Social Media Platforms to Use for Digital Marketing

Social Media Platforms to Use for Digital Marketing

Social media is an essential tool in marketing your business. There are various social media platforms with billions of active users worldwide, which allow you to connect with your target market and introduce your brand. It’s also a great way to create a relationship with them and build loyalty. When people spend most of their time online, you can’t afford not to have digital marketing in place, including social media marketing. Below are some popular social media platforms to consider for promoting your brand.


It’s the most popular social media site with an average of 2.7 billion active users. Customers check this platform if they want to know more about a company. So, you need to have a presence on Facebook to be found. You can update users with your products and services and anything latest about your brand. It’s also a way to provide customer service and answer their queries and concerns. Respond to their comments and chat messages promptly, so they will feel that they matter. Run contests to engage your followers and build a relationship with them. Ask them to share your page or posts to reach more people.


Visual content is an effective way to engage customers. Users are more likely to watch a video than read a long post. However, it doesn’t mean that you should skip creating blogs or written content because some people still prefer this. You may also embed the videos on your site. Some of the video content to make are tutorials, company events, and product or service information. If your business operates in Oxford, a web development Oxford company like can help build a site with your YouTube videos embedded on the pages. They also provide content development and digital marketing assistance, so you may get their services in this area.

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This site lets you share photos and videos and add captions to your post. You can share content about your products, services, and things that have to do with your brand. Like other platforms, hashtags are also essential to make it easier for users to find your content. You may ask your followers to use your hashtag, or share your post on the site and other platforms, to spread the word about you.


It’s a networking site for professionals to post about your business and content for other companies and workers. If you are a B2B company, you will benefit greatly from this platform since you can find many companies here. Even if you are a B2C company, you may still want to use LinkedIn to help you find the right talents or staff. Job seekers want to know more about the company before they apply or decide to become part of it, and your LinkedIn profile is one of their avenues to get the information they need.


Although this platform is known for its trending dance videos, it offers more than that. You can find different content on the site, so you can also use it to share content on your brand. In addition, you may also participate in trending content to increase your visibility. If you can find a way to relate the tending video that’s even better. However, even if it’s something not directly related to the products or services you offer, you may still want to join the bandwagon now and then. It gives a human touch to your brand, and people will feel more connected.

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Twitter initially allowed up to 140 characters per post, or what you call a tweet. However, it has increased the limit to 280 characters. With the limited texts you can use on each tweet, you should be creative to make it as catchy as possible. You can also add a link or URL that leads to your site or content you wish to share to maximise your tweets. Since the characters on the link are also counted, there are tools that you can use to shorten it and still lead the users to the same page.


Like Instagram, Pinterest is also heavy on images. You can now create a shop tab to upload photos of your products. It’s like an extension to your site because you can also include a detailed description of each item, like price, dimension, material, and more. You can then add a link to your site, which users can click on to be directed to it and continue with their purchase.

There are other social media platforms besides the ones listed. Use the ones your target audience utilise so that you can connect with them better. It’s the main purpose of social media marketing, after all.

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