Top To-Do List Apps To Try

A To-Do list is intended to simplify rather than complicate things. However, if you wind yourself moving from one To-Do list app to another because you are dissatisfied, the purpose of having them is negated. Understanding this, we’ve compiled a list of the best To-Do list apps after extensively evaluating them on every platform (Android, Windows, macOS, and iOS). The apps listed here are the top of the crop; they contain everything you could desire in a Windows To-Do list app. Continue reading the post to learn more about them.

Top To-Do List App Highlights

Every To-Do list we reviewed had unique features, but several were universal and necessary. As a result, we chose apps with those critical features. Please continue reading to learn more about them.

  • Tasks are easy to use and organize.
  • Task classification.
  • Reminders about deadlines.
  • The user interface is simple.
  • Synchronization across platforms is quick.

Top To-Do List Apps To Try

Here’s a list of the best To-Do List Apps To Try. 

1. Todoist

To-Do List Apps

Todolist, the best task management app, can help you regain clarity and clean your brain space. It allows you to create, organize, and manage tasks on each platform. This helps you to keep track of everything you need to do without losing concentration. You may also name tasks, color code them, and add due dates. This will provide greater flexibility and easier task monitoring. In addition, you can use its AI-powered Smart Plan tool to determine when to schedule or postpone a task. Then, when you don’t know where to begin, you may create new tasks in your inbox and transfer them to related projects to help organize things.


  • From the inbox, move tasks straight to projects.
  • It helps in the determination of priority levels.
  • Work synchronization in real-time.
  • Integration of a third-party app.

2. nTask

To-Do List Apps

NTask, a project management software for smart teams, comes in second on our best To-Do list app list. Our free online collaboration platform lets you get things done fast and easily. Its powerful filters enable you to produce CSV, XLS, or PDF files, share them, and print the task directly from the platform. With its simple design, you may quickly access a robust collection of features and finish your task. You may also create tasks, subtasks, and reminders for your schedule. In addition, you may organize, monitor, and schedule tasks. Nonetheless, Gantt charts, progress reports, and timelines may be used to maintain track of all projects.


  • Slack may be used to transform comments into tasks.
  • Recurring tasks should be scheduled.
  • Two-factor authentication is a security feature.
  • To keep in sync, use the time monitoring module.

3. Microsoft To-Do

To-Do List Apps

Microsoft To-Do is another free best To-Do list app. The Wunderlist team created this app, which has a clean and user-friendly layout. Microsoft To-Do is hosted in the cloud and connects with Office 365. The app has a lot of flexibility, and Outlook users may use it to sync their tasks. There is a solution to sync Outlook. You may use it to modify presentations, prioritize tasks, add notes, and do much more. This top To-Do list app is the most user-friendly on the market and even lets you change the background image.

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  • Due date tracking ensures that you never miss a deadline.
  • List sharing for easy idea collaboration.
  • Synchronization of data.
  • Task prioritization.

4. TickTick

To-Do List Apps

TickTick is a fast-growing task management app with the same features as other best To-Do list apps. It has various features like subtasks, prioritization, tags, and more. The app provides a basic keyboard shortcut for the desktop version, making task organization simple. The tool also delivers smart reminders for incomplete tasks, a fantastic feature for folks with a poor tendency to snooze reminders. TickTick also has a Pomodoro timer with a 25-minute work session restriction for intensive work.


  • To keep track of forthcoming tasks, use the calendar view.
  • List sharing is an option.
  • A timer showing an accomplishment score.
  • Backup of data.

5. OmniFocus

To-Do List Apps

You can do more every day with OmniFocus’s best To-Do list app. This app has a 14-day free trial version that is sufficient to learn how the app works. You can keep track of everything with this really useful app. OmniFocus is compatible with Apple devices and makes it simple to create tasks and activities. Using this excellent To-Do list app, you can easily convert chaos into order and achieve your goals; the app has complex features like forecasting, tagging, and projects. With this To-Do list app, you can simplify your job and easily achieve your goals.


