update screens for iOS, Android, and Windows phones! It’s a phony update screen that you may use to prank your friends.

2. JJibJab Messages

Prank Websites

This website allows you to add hilarious GIFs and notes to your selfies. Once you have modified them, these selfies are so much fun!

3. WhatsFake

Prank Websites

Using this website, you can create fake conversions that look like an actual WhatsApp conversation.

4. ShipYourEmemiesGlitter

Prank Websites

With this website, you can send a glitter bomb to whomever you choose. Whoever gets this will undoubtedly be upset!

5. Crashsafari

Prank Websites

If you send the URL to this website to anybody, it will crash their web browser on any PC or smartphone.

6. Greatbigstuff

Prank Websites

This website lets you purchase everyday items from anybody, such as a paper pin, alarm clock, etc. However, some items are different from their typical size. They are enormous.

7. Nyan It

Enter the URL of any website to add Nyan kittens. Send this new URL to everyone and watch the fun unfold!

8. CatFacts

Use this website to send cat information to your friends. The quantity of facts you transmit is small, so you may choose! This is another excellent trolling website.

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9. Shit Express

This website enables you to send crap to anybody, anywhere on Earth. You also get to choose which animal’s feces to send.

10. Hacker Typer

Begin entering anything, and the result will look like done suits with codes for everyone who sees them. The person seeing will undoubtedly get suspicious of you!

11. News of Future

You will find future news on this website! It’s a fun and informative website!

12. Peter Answers

When you input a query on this website, it generates amusing replies that may troll anybody! The idea is similar to Siri, but the distinction lies in the replies.

13. Geek Typer

This website is quite similar to a hacker typer. Use this website to start trolling the people around you.

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The Bottom Line:

Here are some of the best pranks and trolling websites to employ on friends, enemies, and coworkers. If you have any more outstanding pranks on our trolling website that we haven’t listed above, please let us know in the comments.

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