How to Check Twitch Chat Logs and History in 2022

Twitch Chat Logs

If you are an introvert and also love spending time alone, you must be familiar with all online gaming services. Among many other websites, the one we will talk about is Twitch Chat Logs. Twitch is one of the best Streaming Services for content, including gaming, entertainment, sports, music, news, and much more.  Since it is a streaming website, the readers must be hoping to have an interactive session to interact with others. If you are also hoping to have such a feature, stay tuned, for Twitch offers an interactive service with the name Twitch Chat, using which one can interact with their viewers during the live stream. 

Moreover, if you wish to know what the viewers are talking about, you can get to know about it through chat logs. In other words, the feature Twitch Chat logs help users monitor the audience and videos while watching the live stream. Apart from that, you can observe audience’s response to things you do in the live stream. Isn’t it amazing? You can also keep an eye on any suspicious activity going around on the chat, and the users also have the option to ban or suspend the suspicious person. The chat can get more interactive through Chat logs. 

New Twitch users who want to join the conversation but aren’t sure whether their message will be seen among the thousands that are flooding in may now make use of a new Twitch tool that could aid them. If you’ve never engaged in a conversation, you’ll see their words highlighted in a new feature called “First-Time Chatter”. As the name indicates, it appears to be a feature that will benefit both the content makers and the watchers. In addition, there is an option to turn it off if a streamer decides they don’t want it

There is a significant chance that viewers and newcomers will see your message because of this. As a streamer, this gives a user a greater chance to recognize first-time chatters and encourage them to stay around for future discussions.

You have come to the perfect spot if you’re broadcasting and want to examine your Twitch conversation logs. This post will cover the optimal method for checking Twitch conversation logs. So stay tuned. 

Ways To Check Twitch Chat Logs

Twitch Chat Logs

There are different ways to check the Twitch Logs; however, it is better to suggest more familiar ones. You can use the following amazing methods to check the Twitch Chat Logs. 

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Checking Twitch Chat Logs by using Search Command

The best method for inspecting Twitch conversation logs is to use the search command. You may quickly verify what your viewers are saying during the live broadcast by using the search function. To access the conversation log using the search command, use the command /user [username] in the channel’s chatbox.

When you enter the command, the user will provide you with details about the conversation. You will be able to see all of the messages the user has left on the channel, the number of times the user has been banned from the channel, any comments the moderator has left for that user, and the date and time the user’s account was established.

This is pertinent to keep in mind that the user will not be able to see any comments that the channel administrator has deleted if they use this approach. A user’s punishment may be pinpointed using this way.

Playing the Streams Of VODs Again

In this method, the users are supposed to play the broadcasts they performed on Twitch to see the conversation logs. Using this approach, users will be capable to see all of their conversations and messages on your channel. In fact, you will be able to see any messages that the channel administrator accidentally removed before they were made available to you.

It is possible to re-evaluate a talk from someone a user has banned from his/her channel by watching a video on demand (VOD). The user will have to keep an eye on all of the conversation logs at once, which may be time-consuming, but it’s necessary.

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Using A Third-Party Program To Check The Twitch Chat Logs

Twitch Chat Logs

To see Twitch conversation logs, you may opt to use third-party software or tools. Twitch’s built-in chat log tracking features are limited in comparison to third-party solutions.

Third-party apps like Chatty may monitor your channel conversation records. This is one of the greatest third-party apps for monitoring Twitch conversation logs.

Using Chatty, you will be able to save your channel’s conversation logs for future reference. Chatty allows you to download the conversation logs from your channel as an external file. Once the file has been saved, you’ll be able to go back and go at it with ease.

Using Chatbots to Check Twitch Chat Logs Message History

There is a variety of Twitch chatbots available for examining the Twitch conversation logs. Using chatbots, the users will be able to go through all of the messages in their inbox quickly. Moreover, many chatbots have additional features that enhance the user experience.

Amongst many methods, one of the quickest methods to see what people are saying on your channel is to use a chatbot. It is possible to monitor your discussion with chatbots such as Nightbots.

Twitch Chat Logs

Ways to check the Twitch Chat Logs as a Moderator. 

If you are a channel moderator, you will have access to each of your channel’s viewers’.. To see who is watching your stream, go to the Moderator view and click on the username of the person who is watching. By clicking the sword symbol in the bottom right corner, you may access this function as a moderator. Best Live Streaming Software.

As a moderator, you may see the person’s chat history and read any messages they’ve sent in the past. You may also see how many times the individual has been timed out or banned from the channel.. For further information on the moderator’s actions, you’ll also be able to see any comments they’ve left on your account.

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