Sites Like TFPDL For Free Movies, Anime And TV Series


Watching movies on weekends is the best source of entertainment. The entertainment doubles when you are able to download movies free of cost. It may seem impossible, but everything is possible now with technological advancement. There are lots of websites available where you can download your favorite movies without going through any registration or sign-up process. Amongst many websites, TFPDL is the perfect one. 

The website is illegal, but it is one of the best and the safest source for downloading movies, TV series, Software, and anime games free of cost. The site has been blocked several times for being an illegal website. Therefore, the initial domain name has been changed several times. However, the initial domain name change does not cause any problem. People can still search the website through the previous name and still be redirected to the precise address. For your information, the content is available on these days. It is just like the original website and offers the same content. 


TFDPL has a great variety of options available. The website contains an easy download link. Besides downloading, you can also stream your videos live. Following genres are available on TFPDL. Below are the genres available on TFDPL:

Action, Animation, Adventure, Awards, Biography, Bollywood, Chinese Movies, Family, Comedy, Entertainment, Crime, Horror, Fantasy, Western, Romance, Documentary, Erotic, Drama, Dual Audio, Hindi Dubbed, Sci-Fi, Japanese Movies, Hindi, Korean Movies, Sport, Musical, Mystery, Talk-Show


Sites Like TFPDL For Free Movies, Anime And TV Series

Tfp is certainly the best website, but if you want more variety, there are other TFDPL Alternatives available as well. We have compiled a list of the best alternatives to All these websites are as amazing as TFDPL. They have an amazing collection of both old and new TV series, video content, and movies. 

Additionally, these websites house different genres, including English HD Movies, Tamil, Hindi, and different Indian Movies are also here. Korean dramas are all the rage nowadays, so you can also have free access to your desirable favorite Korean movies. 

Below are the Best Alternative Sites to

1. GooJara

TFPDL was previously named as and was later changed to It is well equipped with the latest as well as old movies. You can stream Free Movies online or download them and watch them later. Besides changing the name, the website has also brought a greater improvement in its interface too, and it is a lot better than how it used to be. Goojara is mainly known for its elegant interface, which other websites lack. Other than elegance, the interface is quite immaculate and responsive. The website has an easy search bar where you can easily find your favorite movie. The a-z genres also make it easier to find what you have been looking for. 

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2. FouMovies


Foumovies is yet another amazing website that is as amazing as Tfpdl. The website offers good audio and video quality. You can download videos in 720p. Moreover, Foumovies makes it easier to look through the vault. The website may contain some annoying ads, but that’s the price you have to pay in order to enjoy free content in decent audio/video quality. So, if you are a movie lover and looking for a website offering free movies and series downloads, head to the website instantly and download your favorite content on your phone or computer. The best part is, you do not have to go through the registration process for that. 

3. FilmyWap


There is no secret that we all love watching movies and series for free. Therefore, people resort to illegal ways to download movies. Even if you are resorting to a banned site, make sure you choose the right one. Filmywap is one amazing app that has everything for you. The site is stocked up with fantastic South Indian, Punjabi, Telegu, Tamil movies. The website has everyone covered with amazing content. People preferring long views get a link on the site dedicated to serving their seasonal movies. You may have to bear with ads, but that is not a problem if you are getting an amazing collection free of cast. 

4. ToxicWap


The website may have a toxic name, but it is not as harmful as it is pronounced. It is an amazing website that provides free access to users who have been yearning to have ways to download movies, tv shows, anime content, Korean movies, and Bollywood films for free. The website also contains an attractive section where you can watch exciting cartoons. ToxicWap is easy to use and streams quality content. Moreover, to be able not to put the burden of content on users, the website sponsored a few ads. These ads keep the website running, so you should bear with them a little bit. 

5. FzMovies


The website may fall on number five in a sequence of the article, but the numbering has nothing to do with how amazing the website is. Fzmovies is one of the most reliable and most interesting websites to access movies and TV series free of cost. The website has a great treasure of old movies, so you can easily find every old and new movie on their website. 

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The website has one amazing feature peculiar to it only. Suppose you do not know the name of any movie or you do not have any favorite movie, but you have a favorite actor. In that case, you have the option to search by the name of an actor or a director, and you will have a list of HD Movies they have worked in, thereby making it easy for you to choose something interesting to watch. 

6. WapTrick


Waptrick is one of the best and the most impressive websites so far. The website is not exclusive to downloading content, but you can also find music, animation, online games, apps, e-books, and TV series on it. Waptrick has an optimized size and aims to give users the best experience. Just like other websites, Waptrick also sponsors some ads to offer you content for free. 

7. NetNaija


Next up, we have NetNaija. The website is exclusively for music lovers. NetNaija website may appear to dedicate itself to entertainment and news until you click the menu on the homepage. The website may not be greater in size, but the content looks good on the computer, even better than on the smartphone. It helps you save data to download more than spend more on one movie. In a nutshell, NetNaija is even better than Here, you can watch content from Nollywood as well. 


TFPDL is yet another best aspiring to surpass TFPDL in its greatness. The website has a myriad of entertainment content, including Asian movies, Korean dramas, and shows from Africa. Additionally, the website has a huge collection of English movies and series. The videos may not be HD, but the quality is not compromised at all. 



Lastly, we have The website has a decent collection of Hollywood and Nollywood content. It has interesting TV series and movies from around the world. The website also contains interesting entertainment-related news. The website may also have ads, but does it even matter if you get exceptional content for free? Also, the ads are not annoying at all. Simply ignore the ads and head back to the main page. 

Final Words:

So, these are a few amazing sites like TFPDL. All these sites are illegal but safe enough to download content from. They have a decent collection of videos, music content, entertainment news, games, anime. Hope you will have fun using the recommended sites. 

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