How To Easily Recover Yahoo Account Without Phone Number?

Recover Yahoo Account Without Phone Number

Recovering a Yahoo account has never been difficult. It only requires access to the phone number connected with the user’s Yahoo account. However, there are occasions when a person does not have access to the phone number associated with their Yahoo account. In that instance, the user can try Yahoo account recovery using a different email address. If you’re seeking advice on how to recover a Yahoo account without a phone number, check out this page. Because you’ll discover a step-by-step guide to account recovery here otherwise, you can contact the Yahoo support team for help in regaining access to your Yahoo account. They will assist you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to recover your Yahoo account password.

How To Recover Yahoo Account Without Phone Number?

1 – To begin, navigate to the Yahoo login page in your browser.

2 – Next, input your Yahoo account username and click Continue.

3 – Look for the ‘I forgot my password’ link and click it.

4 – You will then be presented with the Yahoo account recovery options, from which you must select one.

5 – Select the alternate email option because you wish to recover your Yahoo account without providing a phone number.

6 – After you select an email address, you will get a verification code on your account. You must enter that code in the provided field and then click Continue.

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7 – You will then be redirected to the password reset page, where you may establish a new password for your Yahoo account.

8 – You must create a new password and confirm it by typing it again.

9 – Finally, you must save the modifications and complete the procedure.

You may now try to log in to your Yahoo account with the new password to see whether it works.

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Get Yahoo Account Password Recovered Immediately Without Phone Number

With the completion of the preceding stages, your Yahoo account recovery without a phone number will be accomplished. However, you may contact the Yahoo support team for help if you have any difficulties throughout the procedure. The team will offer you all the support you need to resolve the problem with your Yahoo account. Furthermore, Yahoo’s technical support team works around the clock to provide you with immediate help.

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