Ways of Use Screen Share in FaceTime on iOS 15

Screen Share

Apple made the FaceTime app crystal clear with its redesigning for making it popular in providing video-conference services such as Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams. Furthermore, features such as the ability to make ‘FaceTime’ calls using iOS to “Android”, watching movies jointly using FaceTime, and sharing the screen of iPhone provides it high-level of ammunition compared to its rivals. For now, if someone is not clear about how Screen Share uses in ‘FaceTime’ on iOS 15, read and follow this article.

On iPhone, FaceTime Screen Share Use in 2022

Let’s explore the ways of feature of screen share in “FaceTime” before going into the steps.

Define Screen Share and its working in FaceTime? 

If someone tried video-conferencing apps such as Google Meets and Zoom, they must already know the screen share feature. This provides you the feature of sharing of your screen and people can see your real-time activities. It becomes very popular in the online PowerPoint presentations or apps like PowerPoint, and casual meetings as well. Also, screen sharing ability saves time and effort of files, videos, or document sending to make it a huge world asset with virtual meetings as day order. 

During FaceTime calls, background blurring is enjoyable, however credit goes to ‘SharePlay’ for the neat feature, Enabling users for listening music (using Apple music), movie watching and their screen sharing for viewing apps together by using FaceTime. App introduces SharePlay API in iOS 15 to let developers for this feature integration in their apps of streaming. That’s why, SharePlay act as revolutionary for “FaceTime”. 

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Can users share their Screen with Windows and Android users during “FaceTime Call”?

Users of Windows and Android can receive the links of FaceTime and join their meetings using the browser, they cannot do more than this. App of video calling has limited features on Windows and Android in truly fashion of Apple. Apart from that, SharePlay designed on for playing within the ecosystem of Apple. It means user can unlock SharePlay full potential only if they have iPad, Mac, or iPhone.

As working of iOS 15 is in progress, the things can change with time, newly iOS version will be released after this fall. We will upgrade the article if there are major changes in Apple features. Till that time, follow the article for screen sharing with users of FaceTime on iOS 15. 

On iOS 15, Screen Share by the Use of FaceTime 

Screen Share

1. On iOS device, open the FaceTime.

2. Then, click on the option of “Create Link” for the FaceTime meeting-link generation. After that, click on the button of ‘i’ and select the option of ‘Share Link’. Then, the meeting link is share with friends by using WhatsApp, text, iMessage, or email. Start the call of FaceTime. 

As an Alternative, users can also click on the ‘New FaceTime’ option, enter the friends’ names, user want for screen sharing, and click on ‘FaceTime’ for video call starting.

3. Click on the ‘Screen Share’ button available at the right-top corner for new control-panel during the FaceTime call.

4. Then, click on ‘Share My Screen’ option. Sharing of screen starts quickly by a count down as 3, 2, 1. 

5. In the next step, navigate the apps for sharing of screen with family or friends using FaceTime. That’s all.

In FaceTime, Not working of Share Screen after update of iOS 15? Here is why

From the last 2 days, as the update of iOS 15 is roll-out stable, we receive a huge amount of comments regarding the not working of the share screen feature in FaceTime for various users. Therefore, we like to the problem investigation and it shows that feature of share screen is delayed roll-out in FaceTime by the Apple. 

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Although the “FaceTime SharePlay” feature was present in the beta version of iOS 15 during this article writing, stable build doesn’t include the same feature. This is the reason many users doesn’t access this feature now. Apple update the features list of iOS 15 for including the asterisks on the feature of SharePlay in FaceTime for signifying the feature arrives in future update of software.

The giants of Cupertino also highlighted on Twitter, the concerns of users regarding share screen feature of FaceTime which is not working in iOS 15, that confirms this feature will not be supported till later fall. 

Thus, users need for many months waiting for screen share with family, colleagues or friends on FaceTime in their iPhone iOS 15. After the feature availability in iOS 15, follow the above steps of learning the ways of screen sharing in FaceTime. 

On iPad and iPhone, Share Screen by Using FaceTime

Thus, these are the ways of using FaceTime for screen sharing on their devices of iPadOS or iOS. As I would like the full features web app of FaceTime that enables everyone to use the video call app with no limitations, I’ve requested Apple to turn the FaceTime into the rich feature video conference tool. As I told above, official iOS 15 roll-out is still takes time, thus Apple may make changes for FaceTime for easily accessible for users of Windows and Android.  

Thus you have to just say FaceTime revamp? Does it has tools with the preference of video conference app for personal and business use? Lets share your knowledge or thoughts in the below section of comments.

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