Guide On How To Watch BBC iPlayer On Amazon Firestick?

Watch BBC iPlayer On Amazon Firestick

The BBC iPlayer is among the most popular streaming channels on the internet. It mostly broadcasts British TV shows but has a global viewership in the millions. Some programming is available outside of the United Kingdom, but not all. BBC iPlayer is available on various devices, including the Amazon Fire TV. This guide will teach you how to use the Amazon Firestick to watch all BBC iPlayer programs.

Is It Possible To Watch BBC iPlayer On An Amazon Firestick?

If you like Downtown Abbey, Luther, The Bodyguard, Doctor Foster, or any other British TV programs on the air, you can watch them on BBC iPlayer. Britbox is fantastic and will eventually undergo a makeover when additional UK networks sign up, but for now, iPlayer is the location for UK TV shows.

Some of these shows are accessible in the United States, while others are not. The BBC, like other institutions, is constrained by licensing, which is why not all programs are offered in all locations. There is, as usual, a workaround. By the end of this tutorial, you’ll know exactly how to avoid such annoyances. We must first install BBC iPlayer on the Amazon Firestick.

Use A VPN If You Are Not In The UK

It is simple to set up a VPN on your Firestick. The ExpressVPN app is accessible on all FireTV and Firestick devices from the second generation and above. Their network also ensures that you may watch BBC iPlayer content outside of the usual UK region. In addition, you may activate a VPN that will allow you to swap locations by following the procedures below.

1 – First and foremost, sign up for a VPN. After signing up, you can use your login to activate a VPN, which is required for using the BBC iPlayer from outside the UK.

2 – Go to your TV or device’s Fire TV Stick homepage to install an app and select Apps.

3 – Look for ExpressVPN and click Download.

4 – When the installation is finished, click Sign in and select your email address and password. Then go through the instructions.

5 – Click OK to finish configuring your VPN. Then, select OK a second time to confirm the connection request.

6 – Now, tap the power icon to connect your Fire TV device to your VPN. You may also change your location by selecting the Current Location box. For example, you may watch outside the UK by changing the location to one within the UK.

How To Install BBC iPlayer On An Amazon Firestick?

Being an authorized streaming channel, Amazon has a direct link to the BBC iPlayer. It is then quite simple to add it to the Firestick. To obtain full access to British shows, you may need to create a UK Amazon account, but you may not. So first, let’s install the app.

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If you haven’t already, turn on your Firestick and enable Apps from Unknown Sources. Settings > Device > Developer Options>Apps from Unknown Sources is where you’ll find it.

Remember that you may need to download the Downloader app if you don’t already have it. Go to the search icon and enter Downloader. To download it, tap the option. Then:

1 – Launch ExpressVPN and select a UK endpoint server.

2 – If you altered the Apps from the Unknown Sources setting, restart your Firestick.

3 – Search for and install the BBC iPlayer app.

4 – Access the BBC iPlayer and see what programming is available.

Some customers say they had to change their Amazon account address to one in the United Kingdom, while others say they didn’t. It’s as simple as going to the Amazon UK website and signing up with a UK address. This isn’t an ideal approach because you’ll need to find an address and remember to constantly log in to your original Amazon account rather than this one. Of course, this is a workaround, so there will be some extra steps.

While it is not illegal to set up a fake Amazon account, it is clearly against the company’s terms and conditions. You should also avoid purchasing anything with this account because it is illegal. If you don’t want to set up a fake UK account, consider changing the region of your existing one. You can change the region on your current Amazon account if you need to.

1 – Log in to Amazon as usual.

2 – From the main page, select Your Account in the upper right and then the Settings tab.

3 – Choose Change under Country Settings. 

4 – Choose the United Kingdom and then select Update.

Restart your Firestick so it can take up the updated information, and then try opening the BBC iPlayer while still connected to the UK VPN. If all goes well, you should be able to watch the entire lineup of programming and stream whatever you want.

BBC iPlayer And VPNs

The brits do not appear to be as keen on blacklisting VPNs as American networks, but they monitor access via VPN servers. Most high-quality providers will keep an eye out for this behavior and offer alternate endpoint IP addresses if popular services blacklist their present ranges.

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Most VPNs include a UK endpoint server, which allows you to watch BBC iPlayer without issue. If you still don’t see all of the shows, make sure your Amazon account change has been reflected on your Firestick, then change the endpoint server on your VPN.

Because the BBC iPlayer caters to a global audience, any adjustments to an Amazon account region and VPN location may be unneeded. So you may watch the iPlayer in the United Kingdom or any other nation without doing anything else. But, of course, if the show you want to watch isn’t accessible, all this stuff comes into play.

FAQs: Watch BBC iPlayer On Amazon Firestick

We get a lot of inquiries regarding how to use the BBC iPlayer on a Firestick. So here you’ll find solutions to the most frequently asked questions.

Is It Possible To Watch Live BBC On A Firestick?

On Firestick, you may watch ordinary live TV and BBC live. Download the free TV Player app from the Amazon app to stream live channels through the stick. It’s not as good as an aerial, but it’ll suffice if you want to watch TV from your bedroom or kitchen.

Is It Possible To Watch BBC On Amazon Prime?

Yes. When you subscribe to Amazon Prime, you get BBC America, but you won’t have access to all of the UK edition’s shows. However, you can access iconic shows like Doctor Who, Orphan Black, and Luther.

Is It Possible To Catch Up On TV On Amazon Firestick?

Yes, all of the BBC’s catch-up TV services are available. The BBC Player, All 4, My 5, and ITV are all included. It’s preferable to use a VPN to connect to a local UK IP address, although most UK TV services are also available in the US. You can catch various TV shows from all of the terrestrial UK channels.

What Should I Do If The BBC iPlayer App Isn’t Working On My Firestick?

If you cannot launch the BBC iPlayer app on your Firestick, you may delete and reinstall it or clear the cache.

Clear the cache by first navigating to Settings>Applications>Manage Installed Applications. Then, select BBC iPlayer and select Clear Cache.

Some people have had luck with changing the time zone on their Firestick. To do so, navigate Settings>Preferences>Time Zone>Europe.

How To Sign Up For A BBC iPlayer Account?

If you haven’t already done so, go to the BBC iPlayer beginning page and create an account.

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