  • Professional task management software is quite powerful.
  • To keep track of notes, use the review mode.
  • Integration of a calendar.
  • Location-based notifications.

6. Things

To-Do List Apps

Things is the app for you if you want something simple to use. This best To-Do list app is packed with features while being simple and minimalist. You may use this app to add tasks, organize them, and even create sub-tasks without cluttering the To-Do list. The app works effectively with the calendar, allowing you to organize your day without missing anything. You can also sync it with your iPhone and iPad. The only disadvantage is the absence of Windows and Android apps.


  • Please be aware of future tasks.
  • To-Do list generation with a single tap.
  • Filters for advanced searches.
  • Slim mode for task concentrating.

7. Google Tasks

To-Do List Apps

Google Tasks is another free To-Do list app for managing tasks. This app is compatible with all platforms because it is integrated with Gmail and Google apps. The tool allows you to list standard task tasks. Its user interface is straightforward, making task management simple. Google Tasks, like other To-Do lists, has easy drag-and-drop features that assist in prioritizing tasks. This also aids in task modification and To-Do list management while on the road.


  • Filters for task organization.
  • To organize tasks, use the drag & drop feature.
  • The deadline for organizing tasks has passed.
  • Additional notes are available.

8. Habitica

To-Do List Apps

Staying motivated is essential for achieving a goal, and it’s even better if we can play a game about it. So, let’s turn the monotonous task of creating tasks into an interesting game using the best To-Do list app Habitica. When you complete your tasks and level up, the great app enhances your avatar and takes the harm when you don’t. With this To-Do list, you may also earn in-game cash, which you can use to purchase offline prizes.

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  • You get rewarded after finishing the task.
  • Task reminders.
  • Filtration of tasks based on deadlines for easier administration.
  • Avatars that can be customized.


To-Do List Apps

Next on our list is a web-based To-Do list app that is easy to use and administer. This app, like Microsoft To-Do, includes a drag-and-drop option. It is simple to use and aids non-voice users in understanding it. Voice input is another intriguing feature of this app. This implies that if you don’t want to type, you may use these voice notes to create a To-Do task.


  • Give a voice command to add a new task.
  • Tasks should be divided according to the timeline.
  • To keep track of tasks, task deadlines, and set reminders.
  • There’s no limit to the number of files that can be attached.

10. Remember The Milk

To-Do List Apps

Remember The Milk is another app that should be on our list of best To-Do lists. It is one of the oldest To-Do list apps, and it has a lot of options. A few notable features are creating tasks, remembering them, and marking them off the list. The app also allows you to share a task list with friends or anybody else and assign tasks to get things done faster.


  • A smart list is based on many criteria.
  • Integration of a third-party app.
  • Themes that can be customized.
  • Microsoft Outlook synchronization.


What’s The Best App For To-Do Lists?

nTask – organize, prioritize, and track task status.

Todoist – powerful yet simple task manager.

TickTick – To-Do list app that allows you to add calendars and timers.

Microsoft To-Do – Strong app that serves as an alternative to Wunderlist.

Things – A To-Do list with a stylish style.

What Do You Do With A List App?

A list app assists in task management, task organization, and meeting deadlines. By using these apps, you may achieve your goals and boost productivity.

Does Windows Have A To-Do List?

Microsoft To-Do is the best Windows task management app. You may share lists and file attachments and interact with Outlook with this app.

How To Create A To-Do List?

You may use any of the best apps listed above to create a To-Do list. Google Task is a good option for an integrated app with Google services. Use Microsoft To-Do for easy interaction with Outlook.

Is There Any Desktop App For Microsoft To Do?

Microsoft To-Do is a desktop app for Windows.

Is Microsoft To Do List Free?

Yes, it is a free app that allows you to create and manage tasks easily.


These are the top To-Do list apps for Windows and other platforms. You may easily achieve your objectives and meet deadlines using these free and paid apps. We hope you enjoyed the post and will try one of them.

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